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cancellation of order/order shipped anyway

I submitted a request for a trial offer of this make-up. When the company representative phoned me to verify...

did not order $130.41 worth of cosmetics. I ordered $1.00

I did not order $130.41 worth of cosmetics. I ordered a sample for $1.00. This is a scam, my bank will not stop or send back because of the $1.00 pre-authorization.

I am very poor this is why I even looked at this offer twice because I thought I was ordering a sample for $1.00.

I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

This is a scam, false advertising, I am very very very mad. I will have to now change my bank account so this cannot happen again.

  • Na
    nanny04250 Aug 04, 2010

    I just called their 800 number, got nowhere! They will reduce the payment to $25. I told her to do whatever, but I wasn~t paying it.

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  • Ca
    cathy panaccio Aug 19, 2010

    i too got cosmetics from eden for the offer of $1.00 shipping and now am charged $130.00 for this crap. called them and talked to a roxie id #1016, if thats her real name. i was told the same thing about the 10 day trial but nowhere was there in the ad that i would have to pay if not returned in 10 days. this is a total scam, and i plan on doing something about legally.

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risk free trial scam.

I called to cancel the product and i was told i could not get my money back becuase I had missed the the...

hidden return policy

I called Mineral Elements on Nov.4 2009 spoke with a Kim and cancelled account, within the proper 14 day FREE TRAIL NO RISK! I DID NOT AUTHORIZE ANY OTHER CHARGES, BUT, THE ORIGINAL CHARGE OF $1.00 PLUS S-H.

I receive Social Security direct deposit and on Dec.4th they charged my account $130.00 dollars. Of course they are not open right now. That is part of my rent and will place me in direct woe. I emailed them and am awaiting a reply. If they do not replace my funds and delete my card account, What actions can I take.

Thank you, God bless! and Happy New Year!

fraud/online theft

This company's" Free Trial Offer" is a hoax to get the consumer into an expensive ongoing membership agreement. They debited my daughter's bank account $131.40(plus bank fee's) for a product she never ordered. They disguise their deal in the smaller print. The post offices & banking institutions are aware of these practices, but offer nothing to stop it. Also, I cannot find a listing for the company in the PA. Better Business Bureau's online file. Believe me I would protest to the BBB if I could get a legitimate name for the company operating this rip-off. Mostly it is happening to less fortunate people who cannot afford to loose the money they are stealing from bank accounts. Change you debit card immediately or it could continue to debit your account and get by with it because debit cards are tougher to dispute.

  • Si
    Sidnee Feb 17, 2011

    4.95 trial offer, saw afterwards they would charge me whether I used the product or not. They said return it within 15 days but got charged 130.41 anyway. I got a cancellation code which means nothing the filthy lying pieces of crap!!! I want my money back!!!

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  • Un
    untilsomeonelosesaneye Feb 19, 2011

    I too have been de-frauded by them. I cancelled within the ten days, and then requested what they term an "RMA" code to return their "free trial." They responded by sending me a new order, and then when I tried again, told me my account was ineligible. However, the small print says you have within 14 days, which still hasn't passed since the date the original order shipped. I actually have a family member who knows the ins and outs of the Consumer Complaints division at the Pennsylania Attorney General's office, and I will be making a criminal complaint both with that state -- it shipped from Harrisburg, the state capital -- and my home state, California. But hopefully my credit card protection will also help. Good luck. Reply if you want to join your complaint with mine. Here is the info. for the AG's office: Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection Regional Offices

    Bureau of Consumer Protection
    Strawberry Square
    Harrisburg, PA 17120
    Phone: 717-787-9707
    Fax: 717-787-1190

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I did a survey for a $1 to sample their makeup (then included was shipping and handling) so my $1 turned into...


I signed up for a trail offer for 1.00 as soon as I saw how much this company wanted for MAKE UP I clicked on...


I have been charged $130.41 on my pay as you go credit card that I did not authorize. I started filling out a form and discovered there was hidden cost, so I declined to finish the form. To late! We called Walmart MoneyCard and they say that they can't do anything even though our money is still pending. I am so outraged by this whole experience. I should have never started filling out the form to begin with. On our transaction record (online) it doesn't even give a phone number for them, or an account number for the supposed purchase. Walmart says that they (Eden Cosmetics) has until 12/8/09 to either go ahead and finish taking the money, or take their hold off of it. The outcome is in the Hand's of God. I am trying to do what is humanly possible to stop this. I did find information that other people posted, and I did some surfing and found 'Eden Cosmetics' in North Wales, PA [protected], but the person answering the phone doesn't speak english well enough for me to understand her. I do not know what else to do. I am plenty mad about this. I will do what I can to help others in their efforts to disarm these people, but let me tell you that they have a privacy policy listed on Google that was just updated this month that seems like they can get by doing whatever they want until we opt out of whatever we accidently got ourselves into.

  • Th
    thaer Dec 01, 2009

    yes sir they did the same with me i stopped my card because of them they take about the same amount 130 dollar without my permission, please fight those people by telling every one about them in this case we can stop them from stealing the others.

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  • Mo
    mockta Dec 15, 2009

    the same thing happened to me on the 13th and now i dont have money to get myy family christmas gifts

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they took 130.41 out of my checking.

I ordered this producked as soon as I got it in the mail I tried it and it did not work 4 me so I called them...

online scam-false advertisement

The ad reads try our trial a 175.00 dollar value for only the shipping and handeling of 1.00 dollar. (product...

charged $130.41 for trial offer

Looked at trial offer of Mineral Elements by Eden on line/after reading the info about being enrolled into Mineral Elements by Eden Beauty Club I CANCELED out of the trial offer. I later received a very small box of 4 powder make up & cheap brushes & case & my Credit Card was charged $1 for shipping. I returned the box to the shipper. Later my credit card was charged $130.41 & this also caused 2 overdraft fees on my account for $35 each because I was not expecting the charge. When I called Mineral Elements Customer Service I was informed that I did not Cancel out of the trial offer that I had agreed to the shipment & they stated I had 10 days to CXL my Beauty Club & return the box to them wite a return authorization # that they provide when you call & get the #. I did not see any of this information on line when I was doing the trial offer because I CXL before I read the terms & conditions/they state that this info is also in the box that you receive, but it says not of this it states to go to a web site, but you do not know this if you return the box unopened to the shipper. I received not credit & no help with the overdraft fees, just everyperson I spoke with repeating the same thing over & over about the terms & conditions that I had agreed to. I ask for a supervisor & I was informed the same speach. PLEASE EVERYONE DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM MINERAL ELEMENTS BY EDEN THEY ARE ONLY RIPPING OFF PEOPLE WHO WORK HARD FOR THEIR MONEY & CANNOT AFFORD THIS.

  • St
    Stefane Dec 31, 2009

    I did the very same thing you did, they are saying the very same thing to me they said to you, and charged me the same amount they charged you. It's not very fair, I'm broke because of them! I can't wait until they go out of business or something happens to them! I wanted to do something fun.. you know, just to try the make- up out and they did tell me on the phone today (after calling to see why I haven't gotten the materials yet) that I only had 10 days before they charge me, and I didn't even know because NO WHERE did it say (unless we would have to get a magnifier to read the small prints) we only had 10 days to return the completely useless product, which shouldn't even be priced $130!! These are something I could get at WAL-MART for LESS.. and they work just the same.
    This lesson costed me $130,


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make up scam-credit card theft.

I ordered the free trial make up kit and agreed to pay $1.00. They charged my credit card $1.00 and shipped...


I was directed to a website ( and as told to try a trail period all i had to do was pay hipping and handling of $1.00 and today i checked my balance n my debit card and they took $131.00 out of my account without my permission. When i called them they told me it was nothing can do about it and i should just take it as a loss. If u ever get on that website ( PLEASE DONT BUT ANYTHING OFF THERE!!! And they told me they sent me a 2 month supply but it was more like a 10 day supply.

  • No
    noeden Nov 13, 2009

    I wish I saw your post before I ordered their products.
    First of all, the products hurt my skin. I have break outs all over my face. Then I cancel the membership. So I called the customer service to make sure that I will not be charged for things that hurt me. Not only that the customer service is totally no help at all, but also all they can do is taking your money.

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fraud - terrible product and return policy

I received this product which I had 10 days from shipment 10/09/09 to use. I received on the 15th from our local post office. How was I supposed to try it and get it shipped back within the 10 days? I called on the 19th to cancel it and I'm just SOL as far as thr price of $130.41. This is overpriced and not any better make up than Covergirl or Maybelline. No one told me I could extend my trial period and that's how this company screws you!! So don't do the free trial period!! You will get suckered and they will take your money that you work so hard for. Very dissatisying.

LeAnn Tull

  • La
    LAVon Nov 06, 2009

    Same thing happened to me. Please turn them in to the BBB and the (IC3).
    Complaint Information
    Internet Crime Complaint Center
    Write the Harrisburg Mayor

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  • La
    LAVon Nov 08, 2009

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  • Bi
    Big gift Nov 12, 2009

    hahahaha I have a same problem... I recieved product on 10/08/09, when i saw the product at first i did not feel right at all, so i sent it back in the next following day (10/08/09) and i have the tracking number to prove the company too... I kept on tracting it and i saw deliveried status on 10/13/09, but on 10/26/2009 the company took money from my account and i called them back right the way and they said they said they would call me back but they did not... and today i called them again they keep saying the same thing...

    Don't trust this company ever.!!! The product is f...up and as same as the service...

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  • So
    somthing to take money May 17, 2010

    I had 10 days too but called aftr I looked at my account and they took out130.00 and told me that i should have got a e-mail that i had to the 15th to send it back or call for cancel .they it was their policy not to refund the money .THATS A FKING RIPOFF!!!

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  • Sa
    sandra jaramillo Nov 07, 2010

    i have a same problem they took out 130.41 from my acount.
    and the costumer service just says "im sorry have a wonderful day"

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unauthorized charge

I too signed up for the "free sample" and received my kit in the mail. I was not happy and decided to send it...

unauthorized charge

Thought I was paying postage on a sample, until they debited my account $ 69.41. Please make this company...

false advertising

I sure wish I saw this website before trying the "free offer". Now where does it say you must return the product or pay 69.71. I thought I was getting a chance to find a great new product to use. I did not. What I got was false advertising, mis-representation, overdraft check fees and a bad taste in my mouth. Nowhere on the offer does it state you will be charged if the "free trial" is not returned. (Which by the way you are not refunded shipping and handling and you are responsible for paying to ship it back). I have closed that account in order to keep any other charges from incurring on my bank account. I hope we can get this company shut down!

SJG- DeFuniak Springs, FL

  • On
    onlyone1 Apr 08, 2009

    I ordered the free trial for shipping cost and I have just found out they have charged my charge account for the full price.
    When I saw that it was auto ship I email the company and cancelled any membership with auto ship. I emailed them right after i got the product, yet they are still putting charges on my credit card account. They emailed me back told me that they had cancelled that membership and auto ship. What can I do?

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  • Si
    silver311chair Sep 11, 2009

    I agree. This company is NOT to be trusted. I hope no one else falls for their scam. They give you a 10 day window to try the product but it takes 8 days to receive the makeup. So you basically have 1 day to try it out decide if you like it or not and immediately call customer service.

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unauthorized debit charge

Eden Cosmetics, endorsed by Rachel Ray's promotional web bussiness, sold me a Mineral case of cosmetic...

fraudulent credit card charges

This company charged products to one of my credit cards w/o basis of an order, without asking for a CVV code, and without my knowledge. Claims made by customer service when I called was that the product was delivered to me and that I'd have to pay for the charges, no proof of delivery, no proof of order, nothing. The CSR was rude and defensive. I have contacted my issuing bank and contested the charges, the Attorney Generals office to file a complaint, and am contacting the local Postmaster as the company says they shipped product by US Mail.

  • An
    ANNIS BOYKIN Mar 24, 2009


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  • An
    ANNIS BOYKIN Mar 24, 2009


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  • Ml
    mlawrence5 Nov 04, 2009

    they hit me for 130.41 I can't find anywhere or any reason for that amount. I am contesting the charges, but aside from suing them, I don't know what to do.

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unautherized charge to credit card

I was shipped a sample of cosmetics, and shipping was charged to my credit card. I have received another charge of $69.43 and have not received any thing for the charge.
Bagwell, TX

  • Sa
    Sarah G Apr 01, 2009

    I too was shipped a sample of cosmetics from Mineral Elements y Eden, and shipping was charged to my credit card. I have received another charge of $69.43 and have not received any thing for the charge nor did I authorize the charge.
    Where else can I complain and how do I get my money back.


    Brick, NJ

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  • Pr
    Priscilla McClellan Jun 06, 2009

    I also went through the similar action. How can we get our money back?

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