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Fidelity Investments Complaints & Reviews

Fidelity Investments / cash management services

Naterpenguin on Jan 8, 2018
I had my bank do eft. Recently I decided to move all money from my Regions account to my fidelity account. I called customer services because I wanted to know how it would take and when it would become available. I talked to the deposits side and the guy told me if I used the same bank in...

Fidelity Investments / 401k

Richard VanDyk on Nov 30, 2017
Fidelity allowed the unauthorized withdrawal of approximately $550 from my 401 K account this week by my previous employer. Moreover they nor the previous employer did NOT inform me of this transaction. When I called to inquire I received the run around. Agents leaving the phone for 15 or...

Fidelity Investments / pension payment stopped

Muriel Collins on Nov 20, 2017
I called and faxed papers to fidelity October 9th asking that they look into what was the incorrect payment I should have been getting more money after that and phone calls my pension check that I was getting stopped, can someone look into this the pension was from Kimberly Clark.I have...

Fidelity Investments / fidelity investments, horrible dishonest customer services

LoisLane911 on Nov 17, 2017
A terrible experience all around. I moved my investments (over 700 grand) in June 2017 and started out optimistic with some promises of good service made. I was assigned a financial consultant who left abruptly -- but no one informed me about this. I had great trouble reaching this office...

Fidelity Investments / disrespectful employee

Dylan Landanger on Nov 14, 2017
Fidelity Investments, Three weeks ago, I opened an account with you. Today, November 14th, I tried logging in, only to find that it had been locked. Okay, no big deal, so I call and I get to talk to some friendly representatives, which I do appreciate, however, the woman I was talking to...

Fidelity Investments / reversing my money!

334Woman on Nov 14, 2017
On 10-8-17, xfinity prepaid removed a total of $60 from my cash management account, in 4 payments of $15. They were only suppose to receive $15, so I contacted Fidelity on Monday morning and the rep told me it was nothing that could be done until the payment post or I could call xfinity...

Fidelity Investments / missing fund

Man nguyen on Nov 8, 2017
October 7 my balance of close was 16700 I woke up only 15500 I'm missing 1200. I call them to find out why I'm missing 1200. They say I loss on securities I purchase after hour. But the lost of purchase will reflect of balance of 16700 not 15500 minus the loss. I spoke with three...

Fidelity Investments / resolving disputes

hankmc on Nov 8, 2017
Although I have provided clear evidence (enclosures) of a computer processing error wherein a transaction fee was improperly applied, Fidelity does not empower their representative to review and make a decision. Rather they force an otherwise fact situation to be process thru the time...

Fidelity Investments / customer no service

Don Davis on Oct 18, 2017
Like other s I read here I have been with Fidelity since the 1980's. Have always felt safe and have recommended them in the past. What they are trying to do now is run the company without people. Very soon it will be a robo trader . I can't even get the local (Albuquerque) to answer the...

Fidelity Investments / ira / death benefits

rdrast on Sep 15, 2017
Fidelity, after two months of calling them, and asking for how to proceed with filing for benefits after the passing of my mother, has now informed me that they are opening an account in my name, and when that is complete, I might then receive a letter about how to access my account. I...

Fidelity Investments / employee retirement plan

Peter W on Sep 14, 2017
Peter Windsheimer applescruffz@comcast.net I accidentally enrolled into Fidelity's Employee Retirement Plan by just wanting to browse and could not cancel enrollment to the plan. Now I am told that the money they have taken is locked. I feel like this money was stolen from me and I can't...

Fidelity Investments / pension

Dmessner on Sep 14, 2017
I have a pe sion thru Northrop Grumman. I was made aware that fidelity was now taking over their pension plans. I called to start the process for receiving my pension payments at the end of August. The first representative I spoke to confirmed my pension but said I needed to call back...

Fidelity Investments / fidelity

Haileymm on Sep 6, 2017
My wife got a phone call on Tuesday 9-6- 2017 That a technician was going to come and install our Internet and modem the next day between one and five in the afternoon . This morning my wife woke up to two men in our home unannounced from Fidelity knocking on her bedroom door while she i...

Fidelity Investments / hurricane harvey horrible customer service/please pull call

Latisha Guillory on Aug 28, 2017
On August 28, 2017 in the midst of a hurricane I called Fidelity customer service requesting a quicker method to receive my anticipated funds for my tuition assistance because it was mandatory evacuation for the county that I lived in because we were about to be hit by a hurricane. The...

Fidelity Investments / unauthorized cash transfer from higher yield funds to low ones

CommonSensery on Aug 10, 2017
We've been with fidelity for over 30 years with majority of our money in Money Market funds. all my children have account with fidelity now. We used to have very busy working schedule and never looked at the accounts carefully until July 19, 2017. Fidelity representatives never bring up...

Fidelity Investments / hardship withdrawal

Veronica Henriquez on Aug 8, 2017
My name is Veronica Henriquez and I had requested a hardship withdrawal from Fidelity investement for funeral services. I have called from July 24 and then July 31 to do it. I was told I needed to send the invoices which I did. Then that the paperwork needed to be notarized, then...

Fidelity Investments / customer service nightmare

Guyloup on Jul 17, 2017
About a month ago I signed up for a monthly membership with a carwash vendor. 3 weeks after signing up for the service the vendor was already billing me again. I spoke with the vendor and since we could not come to an agreement I requested my money back and a cancellation of that...

Fidelity Investments / customer service and misconduct

dsull904 on Jul 13, 2017
I have been with Fidelity investments for awhile now and haven't had any problems such as recently. The rudeness and unprofessionalism of the reps and them not wanting to allow me to speak with management or anyone of authority. I was placed on hold for at least 15 mins without any follow...

Fidelity Investments / account

sydnimoon on Jun 29, 2017
I had my fidelity account linked up to my venmo account-a friend of mine had sent me $200 for rent and venmo froze my account in turn, fidelity completely turned off my account without warning, and the remaining money in my account? they kept it, represitative tried to tell me it had been...

Fidelity Investments / pension

WendyEmerson on Jun 26, 2017
I was scheduled to receive my pension beginning June 1st from Northrop Grumman, which is now managed by Fidelity as of April 1st. Fidelity claimed they didn't have any of my info and thereby has continued to delay payment and lie every step of the way due to one mistake after another in the...

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