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Everest CollegeWorst School ever


I'm writing this review wherever I can so people won't get burned like my wife did:
My wife enrolled in the Chairside dental assistant program levels I and II. During her first term I noticed a lot of strange things as she was telling me about in the classes. Having gone through university, I had a pretty good idea how most colleges run and how classes typically are structured. The first thing I noticed was that there was no syllabus. There was no time-line for what the 'teacher' was supposed to teach and when. Tests dates would be given out and would be changed at random and without notice. The testing was absurd; my wife would have finished the midterm testing and then have to write a quiz relating to stuff that she had just tested on in her midterm. The excuse the teacher gave was that she needed a certain number of marks to hand in to fulfill some sort of criteria. Sometimes the class would revolt against the teacher and ask her to postpone the test date because they felt they were not ready ON THE DAY OF THE TEST! The teacher would, without fail, always gave in. My wife is a pretty serious student when it comes to getting grades so this really bothered her. She graduated with a 90 something average along side some classmates who mathmatically could not have passed the course.

The structure is completely disorganized and they seem to pass even the most incompetent of students. My wife had signed up for the level II courses well in advance and the dates were all set. We went over seas for family stuff expecting to come back and start school 2 weeks later. 2 weeks before classes were to start, some clown decides that it would be a good idea to start class 1 week early. My wife was sent no email, no letter. Someone called the house and left a message. My sister had to call us from Canada to let us know. Needless to say, after a lot of back and forth and brush-offs, we got nowhere. My wife had to start a week late and play catch up because Everest College didn't have the proper foresight or respect for people to honour it's commitments to it's students.

In my opinion, it's all about money for them. Don't bother forking out the cash. Go to a real school and actually learn something.


  • 1p
    1Power Tripp May 13, 2014

    I find it strange whenever there's only 1 or 2 pros within a batch of cons from people who obviously don't know each other but roughly they're complaining about the same things.

    Everest targets people who are unemployed and can't find jobs. You all have seen the commercials. They make it sound like a dream come true, less time spent in the classroom, accelerated courses so you finish up in about 6 months to a year compared to attending a 2 year Associates Degree program at a community college, which is cheaper. Schools like Everest, Univ of Phoenix, DeVry, etc are ridiculously costly and when you do finish, job placement isn't guaranteed, but that's included in a by line on the commercial too.

    After you make that initial call for information, you're harrassed practically everyday about enrolling and what a great opportunity they don't want you pass up. Then they want you to come in, tour the campus, maybe speak with a couple of teachers. I say teachers because these people are no way close to being college professors. A couple of years ago there was a big thing splashed all over the Internet that these schools were being investigated because the 'degrees' they awarded to their graduates didn't meet the required standards as JC, State, Univ degrees. Graduates were being turned away in interviews because they were told that their degrees weren't 'real'.

    These schools are in the business of making money. They don't care if you can or cannot pay your loans back, they don't care about your current financial status. They receive money on the strength of each student they can enroll.

    As for you Bubbles, you were lucky and I'm glad it worked out for you, but don't assume that people 'need to fix their own issues' otherwise, don't blame the school. Everest is responsible for their dumb, scam oriented commercials targeting people who quickly fall for the okey doke. But not everyone has the initiative to research on their own so here's a word of advise for those peeps:

    Stay clear away from these schools where the cost could climb to triple the amount of a JC. Employers would hire graduates from a JC or state college BEFORE considering the graduate who came from a school where training only took 6 months to a year. The people in the commercials are ACTORS because I have a friend of a friend who is signed with an agency and does commercials and one of her acting jobs was for an Everest spot (when it was Heald).

    ICDC College, I'm sure most of you seen this commercial as well with the rapper Romeo doing a hard sell about this school...he didn't even attend ICDC. He went to and graduated from UCLA but he was so convincing reading his lines that you would think there was some truth to it.

    You may notice that a majority of these commercials are shown during the mornings and noontime in which people who are searching for jobs will more than likely have the TV on and a certain percentage will call one these schools and BOOM they get out the fishing line and reel you in.

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  • Al
    Alexis1914 Jul 15, 2013

    I graduated from Everest College in Ontario, California and I would say that it was a decent school. There were things I liked, and things I did not liked. The professors really did care and tried to help me whenever they could. Some of the teachers were a joke, but not all of them. Most of them were former police officers or detectives, and I was studying Criminal Justice so I did learn a lot from them. The staff always contacted me if I was absent, which was good because I knew that they really were looking out for me. I did learn a lot, and most of the work was related to Criminal Justice Systems. I lost my father while I was attending, and they were extremely understanding and sympathetic. One thing that I was not too happy about was the fact that I could not take some time off to give birth and be home with my newborn and my 3 year old. They told me that if I wanted a break, I would have to un-enroll, then enroll all over again. So, 5 days after giving birth I was back in class taking my final. Most of the classes did have an organized schedule, and we did have midterms and finals. However, in the majority of my classes I felt like I was in high school all over again. I graduated from Everest when I was 21 years old, so I was and still am young (23 now) but most of my classmates were fresh out of high school and it seemed like they just wanted to socialize instead of learn. Most of the time they would disrupt the class and the teachers would just look the other way. It wasnt really the staff, it was some of the students. But if you really apply yourself and do the work you're supposed to do, you will learn a lot. Another thing I did not like was the size of some of the classrooms. It was over crowded sometimes and not enough chairs for everyone which was ridiculous. The classrooms were always dirty too. I never had a problem with financial aid, they were always helpful. They did continue to call me and give me job leads after I graduated, but I never found a job. After about a year they stopped calling. So Everest, from my own experience, was good but it did have some bad times. I now attend Argosy University in Ontario, California for my bachelors in Psychology, and I would highly recommend this school. It has been PERFECT and it is really an amazing school. The majority of my credits did transfer over, and Everest was helpful in trying to obtain all of my documents in order to enroll at Argosy. I think if you apply yourself and work hard, you will get where you want to be. Sometimes others can affect you, but you have to take control of your OWN life and situation and make the best of it. You cannot blame others and you have to take responsibility for your own actions and decisions as well. My advice to young people trying to attend a good college is to do your research. It may be a hassle and a pain in the butt to get all the info you need, but it is worth it. This is your education and the only person who will be affected by it is YOU. Good luck everyone!!!

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  • Me
    melbennett2007 Nov 24, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I feel you. I am in Everest right now in Tacoma, WA and it is just as bad. Now I am stuck completing a program that I am unlikely to get hired from. Yay.

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  • Am
    amyd26 Aug 16, 2012
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    I'm a single mother of two decided to try to get my life together and went to Everest, went for medical insurance billing and coding, BIGGEST mistake ever. graduated in 2010 now it 2012 and still cant find a job no one will hire me I'm a bus driver now that's a big difference. i went for my externship and they had me doing medical assistant said something to the career service and they wouldn't put me in a different one. they didn't care. then they promise to get u a job, the lady told me since i have no experience that she was going to help me get interviews for just assistant that's not what i went for but i needed a job so i did it anyway got a job three days later boss told me they didn't need me and it wasn't cause i didn't know how to do the job cause i was doing everything on my own the second day i was there. i tried calling career service back they never returned my call again. so know i still owe 11, 000 this school is horrible they just want your money, but on top of owing the loan company's the school decided to raise the prices when i had all ready enrolled i was in my forth month of going they said i have to pay $120 for the difference but i think that's not fare cause i already enrolled and that shouldn't be my problem to pay. does anyone have a option on what i need to do cause there is no way i can pay for this schooling that didn't do anything for me but put me in debt

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  • Bo
    bobok Jun 09, 2012

    "Wasn't like the commercial at all"?! Comic gold!

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  • Ca
    cardiogirl Apr 12, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I too am an Everest Graduate. Cardiology Tech from Toronto Downtown Campus. I know work full time in the nuclear cardiology lab at one of the big 5 hospitals and have had huge success. I had a clinical placement at a hospital, and soon after, got a full time job in another hospital BECAUSE of my grades and diploma from Everest College. They are NOT perfect, by far, but they are teaching what is necessary to pass their degree, plus allowed me to easily obtain licensure from Canadian and International Cardiology Society's.
    Don't be so harsh, go in and prove yourself!! It's all about you, your attitude, your abilities, and your dedication.
    It can be done. I am proof. The best decision I made in my life.

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  • Ms
    MsMarkee May 23, 2011

    THE WHOLE LEARNING EXPIERENCE WASNT like the commercial at all.It sucks, The school never had enough supplies to teach the students with, nor did the school have all the neccessary working instruments to help the student get the hands on training that is offered in the advertisement?.Also for the 17, 000 that it costs to take the dental asst.class there was never a fun exciting learning day at everest.The school kept coming up with new rules each day?Yet Failed at actually teaching me how to be a dental asst or the needs of the carreer but yet taught me how to do things in the dental office like fill a cavity "well Um doesnt the actual dentist do that?"Everest slogan is "Its a great day here at eversest" But their slogan should be"Its a RIP OFF here at Everest"

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  • Bu
    bubbies May 19, 2011

    I too am an Everest College Graduate, and I am currently working in a Hospital, and climbing the corporate ladder. Its ME that did it, with the HELP of a diploma to get my foot in the door, Cause without it, I wouldn't have even gotten the interview. So, maybe you should not bash the school, but fix your OWN issues. Good luck in your future. :) So, it depends where YOU take it. ONLY YOU CAN FIND EMPLOYMENT< BUT YOU HAVE TO DO THE LEGWORK!!!

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  • Gu
    guylina Apr 05, 2011

    I attended Everest College in Ottawa which cost me a lot of money and i got nothing out of it, I would like to see who would be interested in obtaining a lawyer as a group.

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  • Mi
    Miss Asia Lee Dec 24, 2010

    I am reading these complaints and your all right everest college sucks!!! good thing i didt sign the dotted line. I am currently from TORONTO CANADA. and if you ever wanted to take Dental assistant or health and nutrition go to George brown college. Cuz no one is gonna hiore a everest student. unless they wanna lose there establiment..

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  • Tr
    ~Tracie~Dawn Aug 10, 2010

    I can't even begin to tell you what crazy crap has been going on. I attended Everest University Online in Tampa Florida. They told me my financial aide would cover everything. Then they told me I had a bill of a $1000 and couldnt say exactly why. However, I did pay them around $160.00 before I was told everything was all taken care of. I went back and forth with them. When I would tell them I could only make a payment of $25 to $50 dollars a month they would say that is good we'll mark it down, then someone else would call and say not that is not good enough you have to apply for a personal loan. I'm like no I do not have good credit no one is going to loan me any money so I will just have to continue to pay what I owe. thing I know I am getting a call from a company called Genesis, they are a private loan company in the same offices of who? You guessed it...Everest. HUH? One, I never applied for a loan with them so how did they get my information and two they will loan you money at something like 28%. So instead of borrowing 4000 and paying 4000 your gonna be paying 7000. Hell no! I have no extra money hence the student loans...that I have to pay back..Then they said don't worry it was taken care of I have no more balance. OKAY DOKAY then! I thoufght it was a mistake on their part and shrugged it off. Come to think of it, I have never been refunded. [censored]!

    Then I signed up for FA again to continue another year and no one called and told me my financial aid did not go through, even after I called them in March, April and May. Each and every call they told me every thing looked good and my account was up to date after I asked about the current FA I signed up for. Then they called my in October or November and told me I had a $4000 balance and needed to pay. I was like how did that happen? The new FA advisor (because I had at least 3 or 4 with in the first year...always changing) stated I put the wrong school code down when I applied for financial aid. I said that was the number the FA person gave me back in late February. So I sent her a copy of my financial aid so she could correct it and send it back out to hopefully be refuned for the classes they signed me up for even though I had no funding for it and they didn't call to advise me...they just let me rack up a bill. Ohhhh, then she told me I had racked up a big bill because I signed myself up for three classes when my FA would only cover part-time. Wait, wait, wait, first of all I have never signed myself up for any classes the student advisor has always done that and on top of that I was told my financial aid would cover all my classes. This new FA advisor said well no, you would have to be awarded the Pell Grant to go full time. HUH? She told me to go full time I would have to pay the remaining balance. I said no...she then said I would have to go part-time because thats all my FA would cover without accruing an extra cost. Fine then...Im not happy and ask for the list of advisors before her that screwed this all up and were very deceitful...ohhhh what is that you say? Oh no, no she of course could not give me that list because she didn't have it nor did she have access to it. huh? She gave me the number to her boss and said she would call me back, she was going to see what she could do about getting FA to pay what was missed do to the error of the wrong school code, which they gave me in the first place. She said she would see what she could come up with for the remaining balance owed. I called the number for the supervisor she gave me and got no answer. I tried calling her back and did not receive a return phone call or email. Huh...what is that you asked...right...why not she did not return any emails or calls till May of 2009.

    But wait there is more...with this bonus of no contact and misleading information I get more information that was not very pleasant. I finally get a hold of someone who stated I had a $6000 balance...sssscccrrreeeeecccchhhh...back it up lady..(by the way who was not my FA advisor, I think it was her supervisor but regardless..they don't know what they are doing.) $6000 dollars? Ummmmmm how I was told I had enough to go partime...but do I have enough to go part time if my FA didn't go through...then why are you all signing me up for classes that weren't paid for? Of course she could not answer those questions. But she could tell me that financial aid would not cover part time alone, I would need the pell grant. HUH...I said no, no, no, no your mistaken, my FA advisor told me I had enough to go part-time with regular FA and would need the pell grant to go full-time. She of course did not have an answer. The lady on the phone said she would have my FA advisor call me. Did she...noooooooo

    In fact, I did not hear from her and emailed her twice in April and called my student advisor to let him know I have been trying to get a hold of the FA advisor for a very long time. Wellllllll finally she emails me with information on a private loan place and to fill out the paper work and turn it in back to her. No call to explain wanting to finish school I went to apply for this private loan I can not afford and the school ID did not work...huh...called and called and emailed and nothing...except for an email from my student advisor stating the FA advisor I had no longer worked in FA...say it ain't so...right? YUP...weeks later I get an email from yet my umpteeth FA advisor stating they want me to fill out the FA forms so I can continue to go to school...ok I will try...and Genesis to of course for the back balance...nope I am done!!! Dont sign me up for anymore classes till I get this setteled. I have written my dispute letter and I am contacting the DOE and a lawyer. This is rediculous.

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  • Ca
    canadaman Jul 20, 2010

    Everest College is notorious for changing start dates and regardless of the reason they give students, it is always done to ensure the campus in question meets its monthly budget. As a publicly traded company they are very much sales / numbers driven. They care little for how this affects students, as long as head office and 'the street' are happy, the campus in question is happy.

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  • Ch
    cherie34 Mar 05, 2010

    I cuurent Everest University on line and they are a scam. Iasked for financial aid and they say I owe a Bill of 5, 000. When I jave grants and loans to cover the school cost. They wanted me to p ay 500.oo a month for a scam school. they wasted 9 months of my time and my money. They are scam and should be shut down. I did not know their credits would not transfer or that they are not accrediated.

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  • Ka
    KATHY32178 Mar 01, 2010



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  • Cu
    cutyzee Feb 24, 2010

    hi there!

    I'm currently attending Everest College in Ottawa, ON, Canada. I started the program Health Fitness and Nutrition. I have had probelms with this school right from the beginning. When the first few mis haps happend I just labeled it to the fact the program was new. But now after being in the program for 6 months, I do agree that some sketchy stuff has been happening. For example, the teachers who are teaching us the program are NOT real teachers but rather friends of the directors. Whenever there is a problem with Students and the teacher you will get a "talking to" and the teacher gets a sympathetic pat on the back!

    As for the money issue, I have been VERY good about making my payments on time until this Feb, but when I realized I was going to be a bit late in the payment, I went DIRECTLY to the finance office where the lady told me that I could just double up on the payment for next month. A few weeks later, I as accosted by the same lady and she was asking for money again! ( her exact words were: is there ANY amount you could give us?) when I told her no, I then got a nasty email from the director of finance that my situation was unacceptable and that I would have to find a solution to pay up ASAP. For tha mount of money that I am paying them I would expect more courtesy and respect from their end! They come across as money hungry and nothing else!

    If you know of any lawyer I can talk to about this school let me know as I have had just about enough and want my money back!


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