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G Aug 06, 2018

I feel I must contact you with my experiences of your Heritage range of paint.
I am currently renovating an Arts and Crafts design house to create my forever home and as such, decided to invest in your luxury range of paint.
I chose shade Light French Grey and collected 5litres from my local branch of Brewers in Hailsham .
Once I started on the walls my reaction was one of dismay -the shade did not resemble the shade card nor indeed grey in any way but a purple blue. Reference to the paint chart showed it to be much closer to ‘Lavender grey' than Light French. I closed the can and returned to the shop.
Brewers staff are very knowledgeable. They checked their recipe which was correct, dried some samples from my tin and agreed with me that the paint did not resemble the colour sample on the card. They rang you for guidance and was told that the paint appeared different in different lights.
With respect, those of us who use colour often ( and a range of other brands ) know this already. What I object to is spending a large sum on so called luxury paint based on a colour chart which is inaccurate at best and at worst misleading. To add insult to injury, whilst the Brewers staff agreed with my frustration, they were unable to refund the considerable cost of my paint as it had been correctly mixed by them. I had, therefore, to spend another£45 on top of the first, to correct a mistake that was not mine.
Frankly, Dulux, I am surprised at you. I expected more from your brand. Given that my experience has been time consuming and costly, I no longer have trust in your shade cards or your paint. I will be returning to the brands I have used successfully in the past and will not be making recommendations of your Heritage range to my guests, colleagues or family.
Yours frustratedly,
Gill Mills

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    Please read and respond to the written complaint thank you and some feedback..have you actually tried to fill in these documents since they are not user friendly

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