Ezeego1 Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd.Refund of fare (flight canceled)!


I have booked my ticket on Ezeego1 through ICICI Bank Gold Card on 11/10/2007 of JET AIRWAYS for BDQ-DEL Sector. It was for 21/10/2007. Unfortunately that flight was canceled. Now I am fighting to get my refund from EZEEGO1. Nobody is picking up the phones. Mails are bouncing on each email id. Somebody has to lodge a complaint against them.


  • Ab
    Abhinav Bhushan Nov 06, 2007

    I am having a similar problem.

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  • An
    Anand Singh Nov 07, 2007

    I booked my ticket from ezeego1.com on 27-07-07 for which i was supposed to get 25% cash back on my credit card,but i didnt got anything till yet. Besides this i want to make some amendments in my travel schedule but whenever i try ,their customer care is always busy,be it any time, and even if someone takes up the call,she says that i will discuss it at concerned department and will call u back in couple of hours.It had been 2 weeks and i didnt got any call from them. My booking worth INR8600/- is going waste as i am unable to travel on the booking date due to some unavoidable circumstances and still waiting for their response as they neither take up my call nor do they reply to mail.

    I had never seen such a pathetic service and suggest everybody not to book anything from ezeego1.com

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  • Ar
    Arti Garg Nov 07, 2007

    Unfortunately I had done a booking via ezeego on 23rd October’2007 with flight SG 216 from Bangalore to Delhi. Due to a delay for more than 2 hrs I had to cancel the booking.
    The spice jet authorities have confirmed to me that the total amount would be repaid to the agency i.e. ezeego but unfortunately I do not get any reply from the agency. The website status is not updated, there is no response to my emails and your contact numbers given are are good for nothing .


    Arti Garg.

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  • Sh
    Shikha Nov 07, 2007

    I have the same problem. I got a ticket booked on 24 October from Bangalore to Delhi from kingfisher. But Ezeego dint transfer the payment to kingfisher so I could not board my flight. Now I want a refund. But there is no channel.

    Ezeego customer care numbers just have message recorded.
    Nobody is there to answer the call. No replies to the mails and complaints..

    EZEEGO is the worst site I came across..

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  • Ra
    Ravi B Nov 14, 2007

    I had a very similar problem. I had booked a flight on Goair for 9th October through ezeego1 but it got cancelled due to some technical problems of the airline. It seems the airlines has transferred to amt backed to ezeego1 but till date i have not got any response. I have sent 4 mails till now but they don't bother to respond...

    We should be very careful and not go by any offers they give... Since they cheat people by these means.

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  • Ka
    Kanwar Inder Singh Sandhu Nov 17, 2007


    I got the same problem as Art Garg faced. I have booked a flight from ezeego1 for Delhi to Bangalore on 23rd October. Flight was scheduled on 12th November. But JetLite refused the ticket saying that there is no booking for the issued ticket and PNR is fake.

    I was not able to get a air ticket on other airlines for two days as it was rush (Diwali) time. I lost two working days, payed heavily for three day stay at a hotel in Delhi . And bought another ticket for a handsome amount.

    EZEEGO1 never replies to the mails and customer care numbers are truly of no use.


    I am planning to file a case against them. If any one wanna join me, most welcome.

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  • Ro
    Rohit Sabikhi Nov 19, 2007

    I have similar issues with them, None of there Call centre numbers work at all.

    If you are filling complaint do lemme know I ll be happy to join.

    They should be taught.

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  • De
    debasish brahma Nov 21, 2007

    I have similar issue with EZEEGO1. I booked my ticket through Jet lite, from Bangalore to Bhubanswar for 26th of Nov. on 17th I came to know that particular flight is cancelled. from that day I am struggling to get these people online. Nobody so responding over phone nor my my mail are attended.

    I feel great to to join you if you will file a complaint.

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  • Vi
    Vipul Nandaniya Nov 24, 2007

    Hi All,

    I am Vipul from Bangalore. I am completely agree with issue faced by you people. I wrote worst mails to them but no response. Spend money on calling them to get the refund but of no use. I booked the tickets for my parents from Ahemdabad to Hyderabad for Indian Airlines. It was a paper ticket which ezeego must deliver to us. Unfortunately it was not came. They told PNR number is sufficient, whereas Indian Airline officials did not allow them to board. Due to medical emergency my parents had to travel in any case. They had to pay the new amount to get the fresh tickets. I am struggling to get the amount back.

    I am also planning to file case against them. This need to be seriously taken care. I suggest all friends not to book a single ticket with ezeego as neither they communicate nor respond to any mail forwarded by us.

    If anybody interested to take action against them please give me call 09886536735. May be combine efforts will work to get our refund


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  • Pr
    Pramod Nov 29, 2007

    We have same problem. They are not even responding to our complaint. We can also join with you for legal action against ezeego1.

    Indian Tour Planners
    Mob : 09447401893

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  • Ka
    Karthikeyan Dec 01, 2007

    I am Karthikeyan from chennai. I did book a ticket using ezeego website in the month of september and had to cancel it later due to unavoidable circumstances. Until date I have sent so many emails to ezeego and have also called them at #'s mentioned on thieir websites but no response for either of it. It is really pathetic and we all of us has to join hands in raising a complaint against them.

    A humble request to all the people is not to book flight or hotel stay using Ezeego. They are the # 1 fraud who will not even respond to your querries.

    My mobile # - 9985821030

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  • Ch
    Chandan Pahuja Dec 07, 2007

    Hi All,

    The whole experience with EZEEGO1 has left me with bitter taste. I tried to book a ticket with PROMOTIONAL CODE supplied by EZEEGO which failed to generate PNR number. THE customer care people cancelled that ticket and promised for reactivating the PROM. code.

    However, so far (1 month) I haven't received any promotional code and have got 450/- telephone bill for calling and breaking my head with them.


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  • Ch
    Chandan Pahuja Dec 07, 2007

    I tried to book a ticket but transaction failed (45 days back).

    So far I haven't got any refund and when I call customer care, i have to repeat the same story to every person there.

    A pathetic experience.


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  • Ab
    Abhishek Chouhan Dec 12, 2007

    I never knew booking tickets can be such a herculian task.
    Everyone must be knowing about their buy1, get2 free in deccan offer.

    Payment transaction (taxes) doesn't get completed for the free tickets.

    If the transaction fails a couple of times, ur promo code (they send u this for claiming ur free tickets) will be deactivated. After that you will keep calling to the customer support & they would never help you.

    If there is anything other than war of words u guys r planning, just drop a mail or call me @ 9886285500. I am with u.

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  • Sa
    Sanjaya Padhi Dec 26, 2007

    I also have similar experience with Ezeego1 as they are yet to return my fare for the cancelled ticket. The airline (jetlite) has cancelled the flight and asked to get the refund from Ezeego1.com. Now it is already a month past the cancellation date and still no response from the EZEEGO1 fellows.

    This is HORRIBLE and I am with you guys for any kind of legal action against the EZEEGO1 frauds.


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  • Ra
    ramachandran Dec 31, 2007

    I have booked flight tikets online through my ICICI credit card - to Mumbai from chennai -on 7/12/2007 for the journey on 9/12/2007 - for three persons. But on approaching airport, we informed that the 8.15 flight has been cancelled and they arranged alternatively for 9.15 am flight(jet airways)

    The tikets were booked online by my ICICI credit card number but to my surprise, when I received my statement, I found that the amount charged twice Rs.9075 and Rs.9075 on the same date.

    Since I have not possessed any PAN no. with me, please solve this issue through your good action and get me refund through the credit card.
    On approaching the Jetlite counter at the Airport for clarification,they asked the PNR number. since the website airsahara.net does not provides any possibility to locate the booked tickets - how we can locate the PNR number for such transaction? Who will clarify this?

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  • Nk
    N Krishna Jan 03, 2008

    I have the same complaint. mails bounce, helpline says they can't do anything. My money has disappeared into a black hole.
    I also blame ICICI bank. I would never have used such a site if ICICI Credit card had not participated in the offer. OBviously they have been negligent in assessing their partner organisation.

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  • Am
    Ambarish Jan 03, 2008

    Please send your complains to

    [email protected]

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  • Ar
    ARUN KUMAR SHARMA Jan 05, 2008

    I Arun Sharma booked a retruned ticket from Goa to Delhi and back on 20.07.07 with confirmation no CUOABX by GO Air for 10sept07 from Goa to Delhil by G8-106 and from Delhi to Goa in G8-105 for 1stOct 2007 under the reference no Ez/2007/31084, booked by your call center . But on 1st oct 2007 when I reach at airport I was informed by goair staff that myticket had been cancelled.and the amount of refund has been transfered to agent account. But till today I had not recived any thing and amount. please infrom me what is the status of refund amount I request your goodself that please criedit the full amount in my account at the earilest under intimation to me on me phone number 09822331095, 09868712103

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  • An
    Aneja Radha Krishan Jan 11, 2008

    Struggling for last two months to talk on phone. Everytime sterographic reply of their executives being busy.
    Desparately seek to have refunds against two bookings., one of them has Booking Ref:EZR-2007322277/A.
    Wish this travel booking portal addresses the problems of customers as its credibility is at the lowest.

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  • Ez
    Ezeego One Jan 26, 2008

    As per the telecom with Mr. Brahma the isuue has been resolved. The full refund against the cancelled booking has been credited to the card holder's account.

    Kind Regards,

    Ezeego One Team.

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  • Sh
    shraddha Jan 31, 2008

    Oh.. So I am not the only one troubled by Ezeego1's torture! When the airline has sanctioned us this amount.. whts the issue with these ppl. Even I have been facing this problem since past 2 months. Worst part is that they are not ready to tell whats the issue and the only reply i get from customer care is 'Ma'am, I will be ""personally"" looking into this.!!!'

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  • Mo
    Mohit Arora Jan 31, 2008

    Hey Shradhha!

    Consider yourself fortunate that you could at least talk to them. Majority of ppl here cant even get through their numbers. I dialed their land line office number 022-28529309 a few minutes back and got to know that the number has changed.

    Wonder they have duped customers of some lakhs of rupees and ran away!!

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  • Mo
    Mohit Arora Jan 31, 2008

    Cool! Minutes after posting my complaint here, the EzeeGo guys have responded back and assured that they have credited the amount in my account which will be reflected in 7 working days.

    So, go ahead and lodge your complaints here and drop in a mail to the EzeeGo team from this portal to get your concerns resolved.


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  • Ez
    Ezeego One Jan 31, 2008

    With respect to Mr. Padhi's query we have refunded the entire amount against the cancellation of the flight to the card holder's account.

    Kind Regards,
    Bina Mathew.

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  • Ez
    Ezeego One Feb 23, 2008

    Dear Mr. Ravi B.,

    Greetings from Ezeego One.

    Sincere apologies for the inconvenience to you.

    With respect to your complaint, we request you to kindly provide us your contact number and/or email ID so that we can redress your grievance. Please send your details to me at [email protected]m.

    Kind Regards,
    Ezeego Team.

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  • Su
    Suhail Shahbazker Feb 29, 2008

    I took flight from Delhi to Mumbai on 27th February '08
    My pnr no. is 525FZO by G8/352 seat no. 2D. SEQ/41

    One of the flight f staff Mr. Kacj R-3 was very rude and abusive to me. He was continuously obstructing my sitting movement and questioning me unnecessarily. I had travelled for 230 yrs on internationasl flight but never seen auch rude flight in staff. Most of the staff inside the flight were youngsters and chatting eating the remaining food. This person at the arrival before landing made annnouncwement with broken english, He was fumbling and in hindi was even bad. You shluod take

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  • Ra
    raj Aug 25, 2008

    From : -M/s Travel By Rakesh Tours & Travels

    Mr Roshan Pandey
    # 022 32617080 / 9819097775
    Email : [email protected]
    Ask for :
    Mauritius + Malaysia + Singapore + Star Crusies + Thailand + Srilanka + GOA 365 DAY + RAILWAY E-TICKET AUTHORISED AGENT


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  • Dh
    Dharmesh Ghelani Sep 22, 2008

    Similar problem. In fact happened to me with Ezeego1 for more than once... haven't got the full amount back... just the stupid customer care executives with their false promises.

    Boycott Ezeego1. Best advice you will get on this forum.


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  • Ma
    Manoj Tharwani Nov 28, 2008

    Hi All,

    I completely agree with the complaint. I am facing the same issue from last three weeks.
    I booked a JET LITE flight from Bangalore to Jaipur (REF NO EZR-2008-561148/A).
    This flight was canceled by the carrier. So I put a cancellation request on EZEEGO1 protal on 2 Nov 2008. On the portal they promise to refund the amount within 7 days. its more then 3 weeks now (28 Nov 2008).
    From that point onwards i am trien to follow up with no luck.
    Whenever you try to cal, l their executive are busy with other calls. you will never get a response back for emails.
    I am really worried about my money now.

    I just hope that they are not fraud company and will process the refund.

    - Manoj

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