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teaching methods / glitching in the system / little to basically no help from teachers associated directly with edgenuity!!!

This is my first year on edgenuity I was pretty confidednt on the online schooling thing but now it's just horible . Since im all day online school my days are horrible begining with the system . There are always glitches in the system when you check system updates it says that the system should be working fine .. BUT ITS NOT . IT NEVER IS . My assignemnets always get unsubmitted on their own the system logs me out and thats not were it ends . A couple weeks ago I had to do a physical science assignment and its to the point were im deciding to switch to another online school . I emailed my teacher saying that I could not complete the assignment because I did not have things at home like a ... CaLsIuM bLoCk or anything like that . He tols me that I should search it on google he told me to search a video about it and take notes which i found fine . I tried searching on google and couldn't find anything . I emailed him again and he responded almost a week later when i sent the email on a school day . Now I was behind on my class and had a 43 percent . He then saw my email to which he again responded search it on google and gave me no explination of how i could search it up or anything . Also he is the teacher for 4 of my classes . My mom had previously went in to talk to the teachers at their office and they stated that " It was not their fault it was a system problem " Then i proceeded to call edgenuity customer suport . I explained the same to them and they said it was not a system problem it was the teachers faults that my assignment were getting sent back and now im just done with edgenuity I MOST DEFINETLY DONT RECOMEND THEM AT ALL


In the lessons, don't explain a lot, some words I have to look up. When I get a wrong in the instructions or assignments they should explain it to me. Explain how I got it wrong, but no im left struggling and this is the reason I'm failing my quizzes, not enough explanation. Everytime I fail a quiz, I tend to get annoyed cuz I don't understand what I did wrong. Also when I ask for help most of the time they dont understand it. Therefore I have to look up the answers to the quizzes to actually pass it. And by looking them up, I am not learning anything. I recommend u having videos there to explain what the students do wrong so they could understand better and be able to pass their quizzes. If this continues to happen you will lose some people that use Edgenuity. Thank you for your time and I hope u understand that I am not trying to be impolite. Hope this gets fixed soon.


When i try to even get to my lessons, the screen will buffer for a minute or two then send me to a grey screen. I can not do anything, my lesson will not play and i'm behind because of it. This is happening not only to me but others in my class who are trying to do their work, I would like to continue my lessons and get my classes done as soon as possible and withing a timely manner.


the video learning

it messes up the audio on my bluetooth headphones and i am certain its not the computer or headphones because they work with other websites easily .

sorry no number just email me at [protected]
i dont need a return or anything else if i could provide a photo i would but im on a school computer

thank you, robert mays at horry county schools hcec

I am complaining about the finding a career lesson in personal finance

I want to be a math teacher because i love helping people and I love math. My whole life I have been told not to do that because it doesn't pay well or I should be an engineer so I don't waist my potential. My mom even told me she will not support me financially if I go to college to become a teacher. Every time he talked about whether or not you liked math whet does he mention Engineering, He talks about not taking jobs because they don't pay enough. He talks about things that make anyone who wants to do a low paying job in their life he makes it seem like we shouldn't do that and I think that is wrong to be teaching highschoolers who might know what they want to do.

I am complaining about a segment including frederick douglass.

It is stated in a segment about Frederick Douglass that his master taught him to read. In actuality his master was going to teach him to read but his masters husband would not let her teach Douglass. Douglass learned read from the homeless children in his neighborhood and converting those children to teachers. It is true that she was a main part in the aid of Douglass learning to read but the children in his neighborhood deserve a bit of credit. The true knowledge is stated in his book A Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. This book was written by Frederick Douglass and I would like you to please correct this because this is an important piece of history and it should be historically correct.

links for the lessons

I am trying to complete my online class but when I try to answer questions based on what I find when I click on the links given to me and the information is outdated and inaccurate. The links that have the most issues ere the ones connected to careeronestop.og.
This is upsetting considering the fact that I need to be able to pass this class on order to get credit and graduate but these outdated answers are making it harder. The class asked for data from [protected] and on the website it only had information on data from [protected] or other years. This is also sometimes occurring on the o*net website.

links for the lessons
links for the lessons
links for the lessons
links for the lessons


There's no balance in their lessons. It's a complete mess.
Teachers are unprofessional, it's clearly seen. They can talk, yes, but it's not interesting to listen to, they talk too fast, or too slow, but never normal. And it irritates. How could you upload it to your source? It's poorly done. Talking anything is not enough for being a teacher.
Well, in short: I wasted m money on nothing.

Unreliable service

In my honest opinion, this app has a lot of problems to be fixed.
It's very buggy and glitchy, and verrrrry irritating, especially when you urgently need it, but it suddenly stops working. The main page freezes and it takes a long time before it starts operating again. I have the newest laptop, so I doubt it has to do something with these issues.
The app has let me down several times and I think it's not worth using it.

Worst program ever!

We use this Edgenuity online course in our school and it gave me nothing but headache! I was almost half a way and one day something went wrong and I had to start all over again! I said about that to my teacher but he did not care and said that I have to start again if I want to get the access to the test.
This program is terrible!
I even tried to contact Edgenuity myself to get some help but they did not reply. Something went wrong with their system and because of that I now have to waste more time on this! Appalling!

  • Yg
    YG420 Aug 29, 2018

    Every time I use edgenuity i get 10 fucking videos and they just slow my ass down, thats some fucking bullshit because i just want to take the god damn pre tests and this gay motherfucker wants me to watch a rediculous amount of videos and all im trya do is take my fucking class.

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