Duke Energyelectricity

I Aug 03, 2018

This letter is in regards to Barbara Hydanus my name is Kimberly Valerio and I am the care taker with much concern for this woman's well being, I will be breif in that the relevance of this subject matter is nothing more than getting electricity to this woman's residence that is lacking now due to non payment, Miss Barbara went to Seattle to visit family, leaving home to be supervised by other family and the situation resulted in this disconnect, This woman at the age of 84 is dealing with heat degrees way above 100 and I'm afraid that this could result in a trip to the hospital due to heat stroke. I am aware this bill must be paid this household is responsible for it and thus it shall be my concern is they asked to make a partial payment and were denied by Duke Energy which I think is grounds to contact the utilities commissioner this woman cannot withstand these temperatures and must have her electricity back in able to have air conditioner unit running. So I hope that Duke Energy will take all the steps necessary to see this woman gets the accommodations that she desperately needs and make some sort of payment arrangement with these folks so that their electricity get turned back on ASAP thank you for your time, we will be looking forward to hearing from you.
The bill total was 1500 Duke was offered 750 and the remainder in 2weeks and thus offer was denied saying that no payment smaller than 1100 would be accepted VB making no sense because power had already been shutt and a800 deposit would be added,

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