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Etsy review: Etsy terminated my account alleging a violation of a policy that allows other sellers.

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Etsy permanently canceled my shop, but I just did what others sellers do without a problem on Etsy. Please see the attached images. They shows other sellers offers on Etsy.

I was already making sales and fast delivery and I was very happy when they cancel me, however, look at the attached photos. Why am I cancelled? Etsy must explain the difference with the other vendors I attached.

They ask me that they are not going to answer anymore. It is that I did not commit any violation because my products are not included in the prohibited list, as evidenced by these two images of other sellers who do offer similar products and Etsy allows them.

I have argued with them and they claim that they have told me three times about the violation. But the point is that it is not a violation of their prohibited products, so all three times it has been unfair. The proof is that they allow the sale of these images to other sellers but they cancel my account for offering even less explicit photos than those offered there.

Obviously, the only explanation for Etsy's actions on me is that Etsy is not interested in sellers of Hispanic origin in their store, so it could be a problem of racial discrimination by Etsy.

Update by Leonardo Juan
Jul 29, 2022 3:22 pm EDT

You don't know anything about me or this case so your comment is cynical and opportunistic. You probably already work for Etsy.

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This has happened to me too. It is confusing. My items are not listed on policies as not being allowed. Etsy thinks my mattress pads are mattresses and other sellers sell similar items without issue. They don't tell you what you are in violation of when they remove an item. So all you can do is guess.

Jul 29, 2022 2:17 pm EDT
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Why would you throw the race card in, I have a multi cultural family so I do know about racism but what does that have to do with inappropriate pictures for sale... trust me I'm no prude but they are allowed to decide what is and what isn't appropriate for THEIR site..because others have it just means they weren't caught yet..

Calling out racism is important but just don't use it because you didn't get your way...

Jul 29, 2022 4:02 pm EDT
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while i only know based off what you said, there might be behind the scene stuff we don't know [even you] that is between etsy and those sellers. i think its not race that is a factor here.

what i think is the reason is that someone who doesn't like your work for some reason decided to report you for it. based off their own rules they couldn't just ignore the reports for some reason and acted upon it [maybe just to stop them from getting reports against you]. i do hope you get this resolved.


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