Dovenmuehle Mortgagemortgage mod after harvey

V Aug 18, 2018

have a va loan on house, after Harvey ask for payments to be deferred for 3 months. mod came back last week finial they raised interest rate, payment amount and length of loan. all of which is against VA guide lines. interest should have been cancelled for the 3 months, interest rate should have stayed the same, payments should have stayed the same or lower. all of these are per VA guide lines, but VA can not do anything until bank comes to them for money after foreclosure, then all the law suites can start. stupid how things have to work before VA can denie bank. anyone going through loan modification needs to read the guide lines set by any type of government loan to be sure their bank is doing it correctly. surely I can't be the only person seeing banks trying to take advantage.

  • Updated by victor krawczyk · Aug 18, 2018

    anyone else having issues with this bank please contact me and we'll see if we can start a class action suite against them. the penalty for what they are trying is $250, 000 per case. have already started speaking with lawyers about it.

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