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Everest CollegeScam/Ripping off people

They take you and tell you for your O.S.A.P and make promises to you, but never keep up there end of the bargain. When you report being abused by other students, which the teacher is present but lies and says she saw and heard nothing, also when you make formal complaints about a teacher the dean threatens you with your course. I also do not feel that a teacher should be having students come over to there home for visits. I also feel that when I pay out the amount of money I paid I should have a teacher, many times the class was left without a teacher and told to teach themselves. I was told to come back to school on a certain date because I did not pass a class due to medical reasons (which the school was informed I was totally disabled and had hospital letters to show why I miss a 1/2 a day more then I was suppose to) I asked the Dean several times is the date or time going to change because they are good at doing that, but was reassured it would not it would not, only to sit in class half a day waiting for the Dean to find out the class started a week earlier. The Dean stated to me she thought I say [censored] the class and did not even call me and inform of the change. I asked her now what am I to do her reply was wait until 2010 when the class is up again and come back and do it then? I was suppose to be done my class LAW ENFORCEMENT in July of 2008!!! I am very upset and disappoint with this school and I would never suggest to anyone to go to this school even if it was there last resort, I would tell the that they should keep looking Everest can not ever be the last resort. They also say on there T.V advertisement that they can help you get your high school diploma, but when I asked about it I was told there was NO way they could help me I was on my own with that!!!I could go on telling you many other things but I have to go now my kids are calling me, and being a disabled single mother who thought she would try and better her self and try and get a job to help support my kids now owes the government 16 thousand dollars which I do not have being on a fixed income???????


  • Ji
    JIMBO11 Sep 10, 2009

    Exactly why i didn`t give that school the time of day
    I actually went online to get information about a course, and of course you have to give your phone number and address(bad idea)
    These idiots have been HARRASSING ME for 4 MONTHS! I never gave them any kind of sign that i even wanted to attend the school.Needless to say they call about 4 times a day.send a letter per week.I`ve heard so many bad things about this school.Too good to be true.Nothing but a scam.Very hard to get an education with this school.I mean, once you graduate and you`re looking for a job.Who are they going to hire, a george brown graduate or someone who graduated from everest...think about it! lol
    Not to mention the amount of times their commercials are on per day should show that they`re desperate for students and most importantly...MONEY$$$

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  • I joined Everest for Pharmacy technician after two months I became sick and got admitted to a mental health Institution and they continued taking in my money.

    I applied to the Director to Suspend my studentship until when I am out of the hospital she refused.

    After getting out of the hospital with a chronic mental health issues which can not allow me to continue to study they have adamantly continued to this day sending me collection message. In September 2013 they sent me another one asking me to pay $4000

    Guys Lets have a Class Action Procedure!

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