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I contacted Duke Energy t pay a bill today and shortly thereafter, I noticed that the draft on my account was duplicated. Duke Energy actually drafted two of the same payments with two different tracer numbers, from my account. When questioned about these transactions, Duke Energy first denied that they did this. Then asked me for bank statements that I did provide. Then they went on to say that in order to give me my money back, they would first have to find out where it went and how this happened, as if that has something to do with me. This happened on January 29, 2015 around 9:00 am. After speaking with 3 of the most unhelpful reps. on the planet, I am still no closer to getting an answer of my money back. One rep. even went as far as to say that I couldn't speak to anyone higher up than her because there was no one higher up than her. These types of practices along with a few of the ones that I've just on this site, is a clear indication that there needs to be options for people in the utilities industry. Duke Energy evidently understands by way of the poorest customer care that I've seen since my time with TWC, that having a monopoly is like having a communicable disease, it just passes the worst parts of its self on to others.

servie issue

I have not received any bills from Duke Energy since October, and that was the last time I sent in payment. I travelled for two days; I came back and the power was out. I called Duke Energy, and made the payment at 1:30 am. The automatic customer said the power is rei store. I waited for 10 minutes and the power still down. I called Duke Energy again. Customer Service lady said power will be on after 8am. It was 8:51am and power still down. I called Duke Energy again. Now, they said it will be from 8am to midnight. I never experienced energy company take that long to turn on power, and I live in small town in South Carolina. I understand if I don't pay the bill then Dukr does not turn on power. However, since I made the payment. Then, I would think Duke service should be faster. This situation will never happen if ComEd is serving the residents in Greenville.

service issues/outages

I am writing to complain about the poor service I am receiving from Duke Energy, our electric provider here...

delivery service charge

I thought my gas bill was a little to high. I turned off the gas to my hot water heater and furnace. I waited...

most expensive bill ever!

Duke everythings me if I want a meter reader put on and tells me I will save on my bill. I agreed. Well after...

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Buyer Beware ! Purchased every residential Electrical Protection plan they offer a few years ago and pay each...

deposit for slow pay - quadruple bill?

I am sorry, someone has fallen on hard times and their solution is to charge an additional $300 plus on top...

longer billing cycle

Duke energy sent letter to consumer notifying that billing date for reading meter has change. They added...

power pole price to move

About 2 years ago we called progress energy (was taken over by Duke now) and got an engineer (Terrance) to come out and give us information on moving the power pole with transformer to the property line so that it is no longer in the middle of our driveway. We were told it was $1500 to move the pole. Needless to say to move it is about 50 feet to the fence. We just could not afford to get the pole moved at that time so I called Duke and requested to see about moving it again. Unfortunatley the engineer Terrance called me and stated he "remembered" the conversation from two years ago and that due to the price of the pole and labor it would probable be more then what he said two years ago. Really? It is only fifty feet to the fence? I have had people try to drive by it with a boat in tow and have scraped the side of their boat. My father who is 75 has bumped into the pole. What else needs to happen for Duke energy to move the pole without charging a single income family an arm and a leg. I pay my bill monthly and I feel they get enough of my hard earned income to have to pay for the labor in moving THEIR pole. Isn't that why they charge us so much per month to handle labor costs??? Really this is just so stupid and I don't see the logic in charging customers so much for moving their property.

  • Lo
    lowry Jun 23, 2015

    Well I was quoted $7, 881 to move my pole less than 50 feet and it's a brand new pole. They placed it there without my knowledge of knowing a pole was going in. I met them and told them where I wanted the transformer, but they never disclosed to me that there was a pole going anywhere. It has prevented me being able to park my truck on MY property. I tried to escalate the situation with Duke, but they just keep sending me back to the same engineer that quoted me this astronomical price for something I never even agreed to anyway. Meanwhile I tried to get this resolved immediately after it happened and this engineer was out of work for several weeks on medical leave and Duke chose to wait until he came back to work to resolve the issue. This is unacceptable for me to have to pay to move the pole.

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  • Wine Is Good Jul 25, 2016

    50 feet or 15000 feet it is the same process. The pole has to be uprooted, moved, a new hold dug, and reset. They also have to disconnect the power, the lies and situate them. The fee includes not only those things, but also the inconvenience to the other customers who may be without power while that happens. They also have to pay the wages to the crew who will dig, move, and resit the pole, as well as the power crew who will be dealing with the lines. It ain't cheap.

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  • Ha
    Halonoel Apr 17, 2019

    will duke power move a pole on property I want to purchase? will they charge me to move it?
    is there a basic charge? I want it moved so I can build where it is located now

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stealing of of customers

You know all of us at one time has come across hard times, and corporations really do not care. We are only one in billions of people, and they, ( DUKE ENERGY) are no different! I had a 400.00 bill due on OCt. 2, 2012. I paid the full amount on Sept. 28th 2012. bill states 194.00 paid, or my service my be disconnected. I paid the full amount on the 28th. So needless to say they still disconnected my service. Because it was NOT in their office, and processed, I had had no power for twenty four hours. I forgot to mention that I tried to show the tech prior to leaving that the bill was in fact paid. She did not care. It was not on their books, therefore not paid. They had 6 days to record the numbers in their systems, and finally did so. Not until they charged me another 200.00 dollar reconnection fee, of course on my next bill! They are the only company in this area, or I would switch immediately. There is no one in the consumers behalf. I lost two freezers full of food, lost a expensive snake, and the mental anguish of the whole ordeal. And they still get more of my hard earned money. This is how a trillion dollar company makes their money. RIPPING OFF ITS CUSTOMERS. DUKE ENERGY, refused to give me the corporate phone number to contact them. They do not have it! Really? No contact number for a consumer. How stupid I am!

  • Co
    core88 Jan 31, 2013


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  • Pa
    Paul 3 Jan 18, 2014

    Sick Company, Call your Congressman and Senator.

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utility bill

I moved to Orlando in June. My first bill that I received from Progress Energy was $120, a bit steep but considering I had my A/C set to 72-74 degrees all June it didn't seem too high. My bills for August and Sept were $180-190 which makes no sense considering I had my A/C set to 78-80 degrees and I was traveling half the time so I didn't use my dryer, lights, or any utilities that much. I live in a small one bedroom apartment and cannot fathom how my bills would be higher than what my mom pays for her 3 bedroom house! In my previous apartment in Tampa, my energy bills ranged from $65-80, and that's when I was enrolled in online schooling so I used a great deal more energy. I live on a month-to-month budget and these past two bills have caused me to cut my food costs, and if they continue to be this steep I cannot afford my other bills and have no clue what I'm going to do. I cannot understand how a small one bedroom apartments energy bill would be that high, I would have to be running my dryer constantly with the A/C set to freezing. I requested a home energy check weeks ago and never was contacted, so I'm not too happy with Progress Energy. Reading other people's complaints makes me jump to the conclusion that Progress Energy is vastly overcharging for services because they run a monopoly on this area. I used to be annoyed with TECO but now I long for the days of their mediocre customer service, at least I didn't suspect my bills were being unfairly charged. If anyone has any tips or suggestions as to how I can lower my bill, please comment. This past month I started air drying my clothes so I wouldn't have to use the dryer, and the only difference in my bill was $ I'm clueless at to what the heck is draining all my energy and how to help improve my next bill. Thanks.

  • Tg
    tgrant38 Sep 14, 2012

    I am a single mother and I am on a budget and I can't afford to pay my electric with the high cost from Progress Energy and the rest of my bills and that is including my rent. I don't understand how my bill is higher than my sister's and she has a 3 bedroom house with more people living there and I have a 2 bedroom apartment, with less people. Someone needs to explain how this is possible and also I am from Maryland and I have found that Florida does not want to help you with your bills there is never anywhere to go to find help with your bills because they are always out of funds and if they do help it is once per lifetime, so what are families to do when they have a low income become homeless or use candles and take the risk of catching your house on fire.

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  • Lu
    luv2save Sep 14, 2012

    I can completely understand where you are coming from! However, there are many factors in why energy bills rise.
    1) How many days are in the billing cycle from previous month to current
    2) Has the daily temperature rose? By each degree you would want to add about 9% per degree. So if it went up 2 degrees that would be 18% roughly
    3) Was your bill "actual" or "estimate"
    4) When was the last time AC was serviced?
    5) What temperature setting is your water heater on? Suggest 110 to 125 MAX (120 is usually best)
    6) Dry clothes in evening time when it is cooler
    7) Do your own Energy Audit through their site, is helpful because when the auditors come out; they are just going to say Ac 78 when home 80 when gone Water heater settings, stuff like that..

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my power bills and people in greenville & all over sc need another option to get power from

Yeah we practically live in the dark trying to lower our power bill but every month when the bill comes no...

calls to elderly to enter homes

To whom it may concern:

There have been calls that have been made to some elderly residents in our neighborhood, stating that someone would need to come out from Duke to enter their homes to read the meters inside for the electric and gas...For THEY fear that they are not getting the correct information: This should not be happening and if there is a incorrect reading then that would be on DUKE, not the consumer and especially the elderly who is the easiest to approach without there being an question or concern...I Demand this to be checked into by Duke and find out who and why these call or being made. There is too many things going on as IT IS!! and to have to deal with this is OUTRAGES...So PLEASE look into this ASAP...

  • Pa
    Paul 3 Jan 18, 2014

    Sick Company, Call your Congressman and Senator.

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refusal to remove &dangling shoes& from power lines

Duke Energy will not remove "dangling shoes", a known gang symbol to mark a drug sales location, gang killing and gang turf from power lines. In addition they will not let any other entity remove the symbol from their lines. They have chosen to do so in other towns, such as Durham, NC but chose not to use resources for that purpose in Charlotte. A minor investment in removal of the symbol could make a difference in the war on violence and drugs, as well as create a positive communal influence. Why wouldn't Duke Energy commit a minor effort to the community they power?

what a nightmare for any person to go threw

First of all I had my service transferred from one unit to another one, been living in my place for about a wk1/2 thinkin they had transfer my service over, they turned my power off Monday mornin I haven't got any letter or call from Duke Energy letting me about the cut off, so they tell me I got a 100.00 deposit on my new service that needs to be paid, not only that because power was already on when I move into my unit there's a bill of 145.00 that's got to be paid no fault of mine, so we get all of that mess work out from my landlord and here it is 6pm Tuesday. And I am still without power me and my kids. What a nightmare for any person to go threw when u got kids in your household.

extraordinarily poor/nonexistant service

I've repeated tried to work with PGN to obtain answers to my questions. As of today (more than a year later), they have not yet responded to them all.


December 29, 2010

Dear Mr. McArthur:

Please allow me to make you aware of poor service provided from and inaccurate statements made by your Associate General Counsel, Mr. David. T. Conley.

When he and I spoke on December 8, 2010, I informed him four (4) times that my concern was not regarding the email I received on 8/27/10 (copy, below)…which was generated from my using the website

Mr. Conley kept repeating the incorrect information, cutting me off in mid-sentence; and his letter of December 17, 2010, does not correctly reflect the concern that I tried to share with him, but that he was wholly unwilling to hear. My concern is that he, Ms. Hood and M. Barrett all promised me that I would receive no more unsolicited emails. Notwithstanding, I did receive an additional email, below:


Mr. Conley states that made a request through ‘activities on the website, ’ however this is not true. He also incorrectly states that am not registered to access my Progress Energy account on the external website, but you can see from the enclosed document that I’ve had access back to at least 9/29/08. I pointed out to him on the telephone that my questions and concerns had not been answered, yet he incorrectly states that they have.

To give you another example of how he did not listen to my concerns, he asked me four (4) times if I wanted him to research why I received this email, and I had to answer four (4) times that I did … each time stressing to him that he had already asked me that question. Yet, when he responded, he did not provide me an answer to my concern…but he also tried to ‘dun’ me by telling me not to contact him by telephone or email…even though I’d only sent him one letter and left him one message. This type of extraordinarily poor service is shameful from a world-class company such as Progress Energy. I believe he owes me an apology, and that Progress Energy should make a sincere effort to address my concerns.

My concerns are: (1) why did I receive this email when I was promised no additional email would be sent? To repeat, I did not interact with your website and do not have any idea why I received it; (2) why did it say I had a “Secure Message, ” yet when I logged in to check, it stated the were no secure messages. My point to Mr. Conley was that there may be a problem with your computer and/or email system. As a Progress Energy shareholder, I believe this is something that should definitely be reviewed to ensure that other customers are not similarly impacted.; (3) your customer service manager, Ms. Hood, failed to answer several of my email requests, and so did your customer service email department. I requested copies of all my previous communications (something I’d been provided previously) and I requested to speak with her manager/supervisor; and, as of today, neither of these requests has ever been answered. I should receive an apology from her and copies of information I’ve requested.

As I expect that Mr. Conley reports to you and part of my complaint is about his rudeness and poor service, I’m sending this letter to your attention and asking for your kind assistance. As to the errant email issue, I would appreciate you requesting a review of and a response to me on how this matter occurred. I hope we can close this matter without legal intervention and/or escalation to the NC Utilities Commission, et al.

S M Latta, PhD
Progress Energy stockholder

I am seeking PGN to provide written answers to each of the questions that I have asked. I am also seeking copies of the documents that I have requested -- documents that at previous occasions they previous provided quickly and fully. I am finally requesting an investigation into why PGN has swept this matter under the rug, provided such dismally poor service, and allowed this matter to have dragged on for over a year.

outrageous charges

My husband & i bought a house in Fruitlan Park in April 2011. Mind you we drive a truck for a living. So we are rarely home. Our second bill with progress was $99 & we were only home 2 days during the billing cycle. This month our bill was $172.58 & we were only home for 6 days in the billing cycle. My air is up on 80 and the only other things running are the freezer & fridge. Is this crazy or what? They are the biggest rip off I have ever seen. Is there nothing we can do to stop this?

  • Ca
    CarrieST Aug 27, 2012

    I agree, my electric bill through Progress Energy has more than doubled in the past year, this is insane, how do they expect us to live!! My electric bill used to run me anywhere from $220 to $240 a month, now that they have raised their rates I am paying anywhere from $380 to $460 a month. Absolutely rediculous!!! I have not a pot to piss can they be allowed to do this!!! I am about to cry when I recieved my bill for the month and it read $463 which I am $200 behind from last month brining my bill to $663 This is insanity!!! What can we do to stop them!!! Someone please help or tell me what to do to get them to STOP!!!

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This the most worst company, I think they are ripoffs they made up these security deposit I first said to...


I am a retired caregiver, My own home is now a rental property across town. The mortgage is a giant sucking sound that is not even covered by the rent.
[ASIDE: TO all you OTHER Mecklenburg County homeowners who are (still) gasping over the recent insane "Revaluation" of our property and preparing to fight a battle with the Board of Equalization here in Charlotte, I'm right there with you.

I got a callback from County Comm. Chair Jennifer Roberts last week over a heavy-handed letter I got from the Tax Collector in the mail about my past due auto tax and the THREATENED LEVY AND SEIZURE OF MY 15 YEAR OLD CAR, just to let her know what I thought about the bullying tone of the letter, and that the letter was dated 5/2/11, received 5/7/11 with payment demanded by the following Monday --5/9/11 or risk having the car seized by the Sheriff's department. TRULY bad form. She made nice comforting noises about the delayed mailing and tone of the letter and promised to look into it. We moved on to other topics. But she revealed that she didn't know Wachovia Services was an outsourced mailing service for the Tax Collector's office. --maybe for the entire county, I don't know..and apparently she didn't either.
She thought the reason "Wachovia Services" was involved at all in the mailing was that they were a lienholder on my (15 year old, paid for) car, . I mentally stepped back a bit from that lack of knowledge on her part and thought hmm..."What ELSE doesn't she know about that is outsourced?"
We discussed briefly the recent humongous and absurd "property appraisal done in Dreamland" by the County Dreamed Up Appraisal Fairies. I told her I was really concerned that rumor had it she was going to raise tax rates and NOT adopt "revenue neutral" tax rate adjustment like the City is (supposed to do), explaining that as a caregiver on fixed income I might be forced to sell my house because an extra $150 a month tacked on my mortgage payment was an impossibility for me AND my elderly mother, that HER property value increased by 35+ % while MY tax appraisal went up over 66 per cent! In a blue collar neighborhood that has had homes listed for months and months going nowhere. It's a good neighborhood, but "buyers" want to pay NOTHING for the houses now...they are simply investor sharks trolling, for the most part, not real people. Banks not lending to ORDINARY people, you know...
I also reminded her that I had campaigned for her since we first met in MY neighborhood at a bar-b-q when she ran for the first time for county commissioner. She seemed a decent sort then and still is I'm sure. But I'm not sure she has a finger on the GENERAL pulse of things, which I believe a County Chairperson should have.

Oddly enough, I don't think Jennifer actually understands that tax values do NOT technically and directly affect the property's actual "equity" (She mentioned that many people were angry because their "equity went down" when some of the tax values went down. I tried to explain that a house's "equity" didn't directly have anything to do with its tax value in an existing mortgage per se. She argued that it did. Well, it doesn't, except tangentially.
Anybody who is paying a mortgage and/or has bought and sold a house knows that MARKET PRICES are what drive INTRINSIC equity up or down, NOT "tax appraisal values". Tax values are taken into account when a home is placed on the market, yes, but overall it's the market values in a particular neighborhood, sales comps, that affect equity that is realized out of a home SALE.
If you are living in a home with an outstanding mortgage, the MARKET value (and subsequent equity that might be realized out of a sale) is separate and distinct from the tax value. Tax value might impact the refinance appraisal --sometimes MORE than a bit if the bank doesn't REALLY want to lend any money, as they have been reluctant to do (greedy ### sitting on 1/2 % borrowing rate...argh...)
but by and large comps, condition of the property, and the seller's motivation are the major factors in realizing equity from a property.
If *I* were a buyer in the Charlotte market, I'd look at comparable market prices in the neighborhood, the condition of the house, and look at a LOWER than normal tax value and say "YAY! That much less I have to pay in taxes until the next revaluation"

Anyway, Ms Roberts couldn't seem to grasp that, clearly believed that tax values alone were directly affecting people's equity.
Again I thought, "Hmmm..."
I'm a little worried about what else she might not know...]

Recently, there was a heavy storm here in Charlotte and a transformer located in the right rear corner of my property blew, causing outages in the neighborhood.
A Duke Energy truck was seen on my property, evidently doing repairs. In the process, they managed to add a lot of cut wood to my yard randomly, and a LOT of brush was tossed into a dog run at the rear of the property, where I had temporarily stacked cut wood from volunteer trees I had removed from the backyard, put in the pen to season so I could recycle it, give the wood to folks with wood stoves and fpls who might need it.
The brushpile that was ORIGINALLY there had been doubled by "someone" I discovered after the storm. Dozens of sectioned limbs had been cut and thrown into the pen and the yard.
I noticed new cuts on trees bordering my yard in the area of the pole, in the line of access.
Duke Energy's post-storm repairs had resulted in a major "CLEAN UP" for me, the property owner.
A month or so prior to the storm in question, some limbs dropped on the direct line to my house and high winds were blowing the limbs, causing the lights to flicker on and off, threatening to rip the line off the house.
After denying any responsibility initially, telling me they would only DROP the line so I could remove the limbs myself ---???---
I finally was able to talk with a gentleman in the repair department who had some common sense and he made arrangements to correct this dangerous situation, dispatching a team to remove the limbs. He was careful to advise me that they would cut the limbs in manageable pieces and cut them up for me to take care of, which I understood, since that was on MY line and was MY responsibility. I could accept that. After all it was MY fallen tree that was directly causing the problem.

What I found difficult to accept, however, is that in the course of this SUBSEQUENT post-storm maintenance and repair of THEIR EQUIPMENT a couple of months later, repair that was not directly impacting (laying on) MY line, they left a GREAT DEAL of brush and debris willy-nilly in the back yard.
In true Alice's Restaurant fashion, had simply dumped cut brush and debris to an existing pile of sectioned logs, etc., DEBRIS THAT HAD TO BE CUT TO REACH THEIR EQUIPMENT AND REPLACE IT, leaving ME to do THEIR maintenance cleanup.
I had issues with that.
I can't remember signing anything that says *I* as property owner am required to do general cleanup for Duke Power when they are doing routine maintenance repair and replacement of equipment.
THAT, IMHO, is simply part and parcel of the "cost of doing business".
I had only entered a claim for $50, the amount I figured was fair and reasonable for THEIR part of my cleanup. (I paid a total of $270)
My claim was summarily dismissed by a third party intermediary company named "SRS" -Specialty Risk Services out of Tennessee. In their response letter, SRS (deliberately?) misstated my entire concern and denied my request, alleging that a) I was asking for the ENTIRE cost of cleanup of my backyard to be paid for by Duke Energy (NOT) and b) they referred only to the previous removal of the limbs from MY line in justifying their denial, making no reference to the storm repairs that had added the (contested) debris left by Duke Energy.
In other words, they did not address my ACTUAL grievance at all.

Ignoring the ACTUAL claim for $50 for cleanup of the limbs, brush and debris that was tossed into my yard by Duke Energy employees doing maintenance repairs, they "respectfully denied" the claim of "$200" the said I had entered. Wrong on all counts.

I think the term appropriate for that kind of response are "stonewalling by obfuscating" --deliberately trying to confuse the issue to be ABLE to justify denying my claim after misstating it in every way possible.

Their response simply caused me to focus my attention on a situation that needs to be fixed: that property owners are currently held financially responsible GENERALLY---and picking up the tab for --- DukeEnergy's maintenance and repair expenses.

I consider this completely unacceptable.

DukeEnergy shareholders have long been paid at or near the maximum allowable dividend of 10% annually, and part of that dividend is thanks to property owners like me who are forced into paying for DUKE ENERGY's BUSINESS EXPENSES.

I then contacted ATT, who also shares the use of these poles with DukeEnergy for their service.
Their representative advised me that, should ATT need to clear out trees that are impacting their services or their lines ATT DOES ITS OWN CLEANUP.
SO why is Duke Energy getting a pass on this?
I then spoke with a woman named "Jessica" with the NC Utilities Commission. After several days of silence and a second call to her, she responded (essentially) that the storm was "an act of God" and that was not Duke Energy's fault and that Duke didn't "own" the trees they had trimmed to get to their equipment, so Duke was not responsible for the cleanup.
An "act of God" that damaged Duke Energy's equipment that *I* am responsible for cleaning up after the COMPANY EMPLOYEES when they have to cut trees to replace said equipment??
Furthermore, if they replaced the transformer, were only MY trees trimmed? Or was my yard the most convenient one to throw the limbs in, since I seriously doubt they carefully noted which limb came from whose tree and designated it to the appropriate yard.

My neighbor to the rear said he hadn't noticed any cut limbs thrown in his yard, but he could see where trees had been cut,
and the neighbor to my right has a tall fence that might have posed a problem, so hmmm.. Guess what probably happened?
My house was the one where nobody was home. AND there was this convenient pen full of wood, plus several cut limbs on the ground from the 1st trip Duke Energy had made to clear fallen limbs off the house line. Sooo...(I can imagine their thought processes...
" If we just throw all the limbs into this yard, nobody's home anyway...Problem solved. We can walk away and go to lunch."

You see, my driveway was the one accessible to a cherrypicker which would be needed to reach the equipment.
My neighbors both had fences or boats in the way. That's a situation that I will fix this week via Home Depot ;>

So after Ms. Jessica of the mighty Utilities Commission generally asserted that it WAS my responsibility to clean up after Duke Energy's "Act of God" problem and then summarily hung up on me when I refused to accept her decision, I called BACK and asked to speak to HER supervisor, a MUCH more pleasant speaking person.
He listened to my concern carefully, apologized for Ms Jessica of the smart mouth and expressed surprise (I suggested he start recording her contacts with customers calling in to hear the "real" Jessica in action) and he promised to contact the SRS company and Duke Energy again on my behalf and explain the CORRECTED claim after I explained the situation one more time.
Jessica had missed all the salient points beautifully in her determination to defend Duke Energy and thwart me. She also accusingly told me she had tried to call me TWICE the day before and gotten a "Circuits busy" signal (sounding for all the world that she felt that was MY fault) . I replied the problem was the DEPARTMENT's phone lines, not mine, that I had received other incoming calls yesterday with no problems, and that my calls TO teh NCUC had been staticky, had weird whooshing sounds in the background, I had been dropped twice, and and that she should take it up with her carrier. (Ha!)

Jury is still out as to final outcome.
But I think it's time people got together and FIXED this situation of relegating the cleanup costs for DUKE ENERGY to property owners. After all, DUKE ENERGY KNEW when they installed aerial lines that trees were there and had to be dealt with when repair and maintenance were required. They chose to wire the homes and provide electrical services with that FOREKNOWLEDGE ANYWAY.
It's time their FREE RIDE at the expense of the property owners IS ENDED.

I'll post again to let you know the outcome.
Like all of you, I'm interested in "fair and equitable". No more, No less.

In the meantime, I suggest that people start calling the NC Utility Commission ( or your particular state Utilities oversight department) and express STRONG belief that tree removal/trimming to access equipment is simply a COST OF DOING BUSINESS for DUKE ENERGY, not an expense they can continue to foist off on homeowners. After all and God knows, they charge ENOUGH for their service.

misplaced payments, high prices and no customer service

Duke Energy is the devil of utility companies. We had a bill that didn't get paid back in February. I made a check payment through their automated system and thought I was good to go. Unfortunately the payment never hit my bank account, so Duke came out and disconnected us. Since I thought it was my error, I went ahead and paid the $250 bill plus a reconnect fee and a deposit. Then that payment once again did not hit my bank. I called my bank every day for three weeks and they said nothing had come through at all from Duke, and certainly nothing had been returned. Again, Duke came out and disconnected us without so much as a courtesy phone call and told me it was because my payment was returned. Now with all the fees from this mess they are telling me I owe them $950 to be reconnected!!! Never ONCE did my check bounce, they just didn't process my payment properly, but now I don't have the money to pay this outrageous bill and we need electricity with a baby in the house. They care not one bit, and refuse to work anything out with us. It is sad and wrong that we have no other options for energy in New Albany, IN!!! They are a monopoly of the worst kind, and nothing is being done about it. NOTHING.

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