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Esurance Insurance Services Customer Service

28 Reviews

Esurance Insurance Services, Inc.

650 Davis Street
San Francisco
United States - 94111

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 378 7262(Customer Service)
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+1 800 684 4675(Prior Insurance Documents)
1 0
+1 800 926 2869(Any Other Documents)
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Mon6:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Tue6:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Wed6:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Thu6:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Fri6:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Sat6:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Sun6:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Prior Insurance Documents
Esurance Sales Fulfillment, P.O. Box 5262, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5262
Any Other Documents
Esurance Customer Service, P.O. Box 5250, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5250

Esurance Insurance Services Complaints & Reviews

Esurance Insurance Services / Took money without permission

Chaos885oh on Oct 18, 2013

I used Esurance for 6 months no problems. Then 1 month before my insurance policy expired I got an email telling me my insurance is about to expire and to renew. I had 1 month left so I figured I will have money in a week when I get paid. Two days after I got that email I got one that said...

Esurance / Discrimination

JoeKay on Sep 9, 2013

Substantially higher policy rate for singles. If you have no current or (get this, a prior) marriage or no domestic partner, your rate is $60 higher for six months. They do not tell you this if and when you agree to a policy quote. Not a peep. I told them I'm gay and not (how do I put...

Esurance / delay in processing claim

irate customer in tx on Apr 11, 2013

Heaven help you if you have to deal with this insurance company if you've been hit by one of their insured drivers. They will use any and all delay tactics so they won't have to process your claim in a timely manner. It took over a week for the body shop to get authorization to...

Esurance / Auto Insurance

Ryan ESURANCE SUCKS on Jul 5, 2012

BEWARE OF ESURANCE!!! THEY ARE THE WORST INSURANCE COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. On April 13, 2012 I had a not at fault accident where my truck incurred about $2, 500.00 worth of damage; First it took until two days ago (10 days short of 3 WHOLE months) to get an appraiser out to look at...

Esurance / Esurance refused to honor a claim

allysin on Aug 4, 2011

In 2009 my car was stolen. I reported it to Esurance and it seemed they were doing right by me. I soon discovered otherwise. They demanded a detailed phone and text record from my cell and the phones my kids had. They demanded maintenance records, and more. I refused the phone record...

Essurance / Fraud

Dopnnie on Jul 14, 2011

This insurance company takes money out of your bank account without authorization. I paid my husbands insurance last month and they went into my account an took another payment on 7-4-11 and again on 7-11-11 to the tune on $510 in total!!! I called and complained and they said I authorized...

Esurance / Ruined my BMW

Robot on Jul 8, 2011

Esurance ruined my BMW. I filed a claim with Esurance on 5/18/2011 online and was contacted by my first claims rep on 5/19/2011. My disaster of a claim started with my first claims rep Ruby she seemed helpful seemed nice enough took my statement and informed me that they would have an... / If you want headaches, migraines and stress filled conversation with an idiot that doesn't seem to respect you then go with Esurance

Bilned on Mar 21, 2011

I had insurance through Esurance and I had nothing but problems ranging from false information, bad customer service, reps hanging up on my husband and me over charging. And to add to that they are the only company that I’ve called that charge for cancelation. It’s simple if...

Esurance / Took forever to approve a claim after accepting liability


I am really unhappy with Esurance. They are not my insurance company, but the other parties. After accepting fault it took forever to settle the claim, and I had to call them repeatedly to get a status. In the mean time I was stranded with a broken car, and was not given a rental even...

Esurance Auto Insurance / Esurance took $832 dollars from my account for over 5 days

Esurance took $832 dollars from my account for over 5 days because they have no idea how to do their jobs. I called to change to a monthly payment and it was a huge fiasco because they made me sign up for a new plan. I was hesitant because I had a feeling their system is not capable of...

Esurance / Crooks


Don't do business with Esurance. Even though I have had no tickets or accidents they increase my premium every six months. They're crooks.

Esurance Auto Insurance / Rental car coverage

I have paid for rental car coverage with these clowns for over 3 years. When I did have an accident (car/deer collision) I was given a loaner by the auto body shop. Because I did not have to pay for the loaner car, esurance is rejecting my payment of rental car coverage. Excuse me? But if...

Esurance / Esurance Sucks!

I had insurance through Esurance and I had nothing but problems ranging from false information, bad customer service, reps hanging up on my husband and I and over charging. And to add to that they are the ONLY company that I've called that charge for cancelation. It's simple if...

Esurance / Overcharging

I had Esurance for my 1989 Ford Probe with an SR-22 filing. Monthly payments were about $100 for liability only, give or take. I bought a newer vehicle, a 2002 Chevy S10 with full coverage and went about to stop insuring the old vehicle and switch to the new vehicle. Now the monthly...

Esurance / They suck and I lost 7 grand

I totaled a motorcycle back in September. My claim was filed with in 3 days (two days late due to surgery from the accident). After saying they were being held up by the bank, 5 Months later (February) they finally settled my claim and paid the bank for the bike (bike was financed). Well...

Esurance / Charged $50 to cancel


After our truck was stolen, we cancelled our coverage with Esurance. They said they were charging us 50 dollars to do so. We said we never read anything like that in any our policy literature, and they said we had agreed to it by clicking through one of the many screens we had to in order...

Esurance / Car Insurance


In 2004, I had 2 auto accidents that were 2 months apart. Neither were my fault. Esurance stopped my PIP benefits for the 1st when I had the 2nd accident. I guess they felt I had recovered. However, injuries from the 1st got worse with the 2nd car accident. Esurance sent me to 2...

Esurance / Terrible company


I started my search for automobile insurance with Geico and after the amount was too high I went to After i received a quote and my payment was taken, my monthly payment increased two times. I was told that the state of FL by law would not let me cancel with in 60 days and...

Esurance Auto Insurance / Negligence and Delay


my car was hit from the back on the highway three weeks ago. The person at fault was given a ticket and his insurance company (ESURANCE) is suppose to take care of the damage to my car. I called them four times and left voice mails. Fifth time finally the insurance agent picks up the phone...

Esurance / Avoid this company


I was in an accident on Aug 20. I was rear ended at 30 mile per hour and my car was totaled. So please keep in mind that this accident was in no way my fault and could not be prevented or avoided. I called Esurance and the man that answered was everything you needed after being in an...