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Direct Web Design Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] Direct Web Design / failed to follow design brief and left the site barely useable after more than 12 months work

Jan 10, 2019

A clear and concise brief was provided to engage this company to finalise our website, along with example of other website designs as a template. The company continually did small parts of the job and demanded a rushed signoff to confirm each stage was working. At so called completion the...

[Resolved] Direct Web Design / web design

Jan 10, 2019

Direct Web Design aka You Go Designs all belonging to Roman Shashkoff of 24 Howey Road Packenham, Melbourne (03 9702 1547 / 0431 379 693), were engaged to design a website (fairly simple one - informative only, not transactional) for a new business. Constant delays and excuses followed...

Direct Web Design / web seo

Sep 17, 2018

This guy Roman Shashkov has threathen me with false allegations on the web about my company if i dont pay him for work he didn't do Also he has removed my website and holding it ransom to pay him This guy was empolyed to do 20 add words 400 dollars per month He said if he it was not on first...

[Resolved] Direct Web Design / website development

Jul 16, 2018

In January of this year I commissioned Direct Web Design to develop an eCommerce site for my Martial Arts Gym. The original quote was impressive and quite detailed as to what I was getting. Unfortunately that's where it finished, upon commencement of the project it became obvious that thi...

[Resolved] Direct Web Design / website & email hosting & set up

Jul 08, 2018

On Tuesday 6 June 2017, I, Lauren Smart, employee of Stacks Family Law, received a quote from Direct Web Design in response to my request regarding website design for our family law practice. Part of the package as advertised included setting up email accounts. Our practice uses the...

[Resolved] Direct Web Design / web site design

May 30, 2018

Roman took months and months to design my website. It was clear someone from overseas was hired to complete the task and if we wanted to deal with someone who was not fluent in english we would have opted for a much cheaper service overseas. The content we submitted was never displayed how...

[Resolved] Direct Web Design / web designer

Mar 06, 2018

Hi everyone I got scammed $300 by this guy called ROMAN today! I'm going to cut an past an email which I received after I asked for a refund, I asked for a refund because it's been weeks and it's no we're nere finished and his trying to make me pay the other 50% of the money for an...

[Resolved] Direct Web Design / website design

Mar 02, 2018

Hi, I read a few complaints in your site and it feels like a deja-vie, and that is exactly what happened with me. The guy running Direct Web Design was hardly available. Whatever, I supplied for my website were either ignored or distorted. Communication with him is only via emails where he...

[Resolved] Direct Web Design / website design

Feb 25, 2018

This guy Roman appears lovely at first, until her gets all his money and then it was very hard to get hold of him. I have had to employ someone else to help finish off my website. This person has discovered that Roman had links going to incorrect pages, my paypal account was set up with...

[Resolved] Direct Web Design / web page design

Feb 17, 2018

I wrote a response in relation to the webpage being designed by Roman under the name of Mr Pee, It seems that somewhere in my complaint the word "stolen" has been inserted and if read ion conext is grammatically incorrect and not written by myself. I write again to clarify templates are...

[Resolved] Direct Web Design / cannot do the job promised

Jan 15, 2018

In October 2017 I was told in writing by this company they could design a certain website for me, I gave extensive instructions and they did some design but then towards the end started (December 2017) saying they were having some troubles and then I gave them other ways to handle it and...

[Resolved] Direct Web Design / web design

Jan 11, 2018

The company is based in India but has advertised to have offices all over Australia. However, when you try to call the customer service line there is just an automated message. Even if you leave a message you will never be called back! It seems that there is only one lonely Indian in the...

[Resolved] Direct Web Design / web page design

Oct 27, 2017

I had my webpage designed by Roman who at first seemed ok until you pay your money and then the service rapidly declines from that point forward. I wasn't satisfied with the product and requested the money back guarantee he offers, however was told once you received the webpage you are not...

[Resolved] Direct Web Design / web developer

May 30, 2017

This is the first time I have had to take time out and put through a complaint about a service, I am so appauled and digusted by how this company has treaded me and the unacceptable service they provided. Web developers name is Roman. I had hired him to design my e commerce site, this wa...