Epos Nowpos hardware parts not available for repair


Do not buy this system without understanding that the hardware is not available for purchase in the US, (only the U.K. ). If you are out of the very short warranty period and you need to have this POS repaired you cannot buy repair parts in the U.S.
I was told the POS I purchased was a very good computer and basically if I didn't like the software this system would be adapt enough to handle any software. I found out after purchase that this POS only came equipped with 2g 's of ram which was not adequate. I took it to a computer repair store to upgrade the ram and in transport the screen became cracked. When I callled EPOS about getting a replacement (new screen and digitizer), I was told that they aren't in the business of selling computers and no, they won't sell me the part. I'm out of a POS that I paid 2200.00 for. They did offer to sell me a new POS for another $900.00 Do yourself a favor and pass on this company.

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