Duke Energy Corporationbusiness disruption, property damage

S Apr 06, 2019

On 4/5/19, without my knowledge nor consent, a crew from Bowlin group took over my business parking lot. Egress from my business was blocked (which is illegal) by cones and caution tape. The noise generated by the crew disrupted my therapy practice. My driveway was damaged by the truck. I was told that a complaint was made about a pole in front of 5135. Not my address, nor my complaint. The foreman told me that someone was "supposed to knock on my door". This was not done. I had no idea what was happening, nor why. Common sense and courtesy were sorely lacking in this event. I do not know why the crew parked in my lot vs working from the street. The foreman (Robert Spears) was apologetic, which is appreciated, but the apology does not repair my driveway, nor reverse the disruption to the therapy services I was attempting to provide to my patient. According to Mr. Spears, Duke had dispatched them to remove a pole, that was deemed an "emergency". That pole had been hit by a car about 10 years ago. It remained upright. On the other hand, a pole is leaning about 30 degrees about 50 ft. south of my property. I do believe that Bowlin was operating in good faith based on the information that they had been given by Duke, but the whole situation was bizarre. Mr. Spears assumed that the complaint was made by me (it wasn't) and he assumed that I was made aware of the activity that was going to take place on my property (I had NO IDEA what was happening). Although wood planks were placed under the jacks that stabilize the truck, no such protection was placed under the tires. My driveway is not rated for industrial/utility vehicles, and there is now a depression/hole in my driveway. I request that my driveway immediately be restored to its previous condition . I also strongly suggest that property owners be made aware of repairs and permission be obtained before entering private property.

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