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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved their products are awful!

I have purchased a couple of products made by Belkin and have not been happy with either one. When I purchased a new laptop, I bought Belkin's Easy Transfer Cable to move files from my old computer to the new one. It was supposed to be plug-and-play, very simple. However, the old computer with Windows XP would not recognize the hardware of the cable. Despite the fact that the package, Belkin's website, and their customer service online chat insisted it would. Incidentally, the online chat customer service was of very little help. I never did get the cable to work. What prompted this complaint is the Belkin USB hub I've owned for about 6 months. It worked fine initially, but after a few months my computer wouldn't recognize any accessories I plugged into the hub. It would start to work again if I unplugged the hub and plugged it back in. Now, however, I can't get it to work at all. What a piece of junk for $20! I will not be buying anything made by Belkin in the future and I would strongly discourage anyone from purchasing their products!

  • Vo
    Vograle Dec 03, 2009

    Belkin is junk and they will not stand behind their product. Customer service is non exsistant. This junk is not worth taking home.

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Belkin makes cheap crappy products

I bought a 40$ wireless network card by belkin that constantly disconnects regardless of what I do or what drivers I use. I've e-mailed belkin numerous times about this and the only advice they give me is to install the latest drivers (which don't help at all). Don't bother, Belkin makes cheap crappy products (and shotty software).

The worst tech support I have experienced

I have been back and forth now for over two months now on line with their so- called tech support to replace a bad wireless network card...
It takes them at the very minimum three days to even get back with you, most of the time 5 days or more..., and then when they do, it is the usual crap, you have already filled out the complaint form, tell them what you have already done to correct the problem, and then they don't even bother to read your complaint and send you back their condescending official tech list of ### that anyone with half a brain has already tried..., and then they say they will replace the defective card... just follow the link...,
and when you get on their own website, and then somehow their own website doesn't even recognize their own product part or model numbers... and about 8 weeks later they email you and tell you to send them your address and shipping info, and they will fix the problem and they are so sorry, and then do absolutely nothing about it...
But ignore you...
And, I for one will not put up with this BS, and I will hound them until I die if that is what it takes...

They have to be the biggest POS computer company that I have ever had to dealt with... and considering the size of their corporation, tech support should be one of their major concerns !!!
Maybe if you are a corporate client, they might pay attention to you, but if you are an individual, they you are screwed...

I will never ever buy one of their products again, and I will make damn sure that any company that I am employed with will never purchase their products either !!!

  • St
    stevek93 Jun 17, 2010

    Ture, had a wireless card for my laptop from belkin a year back same story tech support was a horror story it seem like that i knew more than the tech support people anyways won't be buying from them again.

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Resolved Poor support

Unable to recover Address Book after upgrading computer using Belkin Easy Transfer cable. Though Contact Folder is in tact, Address Book is missing and fix proposed by Microsoft does not work - option is grayed out. Email search shows others have same problem. Wrote Belkin 3 times asking for help. no reply came back each time after about a week, and either needed more info, or blamed Microsoft. Though I am not happy with MS, Belkin is the Company selling product that should work. It does not.

Resolved Words can not explain how bad it is.

belkin is absolutely useless. Bought a brand new router to hopefully speed up my internet download, was told it was going to be 5 x faster. didnt work at all. Reconnected old router worked perfectly just slow no disconnection. I decided benefit of the doubt, took belkin router back and got another brand new one and after several hours trying to set it up. I called tech support and surprisingly enough I was able to talk to a human. Not much help though had to explain myself over and over, fixed up one problem and the person says you called about not connecting to internet now you have, your problem is solved, goodbye. But it wasnt solved it still did not work properly. 2 hours later I got it to work on all 4 computers that I have. The next day not connecting on 2 of them. One which is my business computer, which i bought brand new and it worked on my old router, but not on the belkin rubbish. Ive lost countless hours of work and IM VERY UPSET. I will never ever use belkin crap again.

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Resolved Fake &Lifetime& Warranty

I bought an accessory for a personal electronic device, a Palm pilot. It was a 4-pack of spare styluses. i am always losing the stylus no matter how careful i am. So a 4-pack seemed like a good idea. i went to my local STAPLES (good people!) and looked over the products. This item from Belkin says on the packaging that number one, it is PALM COMPATIBLE and number two, COMES WITH A BELKIN LIFETIME WARRANTY. So I figure I cannot lose, right? Wrong!
It has been about two years since the purchase and one of the styluses just snaps in two as I was using it. So i call the Corporate office listed on the package which is located in my state, California. I finally speak to someone in technical support which is also product warranty. The girl tells me that they no longer stock the styluses because the product (namely Palm Pilots) are no longer made.
So of course, I say yeah but what about the "Lifetime" Warranty?? It has been about two years and you print "Lifetime" right on the packaging. She tells me that is their company that if the product is discontinued they no longer stock the item. And I say, well O.K. but I bought this thing partly because of the product confidence I had when reading about your guarantee for "Lifetime".
She says, sorry but there is nothing she can do for me. So I make a suggestion that if she can't make good on the warrantee then I will accept a rebate or at the very least some kind of coupons for discounts for future Belkin products. She says no. I told her that it is so foolish for her (representing her company) to not make it good to me in some manner because she is creating negative experience for a customer! This does not move her. I throw in that I am not done, that there is a cost to putting the words "Lifetime Warranty" on your product and then what I view as behaving in "bad faith" I further suggest the the Better Business Bureau, State Department of Consumer Affairs might frown on this practice. And my last shot is to make it crystal clear that I will complain to that agency and the first thing that they will ask me is if I have CONTACTED THE MANUFACTURER DIRECTLY to seek a resolution to the matter and that I will tell them yes, i made contact but to no satisfaction.
I went back to Staplesto complain because they carry hundreds of Belkin items throughout the store. i told my story and let the facts show what ### those uncaring corporate cust. (DIS- )service persons really are. I was surprised to find so many complaints about Belkin. Mine is just one more.

  • Rm
    rm2137 Mar 22, 2010

    I have the same issue with a Belkin "lifetime" Leather Flip Case for my Palm. Their website is set up so as to make it impossible to notify them and an email to them generates the following response:
    Thank you for your email.
    In order to improve service, Belkin has changed the way Customer Service requests are processed.
    In order to request assistance from the Customer Service Team please submit all requests using the link below:
    But the link takes you right back to the page that requires, among other things, a model number. I have the original packaging showing this number, but they "cannot identify" this number. "Lifetime Warranty" is supposed to have useful meaning but here it is a bald-face LIE.

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Resolved They suck

The belkin router stinks. i use dsl on my computer.. i installed the belkin router for $40, so that my daughter can use her wireless computer. when i installed the router it slowed my computer down quite a bit and refused to allow the java scripts from working at all. as soon as i removed the router it all went back to working properly. i contacted belkin over a week ago and all they can say is that their company complaint department closes at a certain time and will contact me within a couple of days. i am still waiting. their company stinks cause they take your money and give you no product or support for the product. they ar liars. i will search for another router to install but it wont be a belkin ever again. it will not allow my wife to play her games it's not my computer cause she stays on it most of the time. when she complains i get headaches.

  • Sj
    Sjwal38 May 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They Suck great [censor] !!

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Resolved Problems, problems, problems

The other day, I signed-up to a new broadband package. Along with it was included a Belkin Wireless router. Since I had never set-up a router before, I had no idea where to start and the instructions offered nothing beyond getting the router plugged into the mains and the ISP had helpfully gone as far as to stuff the router through my letter-box. So, I decided to ring Belkin Technical Support. When the phone picks-up, I find myself with a heavily accented west-asian man who I can barely understand to the point where I had to ask him to repeat the sentence 3 times or to spell out certain words. After having spent a good 45 minutes on the phone and having gotten nowhere (it seemed that he couldn't address the problem immediately either since we started-off solving a password problem with "is the router switched on?" suggesting he was probably using somesort of script or had absolutely no knowledge about the product what so ever) we finally (seemed) to have reached the problem. I needed to obtain a password from my ISP in order to gain access to the internet. After I had put the phone down, it suddenly came to me that the stupid t*** probably thought I was trying to use a wireless router with a dial-up which is impossible and that the password I needed was not set yet and was there to protect the internet settings. If the guy at the other end actually had the first idea as to what was needed and a comprehensible accent, I would have spent only 10 minutes if not less solving the problem.

  • Ps
    psymon1980 Sep 22, 2009

    Im rather let down by the fact that Belkin dont offer technical support with people with linux Os, this is not really acceptable concidering that the website and manual clearly state that linux is compatable with Belkin, kinda suggests anyone can buy a belkin product, but when it comes to help they have no help to offer, shocking,

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Resolved Poor customer service

I have had internet in my apartment for approximately 1 week through Suddenlink Cable. I have had no problems. I purchased a Belkin Wireless G Router, F5D7230-4, so we could have a wireless connection. We hooked up the router and both laptops were connected to the internet. Until...I decided to security enable our router connection. That is when everything went wrong. I inserted the setup assistant CD into my laptop. I went into security, followed all the steps as stated on the CD. From that point on, we had no internet connection. I called the toll free tech support number, [protected], today, July 24, 2008. I was on the phone with the first representative for approximately 45 minutes and the second representative for about 15 minutes. Neither one of the representatives were able to get me back online using the router and also being security enabled. I felt like after a hour on the phone, that the problem should have been resolved. One problem I had with the two representatives, they didn't speak so I could understand what they were saying, the other being that they were very impatient, I would tell them the page that they were trying to get me on hadn't loaded yet. I have never had such rude technical support. If this is the support that you get through Belkin, I don't want any part of it. The task I wanted to accomplish is to get my router connection security enabled. No one accomplished this task. It seems to be like it should be a simple matter. But two of your reps were unable to help me. The customer service you get through Belkin STINKS! I would like some feedback in this matter. Thanks!

Resolved Poor quality service and bad quality products !

I bought multiple Belkin Wireless Modem routers and belkin wirelesss usb adapters and everyone I have had so far like ive had 5 or more have been POOR QUALITY. One of them kept overheating and belkin at first thought I was just joking I think they didnt take my call seriously and now ive' got a Belkin wireless N modem router and a Belkin N usb adapater the connection drops out like at leasst twice a day how perfedict, ive called Belkin everytime I speak to someone who knows less about the proudct and compouters in generall than myslef i'm only 18 and I go to tafe doing computer course they should no more than me i'm not qualified yet however i seem to be more helpful than they do. They are very rude, aragent, unhelpful, they dont take their customers calls seriously enough, they can't speak very good englsih i;m not being racist but its just the truth and they need retraining they dont know enough to be working at a technical support centre which specialises in computers and technology/networking.




  • Cr
    Cruzan Aug 13, 2009

    I never received my item, and my credit card was charged!

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  • Tw
    twiztid1979 Jan 20, 2010

    My biggest problem with them, is(before you put in your head the word rascism)DOn't...i have had 2 of their products..and had to call because that disc they give you is worthless.The first time i called them a western indian picks up with such a heavy accent i could not understand him.He talked to me like he is the only one on earth that knows about computers...He is telling me stuff and i repeadidly have to ask him huh...well he just says it louder...i said i can hear you fine i can't understand your foreign accent.on and on this went till i got what i needed finnally after 2hrs and hang up on him as soon as i know i got what i came i bought another 1 disk again CRAP ..had to call some chinese i"m assuming picks up outta 100 words she was triing to say i could only understand like 5...i told her to get me on the phone with someone i can understand, she still wont shut up, i had to get loud and i said i am a american i speak english and your accent is so far from mine you cant help, , finnally she put me thru, , , guess...another western indian, well i could understand at least enuff to what i needed although there was alot of whats and huhs i finnally got thru...i needed to call them back to set my wireless up to secure, , , and low and behold another non speaking fluent english aragant westener again i need to not tell you the rest, , i had to eat 2 xanaxes to calm me down...MY vote for this country is if you are an american our english whetjer be black white or so on..we shouldnt have to talk to people that CAN speak english but their accent is so drawn out its not even a form of english anymore, , Whatever and so and so on, , , i see immegrants working drive thru that we cant understand each other...if you cant speak our native tongue put them in the back..same senario if i went to another non english country and triied to learn their language my english accent would make me a target to be told stfu, , thats my rant.havent had trouble outta the product, but just saying its almost nerve saving to do hrs of triing to figure it out then to request their help...

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  • Dj
    djhb77 Jan 21, 2010

    I totally agree we need more Aussies in this Country at help centres especially sorry if your not aussie but it's easier to understand them because of being the same nationality.

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  • Dj
    djhb77 Jan 21, 2010

    I believe call centers need to up there standards as well wouldn't you agree ?

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  • Mo
    mozerfukr Aug 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You guys can't even spell!!!??? You should be ashamed LOL

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  • Mo
    mozerfukr Aug 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    4 out of 4 failure rate on their routers (that's 100%)! That's my experience!
    I called the Support line and once we tried the Router on my PC and on my Laptop, the tech guy gave up and said that the Router was faulty!
    They gave me a case # ------------------------ this long.
    I asked, will I get a replacement unit if I quote this case #?
    They said "YES SIR, someone will call you later..."
    No one called!
    I called them and they said my case was with the Networking DPT and they're handling the replacement of the unit!
    Guess what???? They asked me to Trouble-Shoot AGAIN!!!
    What a bunch of clowns!!!
    I told the chief techie that I won't be trouble-shooting AGAIN because I ALREADY HAD A CASE # for the replacement unit!!! Idiots!!!
    Then, they said "you are not being cooperative?". At the end they said "for replacement of under warranty units (which mine is by the way), I needed to call the local agent for a replacement. The case # is just a waste of time and a smoke screen LOL!!!
    Why on earth do they give you a CASE # after confirming that the router was [email protected]#%'t and still nag you more about trouble-shooting? Poor communication "excuse the pun!" Well so it seems? Router is OUT and staff definitely OUT of order! Useless!

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Resolved Bad service

ROUTERS, USB PRODUCTS, COMPUTER PRODUCTS. If you purchase anything from BELKIN and need tech support you will be transfered to INDIA or in a rare case to California to a very heavy Hispanic voice that I could barely understand. THE HOLD TIME ALWAYS is a minimum of 45 minutes. I called on a weekenight around 10 pm and I asked what took so long to answer the phone and the reply was TODAY IS A SPANISH HOLIDAY. Most time I was hung up on because they were mad that I could not understand them. We are in big trouble as far as Consumer Products. First and foremost refuse to buy these products. I called D-Link Wireless Products and spoke with a clear understanding person and they said call us back if you have any problems with our products and you will get american speaking customer service.Think before you buy or better yet call the customer service number /Tech number on the box and see what happens before you buy.