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J Aug 16, 2018


I joined discovery beginning of june.
They take the money, not a minute late. But now 3 months I have paid and I haven't received my medical aid card.

Today when I phoned the lady said I have to download the digital card, the day I joined discovery they said I will receive my card in 7 working days! They havent mentioned I have to download something.

I feel I want to cancel everything, since I havent received any service from discovery. I want my money back sothat I can go to a proper medical aid. Not just a medical aid that just take your money and doesnt deliver a service.

  • Updated by Janet Smit · Aug 16, 2018


    I also decide to take the option to take vitality WITH my medical aid.
    which i pay EXTRA R289 each month.

    They said I will receive my Vitality card within 7 days.
    Still i havent received anything from them also...

    Joined: 1 June 2018
    Today is the 16th August

    I feel I do pay for something and they do not deliver! I thick it is a better option to SAVE The R289 each month instead to pay for something I don't get a service.

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