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Return of item but the full refund was not given. That's fraud

I ordered a pair of slippers at $21.94 from them which were too small. I returned them and they refunded only $9.97. I paid the return postage at a mere $3.09. They short changed or to put it more correctly cheated me out of $11.97. They do not answer their phone number. Clever don't you think? It is best if all of us with a complaint report all these to the Better Business Bureau. Go do it now.

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    debra Haney Jan 26, 2019
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    Lost shipping package and invoice, how can I return an item?

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Never received order

I order the D-Tox health patches in May 02 2008, for $42.00. At the time you get one pack for $10.00, so i...

sleep bras

First off, I've been ordering Sleep Bras from Dream Products for at least 7 years, same sz. without any...

anti arthritis gloves

sent check and form for anti arthritis gloves on 6-25-09 and got papers back saying i couldnt get gloves. No check was with papers and now 7-26-09 the gloves are advertised in sunday paper again but i didnt get them or check [protected] Who or what do i have to report this to? I see a california address and should have known it would be a scam. Do not buy in california as you will be ripped.

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    vanessa w Aug 21, 2009

    thanks, i was just about to place an order until i read all of the complaints, i think i will just do without the stress.

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Tomato plants

Ordered 3 tomato plants, which were suppose to produce big tomatoes in 60 days. It took 2 weeks for them to come up Then they didn't grow even with tender .care. Now 60 days later the plants died' They only grew to 2 inches tall. We followed the directions. They are guaranteed or your money back. I want my $13.92 back.

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    vera Aug 31, 2008
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    I ordered 3 items bras steep stool and a light on 8-11-08 my check has cleared a couple of weeks ago, but I have not received my order. Would like to know where it is. Thank you. I didn't have a confirmation code. I ordered my mail and sent a check for the items listed.

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    Kim W. Ching/Nobue K.Ching Nov 06, 2008
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    My purchase request for a pair of a man's "Hand Therapy" gloves was sent to you on Oct. 14, 2008. As of this date I have not heard from you. Please check your shipping schedule and advise me accordingly. I will have to cancel the referenced request if I have not received the order within the next 2 weeks.

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    gretchen baird Nov 21, 2008
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    On 10/29/08 i Mailed a check to DREAM PRODUCTS, check was cashed 11/3/08, but I've never received the product and we are very close to December 2008...I will report this to NYS, Ca, State and city of Van Nuys Better Business Bureaus as well as my Sunday paper and the publisher of the advertising segment that paper. After reading all the claims whereby Dream Produccts have cashed chks and not return the out I now have a goal. And to top this off one of my son's is an attorney...he will be most unhappy that they have taken advantage of so many people and especially his mother. I will be sending a notice to the Van Nuys newspaper(s) to publish regarding there fraudulant business practices as well as referencing the comments that are well documented on their poor business practoces on the internet. $40 mzy not be much but when I look on the internet as to other customer losses...this company and their customerprofessionals will possible have more problems as they run, sun, run.

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    Sue Dec 02, 2008
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    My father ordered a pair of slippers off of an advertisement in the newspaper. He sent them a check for $14.92 on Nov. 9th; the check was cashed on Nov.14th. It is now Dec. 2nd and he still has not received the slippers.

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Fire hose nozzle no power

I ordered 2 Powerful Fire Hose Nozzle, i have to keep one becase my dog chewed on it already, but the second one i did not get yet and i choose not to keep it so if my ordered can be cancelled on the second one i will appreciate that ! i can be reached at [protected] or [protected]! thank you, Ron Petersack3

Order not received

I sent $ 13.97 to Dream Products Inc. a little over a month ago for Therapeutic Memory Scuffs slippers, and I haven't seen the product I paid for or my money back. If I don't get the product, then I want my money back. I will be reporting this company to the Better Business Bureau for further investigation!!!

broken merchandise

I ordered a variety of products from Dream, I also was sent a catalogue; but I chose to purchase from the online products.
It took Dream a day to debit my account; but I did not receive it for approx.2.5 weeks after ordering. The package finally came Saturday 02/29/2009 - one of the products is broken (glass)
and it's a pain in the ### to have to return. I may just chalk it up to experience; but Dream, in my opinion, should describe their willy-nilly, novelty items in a better fashion, ship asap, ensure
so-called "breakable" objects are packed as they should be. Peace
Eileen Streeter, 158 Cornell Street, Boston, MA [protected]

no received product

I ordered a PERFECT POSTURE BACK SUPPORT from Dream Products INC. on Feb. 14th and still am packagless! 5-10 business days my a$$!

Did not receive paid for product

From a Parade magazine advertisement, I ordered, Jan.21, 2009, 2 coupon organizers and sent a check #5922 for $13, 62. The check was cashed by Dream Products on Jan.27, 2009, today is Feb.10 and no product received. I have placed 4 calls to the [protected] and Iam told all representatives are busy. My hold times ranged from 7 to 13 minutes without connection to a representative, each time I disconnected with increasing frustration!
Gerald D. Schuster [protected]
4570-42nd Street, San Diego, CA 92116

I ordered replacement merchandise after the merchandise I bought didn't fit and never received anything.

My customer number is #6734887. I notified the company last November that the two bras I purchased where way too small. No problem I was told simply mail them back. I did exactly that. I went to Long's Post Office, paid the shipping and have heard nothing. I have made repeated attempts to contact them by telephone, but their machine, "we are busy right now, please stay on the line, etc." just played over and over again. I ordered some slipper socks for my husband that were actually cheaper than the two bras. I figured they would come around Christmas time, but nothing came. Every chance I get I will continue to pursue this. I would appreciate some assistance. Thank you, Linda Moore

non-receipts of goods

I placed an order with on 11/13/08, my credit card was charged on 11/14/08. I...

D-Tox Health Patches

I ordered D-Tox Health Patches(30 Day System-Set of 60)
on June 8th, 2008. They said to allow 3to4 weeks for delivery.
Well, here it is November 11th, 2008. That's more like
"5" months!!! My credit card was charged, and I still have no product. What gives???? Send me my product, or credit my credit card, accordingly. This makes me think that I more than likely will not be purchasing from your company again, anytime soon.

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    Beverly Burchi Jul 18, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I ordered a therapeutic Spinal Alignment Pillow on June 23rd. The check has been cashed. Since sending the check we have arrived at our cottage. The pillow has not been forwarded. Our address at the cottage is P.O. Box 303, Naubinway, MI 49762. Our telephone
    number is 906-477-1078. Please send me a pillow.
    Beverly Burchi

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    Kim W. Ching/Nobue K.Ching Nov 06, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I ordered a pair of man's "Hand Therapy" gloves on Oct. 14, 2008 but still have not received the order to date. Please check your shipping schedule to see if it has been sent. If I do not hear from you within the next 2 wks. I will have to cancel the order. You will be notified then. Please advise me of the shipment. My address is 7406 Spring Village Dr., #511, Springfield VA 22150.

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  • Ma
    Martina Wishert Mar 09, 2009

    sent check for $ 44.00 for detox products aand since Feb 14th, 2009 - no response or products

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money back free shipping&handling

offer promises -comfort & support you need - did not!
offer promises- satisfaction guaranteed or return for your
money back.
offer promises-free shipping & handling when ordering 2 or
more- i ordered "8"

i called before returning them to make sure i would not be charged for the return and to make sure i was sending them back correctly-the customer service person said i would not be charged that the packing slip had a label for that

when i got to the post office i found that not to be the case .
i had to pay to return them-when back home i called to find out how to get my cost returned

in total i talked to 3 different reps one being a suppervicer-none would give me a person or phone # of higher rank to speack with

the suppervicer did give a corp. address (which i already had)

and all 3 stated it was not policy to refund my shipping.

the point is -the company states i will get my money back i
want it all back
the company states shipping & handling are free if i bought at
a quanity amount -i did -how can this be free if im out ANY amount of money and how is it "your money back" if some is missing?


order never received despite check cashed

Have mailed order and check for $12.97 accompanied by paper coupon for a podiatric product[which would...

Items ordered and not recieved

I Mailed personal check along with hand written order, as requested by Dream products. The check cleared my...

Fraud and cheating

I ordered 2 card holders on June 9 2008.I though that almost 4 months should be enough time i am not happy with there service.

not what it was supposed to be

these plant has never done what you said they would do they have not grown any still look the same as they did when i got them they are not lush fern you said no water but i have to wash them every week and keep water on them i think i have been had

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    Betty Oct 26, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is a rip off from Dream Products for this plant. I bought 3 of these plants & all they did was come to life and never did grow any more and certinaly not in the 3 hrs time frame that the pictured add says it will grow to full length. I'm sending them back & I hope they refund my money.

    Don't depend on what pictures say sometimes. This plant looked beautiful in the add & that is all. Don't buy one, save your money for something you know will work.

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hard to return product/not satisfactory

The clothing I ordered was way too small. The instructions to return said to put it in the original...

Resurrection Plant

I ordered the Resurrection Plant. WHAT A RIP-OFF. never did turn green, grow or anything. I think you should...