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Set up a 3 month payment plan using my visa card for a $300 debt with US Cellular. The company wasn't able to receiving the first payment of $98 in full so they just took out half the first day then the remainder a couple of days later. Even though they were able to retrieve the full amount of the first agreed upon payment they still report this account to the Credit Bureaus and now they're saying I must pay in full before they can remove it. Is this fair?

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      Jun 24, 2009

    You should have sent a Debt Validation letter with a limited cease and desist communication. They called me twice, I threatened to sue, haven't heard from them since. The also disappeared off my credit report. FYI, they most likely will not remove the neg from your credit report. Get it in writing before you send more money. they already lied to you once.


    Alot of information there.

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