Discovery Health Medical Aidnot paying for insured benefits or failing to automatically activate my maternity benefit

A Sep 11, 2018

Good day Discovery Health complaints department

Please advise why hygienist visit (Claremont, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa) wasn't paid from medical aid benefits; don't tell me it's because my medical savings is up as I chose a comprehensive insurance and assume that once savings are deleted the cost would be covered under insured benefits.

Dentist: Everson A A
Claimed: R732.70 claimed for date of healthcare service 2018/09/06
Paid to: No payment.

Please organize refund.

If not then I've had enough of Discovery medical aid and WILL cancel my cover/ leave Discovery.

It's incidents like these that show how much clients are ripped off as I pay over R4k in monthly cover but have to pay out of my own pocket! I might as well get a hospital plan (not with Discovery alas for you) going forward and self insure the rest.

When my wife fell pregnant, I also was not informed that I had to ask for the maternity benefit to be activated rather than Discovery having the decency to automatically do so and I only found this out after our 3rd antenatal scan, which this completely obliterated my savings pocket (is it too much to ask for these initial scans to be reimbursed?)

Thanks Discovery for placing your shareholders interests ahead of policy holders. Little wonder your operating profits are up 17% this past year and you're sitting on over R10bn in cash.

Annoyed and disappointed possibly soon to be ex client.
Alex Rodrigues

Member: Alexandre Rodrigues - [protected]
Med Aid: Discovery medical aid: Classic Delta Saver

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