Exact Data / they will not sell you a legitimate list

United States

I got screwed. Like so many others who didn't reseach exact data, first, before dropping a sh*load of $... All the complaints here are accurate, to my dismay...

I asked, specifically, where they acquire these "lists" from. Ben declared they have numerous reliable resources and can get any list for any subject matter requested. (if it sounds too good to be true, it is.) needless to say: I got zero response from my list of 6, 000. When I inquired about what could have gone wrong, he then enlightened me that the list is derived of people (chosen at random!) who may simply fit the profile, of those people i'm trying to reach and are not guaranteed to be someone who may be interested in "my" product.
In other words: "jimmy jones in tampa, fl may/may not actually have a registered rv". But because he is a white male, over age 50, he is more likely to own a camper than say, a black female aged 23 > so jimmy jones conveniently made it onto my list of camper owners i'm trying to reach, to sell my camping supplies to online. Complete ripoff!

Apr 23, 2019

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