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Totally lost it on them - here's a smattering of my comments

Them - is there anything else we can assist you with today?
Me - yes - could you recommend another gas distributor with decency???"
When told that I was free to use a gas"broker"but that they are the utility (in other words there are no other choices)
I said"gee - you don't seem to be running it like a monopoly"

I let them have it with my outrage as when they said my payment still had not been"posted"- I told them but I paid it by internet banking of thursday, october 2nd. Under where they said they had called me it said that line had been busy. It has now been 5 business days. Then mr. Sarky said that it says on the bill it can be up to 7 days.

I told him that I have the confirmation # from my bank but he could not accept that as too many people had that and then cancelled their payments so they won't accept that anymore. They had told me that I had to be sure to pay $ 243.23 by october 17th as well. My bank had even suggested I call the better business bureau. Anyway - as I pointed out that it had been 5 days already and that I have a child and that my house is freezing and there is supposed to be frost tonight (zero degrees) he came up with the plan that I could use my credit card plus pay an extra fee and that they would then consider it paid as other monies are on the way and I would have paid up full balance plus reconnection 2 weeks in advance. I asked if I could use my mum's visa which was a yes but he said she would have to call herself. I told her that she is 82 and would not be good at holding 8 - 10 minutes each time as I did or at following the prompts. Then I said, o.K. If I do it that way (meaning they have extra money of mine 2 weeks early as well as other payment so can collect interest, when will my gas get put back on. He said"we don't do same day appointments"- I then asked him if that was so that he could"slap us on the wrist for being so bad"and when I pressed as to why not (since it has bee 5 dyas) - he said firstly, they just don't have the manpower, I said that is surprising as you suck so much money out of us. He then said that they are really busy because the people whose gas got cut off in may have now realized that the weather is cold so they are all paying and getting gas re-connected. I told him"but I paid all summer and didn't do that)! The basic jist was "too bad for you." I then asked who I could write to to complain about the shoddy treatment and absolute lack of customer service. Ended by asking if I was confused and was I actually in the soviet union or canada!!!

Anyway - must write letter now, perhaps first to mpp, or ombudsman or even the mississauga news. Thought I would write a letter to the editor for the wednesday edition of the news and in closing, ask for all people who have had been dealt with like crap by enbridge to all write to the energy council of canada (the only body that regulates and/or governs this sad industry.)
Anyway, I was quite "sassy" - now I have probably been red flagged as an instigator and a non-payer!!!

P.S. - also, when I realized payment had still not posted to the acct on friday by just after 6:00 p.M. (they are closed on weekends) - one of the more decent told me (when I asked what I could do) that I could call in and check to see if my payment was posted and if it was, I would be connected to a rep that would set up a hook up appt right away (had not been told yet that there are no same day hook-ups - and that yes, many of their customers have children, blah blah blah.) anyway - I went through automated info and it told me that I had a balance due of $495.49 due october 16th which meant I had two more weeks to pay!!! Of course, when I mentioned this on my eigth or ninth call - they gave me the same crap about past due amount and how I was left a note (which I never got nor saw) and then again reminded them of their effort to contact me by phone and them writing "busy" beside it.

Well, i'm sure I haven't helped my cause any and am almost afraid to call to see if payment posted now. Can you imaging them wanting me to pay other amount (totals more than it should for what I paid, the re-connection fee and next balance), charging me an extra fee (and collecting interest off of my early payment) and then telling me that my gas may not be back until tuesday or wednesday (if i'm lucky.) bet they are just lovin the cold snap - entire staff rolling around naked in odourless gasses and cackling wildly as thermometer freak plummets. Ouch!!!

Did not spell check or stop to breathe - hope I got it all out.


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    Voice Of Reason Dec 01, 2008
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    I always laugh at some of you people who want to rip a utility because of your own stupidity. First thing I would like to note is that Enbridge gas only disconnects customers who do not pay their bill for an absolute minimum of 90 days, (That's one quarter of a year you know) and do not call in to make payment arrangements. If you had only bothered to call the utiltiy-whose service you had been using for all that time and not paying for- to let them know why you hadn't bothered to pay what you owed they would have been able to make payment arrangements for you to avoid disconnection.

    Now if I were your MPP's secretary, I would hate my job having to waste time reading a letter from someone like you whinning that they wouldn't let you use someoen elses credit card to pay your bill and that you never bothered to pay your bill in the first place and the big bad "monopoly" had to cut off the service.

    My god, grow up!

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    Andre Dumas Feb 12, 2009

    Enbrige will say to a customer that they have sent *several* reminders (four of them) for a past due amount when in fact none were ever received, and there is nothing that the customer can do. No one at Enbridge to discuss the matter or look into it. Doing this to a customer of nine years who has always paid the full amount due, on time and threatening to have his credit rating damaged is unbelievable !

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