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DX Sabers review: Received a used and broken product after weeks of false promises to ship.

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Buyer Beware. One need only search google, Reddit, and YouTube to see dozens of similar experiences.

Purchased a NeoPixel Dark Saber August 25th at Botcon from DX Sabers - Paid $424 via square. Asked if they could ship it to me since I had other stuff to carry home. They pleasantly agreed to do so. Botcon was amazing as always, but this is about my journey with DX Sabers.

Aug 31st - No pressure, just asked what the usual time before it ships. No response.

Sept 6th. - Contacted again. Told I would get tracking 'Right away'

Sept 7th - Asked what 'right away' meant. Told I would get it 'later tonight'.

Sept 8th - Contacted let them know I didn't get it. No response.

Sept 9th. Contacted let them know I dididn't get it. No response. Stated I didn't want this to go down a negative route. But at this point had already learned about their bad reputation. Responded and said they were 'at another con' but would get it 'later tonight'. Told them if they were unable I'd be fine with a refund. Said they 'stand by their word' but it had just been a crazy couple weeks.

Sept 10th. Contacted as I hadn't heard back as they promised. Another round of 'they were really tired but can guarantee he'd give me hourly updates(not sure why or how) given that he also stated his factory in china didn't open until the next day.

Sept 11th. Got a tracking number.

Sept 15th. Got a cheap hollow core round non-distinct saber. Contacted them and they condescended and said 'you seem to forget we promised you a mystery saber with your purchase'. I wasn't asking for the mystery saber to be sent. I was asking for the Dark Saber I spent $424 on. Told them I was disappointed because they never mentioned they were only sending out the cheap 'freebie' instead of what I actually ordered. They defended saying they always answered me promptly when I had a concern. Also said I'd receive tracking Monday on the Dark Saber.

Sept 19th - Tuesday and no tracking. Contacted. No response.

Sept 20th - Wednesday and no tracking. Contacted. No response.

Sept 21st - Emailed and said their sons wer sick but that I'd have tracking in 24 hrs.

Sept 23rd - No tracking after 48 hours. Contacted. No response.

Sept 24th - Fed up I emailed and said I didn't know what to do here other than to pursue means to get my money back and warn others. Told them if I didn't have tracking by Monday night I'd send the 'freebie' back to them on my dime and expect a refund. They responded talking about the kids being sick again. Hey I get it, I had 6 kids. But I also am asking for nothing more than that they tell me when its going to ship and actually do so. They give me a tracking number that doesn't show dropped off.

Sept 26th - I email fed up because it doesn't show dropped off. I stick to what I said on the 24th and I put the freebie in the mail and send them proof I dropped it off via USPS tracking. I get a frenzied response pack and was told they were mistaken it actually sent through UPS and was given yet another tracking number. I track it and that show that the destination is a completely other state and shows at .4 lbs. When the Neopixel is over 2lbs just for the hilt alone. Then I was told no, that's wrong it actually went USPS. And to check. It finally showed dropped off.

Sept 28th - Finally get it in the mail. It comes without a box for either the hilt or the blade. Both were loose in a previously used and shipped plain brown box. The hilt and blade were scared/marred. No charging cable. Tried using a charging cable I have and it wouldnt' charge. Either it busted because it was shipped completely loose or they shipped me a saber already used and broken.

I waited over a year for my Moducase no problem. Why? Because they were forthright on what to expect. Hell, we wait all the time for preorders as collectors. But this was never about waiting. This was about people who continually told me one thing and did another...or rather didn't. At this point I just want others to know not to trust this company or anything they say or do.

Desired outcome: Refund

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