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+27 860 663 333(Life Insurance) 0 2
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Direct Axis Complaints & Reviews

Direct Axis / spam

Feb 11, 2019

The company keeps sending spam to me either by sms or email. Please can someone stop this pest of a company and either penalize it or stop it from its irritating practice. I dont want to be bothered by this company - I dont want any service from them I have never asked for any correspondence...

Direct Axis / lack of customer service

Nov 22, 2018

I changed banks and now i have been trying for weeks to update my banking details both online and via email. I work out of the country and have limited cellphone coverage and this is also very expensive and a security risk factor. I did speak to a consultant and she was rude, arrogant and...

Direct Axis / loan approved!!! r200 000

Oct 03, 2018

Please assist me? I want to know about this following email I received if it is legal and correct or illegal? If its a scam I will follow up and bring them to justice by arresting them and prosecute them! Please phone me urgent after reviewing the email??? Here are the email i've...

Direct Axis / illegal credit lending

Aug 21, 2018

I have tried to do the honourable thing by making a payment arrangement to pay off my mothers loan with Direct axis but upon further investigation it was brough to my attention that the sales consultant forged documents to deem my mother a succesful candidate for a loan. I will be taking...

Direct Axis / first for women personal loan

Aug 01, 2018

I would like this matter to be sorted out immediately because I cannot continue to fight about the same damn thing with you people! I have indicated to your consultants and the team leaders who are just as pathetic and full of attitude that you did the same thing of debiting my account at...

Direct Axis / settlement still not allocated

May 23, 2018

I paid my account in full, in 2018-01-26 i called direct axis for a amount so that i can pay my settlement amount on my account. I was told that i have to pay a installment amount as well as the settlement amount so i did there for i had to sent my proof of payment to the e-mail addre...

Direct Axis / settlement amount

May 10, 2018

Good Day I want to settle my Direct Axis loan and requested a settlement letter. The original amount was R133, 197.00 and this was taken out in October 2016. To my surprise I look ed at a settlement letter offered a year ago and the amount was R128, 732.20. I requested one again today and...

Direct Axis / personal loan statement for sophie mabotja 6008180767086

May 03, 2018

I send an email two weeks ago requesting a change of email for my statement to be sent to this new email I'm still waiting for the response I also want to change the date of deduction from 25th to last day of the month Sophie Mabotja ID: 600818 0767 086 Old Email...

Direct Axis / service and completion of settlement and completion of money transfer

May 02, 2018

On the 26 0f March n Payment was made into Account 3047877340 by absa a amount of R 58969.21, this is the acount nr a consoltant gave me in advance before they did the payment, after the payment a week passed and i phoned to find out what is going on and to my surprise nobody could help...

Direct Axis / paid up loan

Apr 30, 2018

i rerquested a settlement from Direct Axis. received settlement amount of R10, 410.07.account 54549006334..ref 1338839088 forward proof of payment on 3/4/2018 requested acknowledgement nothing received. phoned in, told nothing on bank statements. requested Stansard bank proof o f...

Direct Axis / calls in work hours

Apr 19, 2018

Good Day I am not happy with direct axis. Phone this morning at 08:06 was busy driving on the road there was a traffic office because of me being on my cell phone I got a ticket on the call I tell the agent that I will pay on the 35 of April R400.00. and I cant talk because I am driving...

Direct Axis / unethical behaviour

Apr 18, 2018

Hi I'm very disappointed on you guys, you service is fast when people apply but as soon as the account is settled no wants to interfere and the account can't be closed instead you get calls from different divisions saying you need to pay. Is that how you scam people by making them pay...

Direct Axis / settled personal loan/ now a bond and attorney due (wtf)

Apr 05, 2018

Naomi Auret Attachments10:19 (3 minutes ago) to Bondcancellati., customerservice Do also check your systems. Mr Renier Gideon Auret ID : 701113 5003 085 never had bond... IEEish hello peter and news papers here I come... You guys / Direct axis mailed my (as third party) settlement...

Direct Axis / changing of pay date

Mar 29, 2018

My name is Alettha Elizabeth Fourie with ID number: 6601250026084 and I have been a loyal customer of Direct Axis. However, I informed on the 31st of January that my pay date has changed as I changed jobs (as I already informed you in my previous communication) ...

Direct Axis / sms and cold call harassment by direct axis

Mar 29, 2018

I have been cold called and sent many sms's about Direct Axis and I'm not a client and I don't want to be. The amount I receive is basically harassment, twice a day everyday and its just not acceptable marketing. I see that it has happened to a number of people and I will surely spread the...

Direct Axis / settlement letter

Mar 27, 2018

Renier auret id 701113 5003 085 since friday 23/03 (phoned from capitek bank then) is trying to settle the account 2 hours later and agents messing about friday / still nothing. Last night he spoke to nabisa whom he explained to she just abruptly put him on hold never came back to phone...

Direct Axis / loan

Feb 09, 2018

My ID number is 7709155771081, residential address: D199 Mashifane Park, cell number: 082 639 5410. I have settled my account with Direct axis but they don't want to close it. Last week they cited invalid proof of payment, I emailed them the valid one on Tuesday (06 February 2018) but the...

Direct Axis / settlement of account

Jan 26, 2018

I am really very unhappy and disappointed about your lousy customer service!!! My account was settled on 29/12/2017 but only noted on 19/01/2018 - and that after I had to spend 40 minutes and 4 tries phoning in to obtain a settlement amount. Then in early January I send countless mail...

Direct Axis / personal loan high interest rate

Jan 22, 2018

Hi my name is Elsie Makhubu id number 7212080418084, I will like to know how much is my interest rate cos looking at the initial original open debt & the total repayment your fees are out of ncr rates. Can this be reviewed please I will like to get a call on how can this matter resolve...

Direct Axis / paid up letters

Nov 21, 2017

Good morning, I had two accounts with Direct Axis and its been fully paid since December 2016. I've been requesting paid up letter and still did not receive any feedback or letters. Below is the account / ref numbers that I have: Direct Axis Wesbank Only 5454XXX6334 - REF...

Direct Axis / false advertising

Oct 23, 2017

On the 18/10/2017 DirectAxis sent me a message from the number +2787050020006758 stating they had sent me a gold card and that I could redo my loan. I am 3 payments from finishing a personal loan I have never once missed a payment on. However when I went on to the site and phoned they...

Direct Axis / settlement letter

Sep 27, 2017

I have sent more than one mail to get my settlement letter. I have been a loyal customer and have never missed a payment. Now that i want to pay the outstanding amount they do not want to come back to me.The only feedback that i get is an email that says they will be in contact within 2...

Direct Axis / stop stalking me / loans

Sep 20, 2017

Will you stop!!! emailing / smsing / posting and phoning me to offer me loans I did not ask for. It is nothing short of harassment! leave me alone already!!! I do not, and will never ever request a loan from the likes of you! This will be reported to the national credit regulator as you are...

Direct Axis / settlement letter

Sep 06, 2017

06/09/2017 Reezan Solomons I sent an email requesting a settlement letter for my loan account yesterday with no response 24 hours later. i called the call centre yesterday afternoon held on for 15 mins no answer. This morning i called and was transferred to 5 different departments how...

Direct Axis / personal loan - confirmation that loan has been settled biu32717l

Aug 23, 2017

Jeannette vosloo - request a letter to confirm my account was settled and closed. I am battling since 15 august 2017 to get a letter to confirm that my account was settled and closed. I called 3 times already to follow up, just to hear "direct axis will contact me within a day or 2." Please...

Direct Axis / bad service. loan application is taking too long

Jul 24, 2017

I applied for a loan I'm the 18th July 2017. They advised they received all the documents and underwriting will take 24 to 48 hours to process. It's been 6 days now and I still have not been contacted. When I call them i get the same response saying they will contact me. No one seems to...

Direct Axis / personal loan

Jul 20, 2017

I applied for a loan 3 weeks ago a week later i phoned again to find out what is happening and they say the could get the 5 April 2017 salary on the bank statement. I then sent through the required documents. On the 19th I received a message saying that the application has been cancelled...

Direct Axis / fraudulent id used to obtain loan

Jul 19, 2017

I logged a case with this company in april after getting a call from them telling me that they have deposited an amount of r70 000 in my account. I told them that I have never applied for loan from them and I don't even have an account with absa. I have been sent from pillar to post...

Direct Axis / consolidation loan

Jul 09, 2017

My name is Gerhard Gouws. ID. 7310105019083. I took out a consolidation loan at direct axis and everything was approved and payed out on the 6 July 2017. They told me that they will settle my FNB credit card and Nedbank credit card. The email they send me to confirm the payment had the...

Direct Axis / personal loan

May 22, 2017

I had a personal loan, and was forced into debt revue due to circumstances. My account was handed over to their legal department as a result. I paid up my account in full in 2015, yet my name still reflects on their systems. To make matters worse, I am registered by FNB as having a loan...

Direct Axis / fraudulent personal loan without my authorisation

Apr 26, 2017

Direct Axis fraudulently processed a personal loan application in my name without my authorization nor approval to do so. No telephone numbers exist to query such a transaction with them, you can only call them regarding an existing or new application. No response to query email received...

Direct Axis / personal loan

Mar 13, 2017

I have been trying to contact direct axis for over two weeks now and no one answers my calls. There is an automated response that they are experiencng some "technical difficulties" and then the client gets disconnected. I need to cancel my linked insurance urently and need someone...

Direct Axis / personal loan application

Jan 31, 2017

I applied for a loan. I gave them my details and income. They called me back to say the loan has been approved. The consultant asked me if I want R60000, because that is what I can qualify for. I said I only want R30000. She went through the application and payment and interest and what...

Direct Axis / loan

Jan 18, 2017

I have a loan with direct axis from 2010 and I lost my job 2013 and they handed me over to mbd worst company ever... I have paid this account my, through debt collectors and claim fro insurance and through mbd and I feel I have over paid this account and I have ask them to give payment...

Direct Axis / personal loan

Dec 19, 2016

Good day I have a loan with direct axis and lost my job after obtaining the loan. I have tried to pay the minimum of what I could every month. I have been handed over and I am now paying he full amount that was dues every month. I am currently overseas and tried to obtain a statement...

Direct Axis / approve a loan then declined again

Aug 25, 2016

On the 17/18/ or 19 august 2016 i applied for a loan online from dirextaxis.A consultant called me and told me i qualify for r30.000 the repayment would be abt r1700 +- per month.I agreed and the lady told me i should fax my payslip id copy and bank statement.The ladies name was funeka and i...

Direct Axis / no response

Jun 03, 2015 This mail was sent to customer service of direct axis: I received routine electronic response . It is 6 days layer and I have not received any call or email. Good morning I am frustrated I've been out of the country for two months now, trying to make contact...

Direct Axis / unauthorized debit

Mar 26, 2014

My bank account was double debited without my authorization. Please refer to the below proof. I arranged a payment of R2 000.00 but over R3 000.00 was debited. Please assist me. From: Dalton Morgan Sent: 25 March 2014 09:07 To: 'Gertrude Williams'; 'Lameez Benhalie' Subject...

Drivers Direct Taxis / wrong address

Apr 13, 2013

My name is bryan benton. I am a ex director of this company, I wish for my personnel details to be removed from bing, this company has no permission to use my address of 49 norwood ave bonnybridge falkirk central scotland fk41py, please can we remove all content from bing search engine thanks bryan.

Direct Axis / not receiving statement


Im using the following postal address↲ 2894B Lefao str Mapetla P O Tshiawelo 1818↲ I also want to enquire about 20% off for my account.↲My email address is for more info.