B Aug 17, 2018

Good afternoon I joined fedhealth in July and I have been getting a raw deal since I have been phoning for so long without getting help when I joined them I was on maxima entry zone then I changed my option to maxima entry saver no one called or emailed me to tell me that it had changed I made an effort to call them to confirm if my medical aid was active and when and how much will they debit the consultant told me the debit order of 3700 was loaded and I was not worried cos that was my premium then my husband goes to see a gp only to be told that the medical aid was suspended then I get an SMS to say I have an outstanding amount of 800 due to medical aid I even got an SMS from fedhealth towards month end of July saying a debit order of 3700 was going to come off on the 1/08 why is the medical aid suspended when people are not doing their jobs I'm so upset its really not fair why should we suffer when people don't do their work I have been phoning then since Wednesday and they say they won't remove the suspension

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