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Electronic or smokeless cigarettes made by is a scam made to look like a company that cares. Once you try their product they hit your credit card for $99.00 without sending a receipt or nothing. You're supposed to check your credit/debit card balance in order to see the charge. Instead of letting you know that their going to charge you without your knowledge they hide the fact in their terms and conditions. I purchased $39.00 worth of product from them, then they hit my card 2 weeks later for an additional $99.00. When I called them to return the additional $99.00 they said that I would have to return the product for a refund of only $60.00. Not only that, the guy on the phone said that they receive tons of complaints DAILY. They took $138.00 from my account and will only refund $60, what a scam. I am determined to wreck this company no matter how many times they change their name AND NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES.


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    adkins_james Nov 16, 2010

    when i ordered e-cigs they asked me if i wanted to sign up for some promotinal items after telling them no many times i later found that both companies hand been sent my info and were charging me for a membership i did not sign up for the company savings2go was polite and told me that this has happened before but they have no way of knowing sence it is sent form e-cigs they refunded my money right away and put my info on a watch list so it would not happen again but i worn against using e-cigs

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    not a member Mar 12, 2011

    Sent items back for exchange, refund and reimbursement for shipping charge.Included a note as to what I wanted.Received package today 3/11/11.Wrong items sent and no refund and reimbursement.Apparently my note was misread or overlooked. :-((((

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    linda skuse Jun 30, 2011

    i asked for a free trial on the ecigs and that ended costing me £6.99p and when i got them they didnt have any information with them of what chemicals they contained, so i didnt use them as im on medication and an asthmatic so i had no idea if i could take them, but i thought it was only a free trial so that would be the end of it. then more and more came in the post all of which are sat here unused but i couldnt find the site to stop them from coming to me. now as i look at my bank statement iv been charged £55.23p for something i dont want. please stop sending me these items as i dont want them

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    John Westenberger Sep 27, 2011

    I was mailed ten e-cigs catridges without my authorization.

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    Sfinx Apr 27, 2012

    I ordered free sample from E-CIGS, but today I realized they took £73.89 from my bank account. I never allowed them to take money from my credit card.

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    Reviewer48967 Mar 01, 2016

    Order no 4972901. I am waiting for the rest of my order which is 1pro vapor starter kit EU plus, 4 e.liquid of midnight menthol 18mg. I will wait for a reply.thank you.Brian kennaird.

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