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My original credit card EIB VISA CLASSIC had expired last Feb. 2009 I was paying an annual fee of AED 200.00 only.

On Dec 29, 2008 I sent an e-mail asking that it be renewed and sent to my address,
On Feb 03, 2009 I received a request to send an email agreeing to the courier fees, which I did on Feb 05, 2009
On Feb 09, 2009 I was charged for courier charges ref 50.00 AED
On Feb 23, 2009 I was again charged for courier charges ref 50.00 AED
On March 17, 2009 I sent an email to EIB not to renew my credit card, and I called the hotline to cancel it
On April 01, 2009 A transaction appreared showing credit card was renewed and activated with a new number without my concent
On May 03, 2009 A transaction appeared again showing the new number with a charge of 110.37 and a negative charge -115.50
On May 03, 2009 I sent email asking for explanation why I am being charged
On May 03, 2009 I called EIB hotline asking the same question and the reply was it's against monthly credit card membership fees and I asked it be cancelled
On May 04, 2009 I received a reply the charges are against my credit card dues without any further explanation or mention of my request to cancel it.
On May 04, 2009, I sent an email asking why my request to cancel the card was not honoured
On May 05, 2009, I received an email that I have to call another number to voice log my request [protected]
On May 18, 2009, I called the number at 11:57 Pm the person asked that I have to settle the charges before my card be cancelled which Totals: -392.06

Since I didn't ask for my card be converted to the new EIB VISA GOLD and since I didn't receive my credit card by courier as promised and since I did not call EIB helpline to activate the new card and since I called at least twice asking for my credit card to be cancelled and never informed of the new charges or the procedure to cancel the card I asked EIB to kindly reverse the charges and cancel the credit card.

This request was never honoured and still I am being charged monthly membership fee of AED 125.00 and overdue charges of AED 150.00


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      Aug 25, 2009

    Emirates Islamic Bank had changed it's charges on credit cards without even bothering to inform it's clients

    My agreement with EIB is to pay a yearly fee of AED 200.00 which has been the case for the last four years

    They changed it sometime after Febraury 2009 to AED 100.00 Annual fee and AED 125.00 monthly membership fee

    My current account had money good enough for the AED 200.00 yearly annual fee, however one April 1, 2009 EIB deducted AED 100.00 for corrier charges to send me the credit card which was never received and my balance became only AED 110.37.

    On May 3, 2009 EIB wanted to charge me for the newly introduced annual fee of AED 100.00 and monthly membership fee of AED 125.00 so they deducted my balance of AED 110.37 and my account balance became negative 115.50, this called for late payment fee of AED 150

    I refused to pay the new charges and asked EIB to reverse the charges and cancel the credit card

    They did not honor my request and continued to charge me every month a monthly membership fee of AED 125.00 plus late payment fee AED 150.00

    On July 22. 2009 EIB debted my savings account for AED 570.00 to cover for the monthly membership fees and for the late payment fees and still the account shows a negative balance of AED 377.85 and my credit card statement shows a balance of AED 504.81 a total of AED 882.66

    My account is now negative and continues to incurre monthly membership fees and late payments fees for something which I didn't ask for, didn't agree to, and did not even receive and was not able to use since March 2009 despite the fact that I have called, faxed, and emailed all concerned departments in EIB and in Network International, the credit card provider

    I believe this kind of attitude needs to be corrected and I also believe I am not the only victim of such policy change

    I am ready to provide copies of all correspondance and of my account statements once required

    Hope to hear from you soon

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  • S
      Nov 11, 2018
    Emirates Islamic Bank - Cash Deduction
    United Arab Emirates

    Dear Sir,

    I have current account

    Two days before in my account balance was 13.48 AED balance

    But i so in my account balance is -12.54 AED

    I dint have about this deduction.

    Please explain to me this deduction,

    Thank you


    PH: [protected]

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  • K
      Dec 11, 2018
    Emirates Islamic Bank - Credit card payment
    Silver sea
    United States

    Dear team

    I am really upset today to see service of emirates Islamic service today

    I have paid 5620/= AED in my credit card
    But has been done more then 24 house but still not apeared in card

    I am worried that I bank will charge extra after due the

    Plz kindly check and solve my problem ASAP please

    Khalid Hussain

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  • L
      Dec 31, 2018
    Emirates Islamic Bank - Loan settelment
    United Arab Emirates

    I want credit card settelment pls contact me 91 [protected] or [protected]
    Name on card vikkas sharma, now im in india

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  • E
      Dec 31, 2018
    Emirates Islamic Bank - customer service
    United Arab Emirates

    is there anyone working in your bank to reply to my email... properly and solve my problem.

    when will you give refund

    it is 2 years now, , , i thought your customer care would have improve something, , , , nothing at all

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  • A
      Feb 12, 2019
    Emirates Islamic Bank - Loan Request
    United Arab Emirates

    my name is Abdulrahman Omar Ahmed Abdullah i was one of your customer under the Acc no [protected] and i requested a Lone morethan a once but they declined but in Etihad Berue there status are showing Loan Request so please sortout this isue as soon as possible

    Tell no [protected]

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  • R
      May 21, 2019
    Emirates Islamic Bank - Lost 2000 AED from account
    Korea (South)

    Yesterday 15 May someone withdrew 2000 AED from my account by issue cheque 00018,
    I'm out of UAE, I think someone steal my cheque book.
    Please make investigation and let me know person who withdrew cheque.
    You can contact with me by email or mobile
    Best Regards
    A/C: [protected]

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  • M
      Aug 18, 2019
    Emirates Islamic Bank - Car Loan
    United Arab Emirates

    My Salary credited and cheque bounced on same date. I went to bank immediately and as per bank advise I paid the amount but by mistaken bank files a case, because of bank mistake lot of damages happened to me I need justice for this.
    Please contact me via 00971-[protected]

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  • I
      Oct 07, 2019
    Emirates Islamic Bank - Lost funds transfer done on line 28/08/2019
    Dr Imad ElDIN Ginawi
    United Arab Emirates

    On the 28/08/19 I transferred 177000 CAD from my Eimrstes Islamic bank account [protected] to my personal TD Canada Trust account Number
    [protected] .
    Sadly the funds were subtracted from my account but has not been deposited in my TD account
    I kept calling and emailing without any help to rectify this problem
    I need urgent fix pls
    Dr Imad

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