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Discover Bank Complaints & Reviews

Discover Bank / credit decrease

Christine Clements on Oct 12, 2017
I have been a member with Discover since 2016 I have used my credit for personal use work - travel -daughters graduation College Party -each time my card had a high balance I use my quarterly commission to pay off the entire balance. This has been done more than 3 times since becoming a...

Discover Bank / closing out a cd

Suzanne Allen on Sep 1, 2017
A Discover Bank CD came due and the grace period began on 8/1 through 8/10. On 8/4 I called and closed the CD, requested a check be mailed, and received a transaction confirmation number. On 8/23 I realized the check had not been received, so I called Discover Bank. I was told there was an...

Discover Bank / credit card

Shalini Lamba on Jul 31, 2017
Hello, I use Discover Checking Savings and credit card. I have been the customer since 2009 and have been making payments regularly since 2009. I have around $50K in Discover savings because I trust the brand. Had a very horrific experience today 7/31/2017 @2:45 PM when I spoke to the...

Discover Bank / savings account transfers

ZB3 on Jul 18, 2017
When i opened my account, I believed i would be able to transfer and send easily. once i transferred funds on thursday 07/13/2017. It transfer posted 07/18/2017. That is 5 days later. the process took longer than me taking money from the atm. Once it finally took the money it left me with...

Discover Bank / AaPR

Blanck on May 15, 2017
I find it disturbing that I have to ask for my interest to be lowered. I have a damn near 800 credit score and my interest rate was still 19.74% u yup it was lowered to a lousy rate of 16.99%. I've been with your company since 2011 and not once has the APR gone down. I was told in a live...

Discover Bank / Credit agency reporting

pastrygrrrl on Apr 3, 2017
As of the end of January 2017, Discover has informed me that they submitted a 1099C on my debt to them from 2012. I have authorized Discover to communicate with the three credit bureau agencies. The agencies reported back that two of the three were denied communication regarding my account. I then...

Discover Bank / Unethical dispute process

RTB.pissed on Mar 11, 2017
To Whom It May Concern, On September of last year (2016), my wife have ordered a Tag Heuer watch from Amazon.com using our Discover credit card. When the product was delivered to our home, we found that the merchant has sent us a product that is completely far from the item that we have...

Discover Card Services / Securing a credit card

Randall E. Stone on Aug 15, 2016
My attempts at securing a travel rewards credit card with DISCOVER were a joke. They requested proof of address and proof of social security coverage. I submitted a statement from Prudential insurance with my proper address on it. At the same time I submitted a page from...

Discover / Credit

Ernest Byrd on Apr 19, 2016
i paid a 200 deposit on a secured card for discover and i have not been late on my payments and the company said they would refund my deposit after year. It has been a year. In fact it has been a year and almost 2 months... and i have a great record with them after a year. Now they refuse...

Discover / Not receiving proper credit for payment

Ann Madrid on Apr 18, 2016
On Feb 27, 2016 Discover received payment in the amount of $7, 700.87 to pay my personal loan in full. This payment was posted to my credit card, this showed as a large credit balance. When an electronic withdrawal was posted on March 4, 2016 for the loan payment I contacted Discover and...

Discover Bank / cash back checking

Yillbs on Feb 22, 2016
Discover in general has always been a " name brand " company. It's always had the best service, and touts it's amazing features, which is true, if you have a credit card with them. This however, is not true if you decide to move your family fortune over to the banking side, like I did...

Discover Bank / Discover Savings acct. UNETHICAL BEHAVIOUR

fortylicks on Feb 13, 2016
I was solicited through the mail to open a savings account with a $100. bonus. They did everything in their power to make sure I didn't qualify for the bonus. Even though I have excellent credit, delayed my application for several days; I was never given a reason why. After spending...

Discover Card / Authorized users

Reviewer15075 on Jan 26, 2016
The cards for my authorized users were shut don because I refused to supply their social security numbers. My account is still open for me to use. I also learned that my account information is available on the authorized users credit reports. Discover cross reports the account owners info...

Discover Financial Services / Charge for nothing

Reviewer40590 on Jan 25, 2016
I have no energy left to fight that abuse for making me pay for nothing. I was told, I am entitled to cancel a credit card (account)if unauthorized by me charge was placed on my account. On September 2013, I and my wife called and asked to close the Discover Card account and put charge for...

Discover Bank / Unable to verify residence

Know_Your_Rights on Nov 30, 2015
Beware - Discover Card is clueless! After applying for a Discover Card on a form that they pre-approved for me, they rejected my application. I have a stellar credit score and record. At 2 big box home improvement stores, my credit limit is 5-figures. The official reasons were 'unable...

Discover Bank / Online Transfers Backdated

Reviewer85785 on Sep 3, 2015
Over my six-year experience with Discover Bank, I have found nothing to like. Everything about this joke-of-a-bank is a nightmare ... from horrible customer service (e.g., telephone "hold" times often in excess of an hour), to their slow and antiquated online messaging platform (e.g., they...

Discover Credit Card / application rejected

tiya akarapuu on Aug 12, 2015
My discover credit card application is rejected twice. I did keep a track of the process every day and each day i was said the documents are under review and one fine day they say its rejected and you have to reapply. Neither was i informed the reason before declining nor i was given any...

Discover Card / Unsafe online activity

OnlineSecurityConcerns on Dec 16, 2013
I have been a Discover card holder for 6 years. This gets a little confusing, but I hope I break it down correctly. I lost my card and called and requested a new one, FOUR months ago. They sent me a new card with a new number. Only problem? Somebody else has the same number! Not knowing...

Discover Bank / Inability to close CD account that is part of an estate

Mark Gustafson on Sep 20, 2013
As Executor of my mother's will I have requested to close CD account held by Discover Bank. I have completed all requested forms and sent copies of requested documentation. When I have contacted them about the account, I was informed the only document that they needed was a copy of my...

Discover On Line Banking / Closing deceased account

Discover Bank on Mar 26, 2013
As executor of my wife's estate Discover Bank is requiring documentation, forms, letters etc that no other account has asked for. They state "banking regulations" but I get a different story from every person I talk to. Even after receiving a certified court order they are refusing to...

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