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Resolved I did not receive the product

I ordered #3 Riddex Sonic Plus Pest Repellers about 5 weeks ago and I just received a Check For $ 19.94 and my check was for $28.84 they kept $8..90 and said this for a refund of product unsatisfactory to customer. I never received the product. I want my
$8.90 back or my order. This sucks!!! Thank You

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    Sylvia Flores Jan 10, 2013

    My name is Sylvia Flores-Avalos and I am the customer service manager at Dream Products, Inc. I want to personally work with you to try and figure out what exactly happened with your refund. You can contact me directly at 818-773-4242, 8am-4pm PST. You can also email me your full name and address at [email protected] if you're more comfortable going that route. Once we get your information we can go over what happened and what we can do to make sure your experience with Dream Products, Inc. ends on a good note.

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Resolved sleep bras

First off, I've been ordering Sleep Bras from Dream Products for at least 7 years, same sz. without any problem...that is until 8 mos. ago. Suddenly the bras didn't fit right, they were too tight. So I emailed them at least 4 times (from Nov. of '08 to Mar. of '09) and all I got was the runaround. I even called customer service which was a big mistake. This person who didn't really understand English told me they never refund shipping charges even if they made a mistake?? All she did was send me another set of bras...and again they were mislabled. After closer inspection I found out the straps were shorter by 2-3 inches. So I filed a complaint with BBB and somebody by the name of Linda Denninger responded by saying something totally idotic, " we modify the bras per customer's feed back" plus, " if it doesn't fit to her liking, not much we can do." What? I've never heard of anything like that before! If they actually modified the order per my request the straps would all be the same size. What I think they're trying to do is chintz out on the material so they can make more $$$.<br />
The best I could get out of them is a refund of the shipping & handling, but what I really wanted was the same bras I had been ordering for the last 7 years! Very unhappy with this company.

hard to return product/not satisfactory

The clothing I ordered was way too small. The instructions to return said to put it in the original packaging, however, the packaging had to be cut open to get products out. I tried to send it back but postal carrier refused to take it. I tried to call but the customer service had me on hold forever, on my cell phone. They have no toll free number to call so I had to use cell phone. I hung up and gave up after a long wait. I guess I will just chalk it up to experience and throw away the stuff I can't wear. It will cost me as much to send it back as it did to order the product. Never again will I order from a catalog company who doesn't have a good return policy.

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    stanley brown Jul 30, 2013

    Advertising clearly states "shipping is free" if ordering 3 or more products. Returned product for various reasons. I paid the return postage. After a very long to do and many phone calls, I was refunded for the product but paid for shipping both ways. My total cost was $7.00 for which I received nothing. Dream products sucks.

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Refund not received

I purchased Anti Arthritis Health Glove on 05/22/08 which cost $12.97 and later returned it to exchange for Arthritis Wrist Support which cost only $9.95, I have received the exchanged item but the company has not issued me a refund of $3.00 until todate.

only 1/2 of my money returned

I had to make 3 long distance calls on my nickel and on the phone for 10 minutes holding. Then when I got someone to talk to she was very rude when I said I was frustrated by how many times I had to call and how long I had to wait. When I said I would send them the long distance charges because it was their fault they did not return my money, she said we don't pay for phone calls. Then I asked for an 800 number and she hung up on me... I for sure will never attempt to order anything from this company again and I will tell my friends of the hassle and rudeness I received. How does it become my fault when they screwed up???

Thank you for listening and you should try to hire more caring people to handle complaints and then they would not alienate the customers. I work retail and would be fired for conduct such as this girls.

Sincerely, June Smith - 5717 Susan Avenue - Edina, MN. [protected]-6767 - [protected]@juno.com

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    norman winston Oct 17, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    date 09/25/08 #1344252
    cust #8211707 dept #91311
    I saw the advertisement in American Legion Magazin
    one plus one free
    I paid the required amount by Visa

    AKA 95708 item #95833
    one grip showed up.
    I have waited more than 5 days. the other has not
    showed up.
    I better return this for my refund, because I purchased it with idea of getting two

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