First Class Vacationspayment received, have not received service promised

S Sep 30, 2019

I have made multiple attempts to get my cruise package confirmations for a March 2020 cruise. I have not heard from anyone since 8/22/19.
I purchased 3 diamond edition luxury cruise packages (Diamond Edition Luxury Packages FC-052217- 102DEA, FC-052217-103DEA, FC-[protected] DEA) in 2018 for a March 2019 cruise. We did receive reservations for this cruise and it was cancelled in Jan 2019. We made several attempts to reach out to First Class Vacations (FCV) and they were not responsive. We were unable to complete our cruise in March 2019 due to FCV cancelling it and not notifying us. We filed a complaint with the Florida Dept of Agriculture and consumer affairs. They investigated and FCV told them we still had 3 packages to use and therefore would not issue a refund. I sent an email to Elisse at FCV on 8/22/19 and indicated that all correspondence will need to be via email at this time as they indicated to Florida Dept of Ag they had reached out to me several times (which they had not). Elisse agreed to honor the past packages and indicated that we would need to book quickly to ensure would could get rooms on a March 22, 2020 cruise on Harmony of the Seas. We did hear from Renee at FCV (via email) on 8/26 and she needed info to complete the cruise reservation which I provided on 8/26/19 (all via email). Since then we have not heard from anyone at FCV confirming our cruise reservations. I have reached out via email to Elisse and Renee on 8/28/19, 9/9/19 and 9/16/19 and have not heard back. We already have had a horrible experience in March of 2019 with them cancelling our cruise last minute and not letting us know- and Elisse indicated that she would like to correct this past mistake, but I have been gravely disappointed that I have not heard from anyone in a month despite repeated attempts to ask for an update on our cruise reservations. I am concerned that after reading other reviews and based on our poor experience that FCV does not intend to honor our packages and will continue to refuse to respond to all attempts to communicate until it to "too late" again to book.

At this time, I would like to see First Class Vacations (FCV) honor their commitment to secure our cruise and cruise package. I would expect that they would book our cruise and all of the accommodations indicated in the Diamond Luxury Edition package (see indication below for details). I would like to see FCV communicate only via email so I can have documented proof of their communication and commitments. I would expect a maximum of 3 business days response to any questions or emails sent to their business. I would expect in response to this complaint that they will provide cruise reservations, flight reservations and hotel/ transportation reservations confirmations in a timely manner communicated with me and agreed upon by me via email.
Should FCV not honor the thousands of dollars I have spent on these cruise packages- I expect a full refund of all of my money.
I also would like to get the Florida Dept of Ag and Consumer Affairs involved again as I am concerned that FCV's business practices are fraudulent in nature. As a senior citizen, I do feel that taking advantage of a senior and thousands of dollar is ethically and morally reprehensible.
Elaine Johnson

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    If First Class Vacations would like to reach out and resolve this complaint I can be reached via email only as I would like all documentation to be in writing.
    Elaine Johnson

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