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DX Sabers review: Service, non delivery, refusal to issue a refund

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In my OPINION I would tell everyone that is looking to buy a lightsaber: DO NOT EVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM DX SABERS.

I made my initial purchase on May 25 of 2023. I was told the saber will be shipped in 7-10 days. I was then informed that the shipping time would be increased by 2 more weeks.

The 2 weeks went by and I did not receive any updates from Dx Sabers. I sent a few e:mails asking for an update to the status of my order and silence has been their reply.

This situation has continued for the past 7 months.

My e:mail requests are rarely answered, their promises or never fulfilled and I have been waiting to receive my refund for 4 months.

I have sent 76 professionally worded e:mails and have received only 12 replies.

Today i discovered that my e:mail capability has been blocked by Dx Sabers. I am no longer able to send an e:mail or reply to any previous e:mails.

In my OPINION Dx Sabers is a dishonest company concerned only with taking your money and leaving their customers out to dry.

Claimed loss: A full refund of the $197.00 that I was promised and have yet to receive.

Desired outcome: Full refund of the $197.00 that has been promised for the past 4 months and has yet to be issued.

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