Exact Data Complaints & Reviews

Exact Data / new homeowners mailing list

May 29, 2019

List requested was for new homeowners (last year) within 15 miles of office, value of home $475K plus. Out of first 20 names absolutely NONE of homes had sold in last 4 years, several were vacant lots. So far, I have been redirected to four different personnel as their stall tactic. Exact Data...

Exact Data / they will not sell you a legitimate list

Apr 23, 2019

I got screwed. Like so many others who didn't reseach exact data, first, before dropping a sh*load of $... All the complaints here are accurate, to my dismay... I asked, specifically, where they acquire these "lists" from. Ben declared they have numerous reliable resources and can get any...

Exact Data / Marketing List

Mar 08, 2017

I purchased a 7, 500 lead list after the salesman guaranteed that the leads will be good. He said if there is any problem will refund up to 92%. After going through the list, more than half of the leads were not in the selected field we discussed on the phone. I emailed them and they did...

Exact Data / Non stop harassing telemarketing

Aug 18, 2016

I work for a large California corporation and I manage marketing campaigns to a specific target market. I made the mistake of purchasing a mailing list from Exact Data. For the past year I have been harassed by exact data employees on my cell phone, work phone and email, trying to sell me...

Exact Data Consumer Base / Terrible Product and Service

Sep 17, 2015

I only wish I read these reviews before doing business with them. Their sales rep Elliot Organ (I'm assuming now he must be related to the owner) called me constantly and I finally agreed to do business with him in August of 2015. Originally, they told me we were going to be deploying...

Exact Data Consumer Base / Company is rubbish and provides unsecure lists

Mar 25, 2014

My organization purchased the business mailing lists from the company Exact Data Consumer Base. The rep was useful and provided all warranties and told to contact if we had any problems. Yes, we had problems, because these lists were unsecure and we couldn’t send the info. So...

ConsumerBase / Bad quality databases!

May 28, 2013

We recently purchased over 7000 names covering pharma sector contacts from ConsumerBase service. We were led to believe the quality of the lists were very high and had been ‘cleaned’ and verified in a highly professional manner, as would be expected from a business which i...