DuckDuckGosearch results are deleted immediately after display by duckduckgo

G Feb 08, 2020

Dear DuckDuckGo Support Team, hello!
I request your technical support to clear following DDG anomaly:
Problem: As of a few days ago, DDG no longer correctly displays its search findings as it always used to. Well, it does, but they don't remain on-screen. Example: with search expression ‘Brexit' a summarised ‘quote' reference to Wikipedia is displayed (which is correct, because this is normally the case with Wikipedia entries), but this info box remains visible for only about one second, whereupon it disappears and so I then have no search result at all on the screen. The system also behaves this with other DDG search expressions.
System: Desktop Lenovo THINK-Tank; Windows 10; Office for 365; Firefox 72.0.2 (64-bit): for the past 12 months or so DuckDuckGo has served as my (excellent) default search engine (I confirm that the name is correctly displayed under Firefox options).
I hope that you can make a suggestion as to what could be causing this to happen and advise me what to do next. I am not a great expert on these things.
If you need any more information, I shall try to oblige.
Many thanks in advance for your help in this matter.

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