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Dvs Scotland AKA Drumgray Vehices In Airdrie are the most incompetent, dishonest, untruthful, untrustworthy car dealers not only in Scotland but in the world. They was rude to me and even wanted me to agree to buy the car before i even had a test drive then after a few words in whuch i tried to politely explain i need to try the car first before i can give them £1000s of pounds then the owner told me if i dont like it F*** Off as another mug will be through the door shortly and will buy it ! i mean what a way to talk and he always shouted at me saying im a time waster
Then when i made a review he then comes across all nice and polite saying im wrong and he is right etc but i know the public can see right through this horrible man, Please please think before you call this car dealer and simply shop somewhere else for you second hand car



The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

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Apr 01, 2022 10:31 am EDT

Visited here with my wife a couple of weeks ago, the following day she received multiple agrressive and threatening calls and texts from the owner leaving her in tears. This has started up again today with the wife even texting her personal number to again threaten her, and tell her what a sad little life she has?!

All these calls and texts have been logged and saved for evidence if required.

Would not recommend this place to anyone. Please do your research and check other reviews reporting similar behaviour before considering a visit.

Mar 31, 2022 5:32 pm EDT
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First of I would like to state I had no intention of leaving a review of this place, I had honestly forgotten about it half an hour later as I visited another dealership on the way home. Unfortunately due to the actions of the owner Martin Downey, and his aggressive and threatening behaviour, I feel as if I need to make everyone, especially females know what they are letting themselves into by visiting this place.

I enquired about a car, checked to see if it was still available etc and made arrangements to pop over. The 2 members of staff were watching football when I arrived so I had peace to look around before I asked about the vehicle and possible trade in. The boy checked over my car (surprisingly missing the fact it had a donut on and the exhaust was hanging off) he offered me a fair price so we sat down to discuss sale. I had looked up the car on official website and it had flagged up a few issues, when I asked about these the boys attitude changed dramatically, he became very arrogant and condescending, declaring I shouldn't trust these websites etc, but could not find a copy of the mot or indeed anypaperwork save for a timing belt receipt. At this point I said I'd go away and think about it. End of story. Or so I thought!

Next morning I had multiple phonecalls (on my personal number which I had not given) and messages from an irate and illiterate man demanding to know who did I think I was to walk into his business and question his staff?! Telling me if I even dreamed of badmouthing his business, or telling people he was running a dodgy business, he would be phoning the police, lawyers and making my life hell.

I was that upset and scared I was physically shaking and crying, but the calls and texts kept coming. It wasn't until I saw other reviews that I realised that he has done this type of thing many times and especially to females.

Having spoken to other garages afterwards to confirm that I was in no way out of line asking about previous ownership, and mot advisory, and assured this was normal practice, as was asking for a test drive, I feel I have to warn people, especially females, to think twice before visiting this place.

Jan 17, 2020 3:01 pm EST
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Where to begin...

Absolutely atrocious experience!

After long searches for cars I found 3 at Drumgray Vehicles I liked, I phoned the garage to confirm all 3 cars were available and I was told they were. After over an hours drive, once at the garage I was told that one of the cars I had asked for was actually sold the day before and no longer at the garage.

One of the other cars wouldn’t start and battery was dead when they knew hours before that I was coming to view it. The other car I really liked and had already been searching for these type of cars in other garages. When asking the sales man to test drive it I was told “if you are serious about it” we then went and test drove it and all was looking good and the car was great.

After thinking I decide I wanted to proceed with looking into finance options so went into their office. The sales man seemed to have a bit of a bad attitude but the deal sounded good and I liked the car so looked into all the options.

The sales man then began being rude and started an arguing and being VERY unprofessional I was shocked. This then began putting me off the car so started saying I might look else where. He then got annoyed at this and said “well if you weren’t serious about the car you shouldn’t of test drove it, the director is going to kick my arse in now” when he said that I wasn’t going to buy it. I then said I was no longer interested and left he never acknowledged we were leaving or showed us out I was appalled.

I have never received such bad customer service he was rude and held no professionalism what so ever. As a customer purchasing a car, which he would benefit from by making the sale the manner in which he held and way he spoke was awful.

Words cannot describe how shocking this customer service was, I hope this can help someone as I wouldn’t wish anyone to be treated with this customer service, when buying a car which should be a fun exciting experience.

I am expecting a response to this from the company and the member of staff to be dealt with appropriately, so no one else has this experience in the future.

Mar 07, 2016 6:46 pm EST
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These guys are super dodgy fraudsters. AVOID AT ALL COST! I found the online and it looked great with all the pictures and details so I put a deposit before hand. When I went to see the car found out it had problem starting the millage was 6000 miles more than what was mentioned on the autotrader ad. So, I complained and didn't want to buy. The owner/manager said I am free to go but he is not gonna give me a single penny of my deposit back. He even became rude and asked me to appologise.

I felt so angry but there was nothing that I could do. I went there from York. I really had one of my worst day that day. The owner was working on his own on Saturday and there were no other customers so he took the chance an behaved like a scamster.

I have had my lesson of life. I will never ever again pay any deposit without first examining the car. And avoid ******* Scotland at all cost. People are mostly DISHONEST.

Apr 14, 2015 1:51 am EDT

Totally agree he has been getting away with selling unfit cars for years, now lets stand together and get this crook out of Scotland


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