Diamond Resortstimeshare


My husband and I originally bought our timeshare from Kaanapali Maui. We paid over 40 thousand dollars and went through escrow for the property, which was paid in full. It was supposed to have a set yearly timeshare fee. Every year they would tack on additional improvement fees that were from 1500 to over 3000 dollars. It was insane! Then Diamond resorts bought it out and set there would be set fees and no more extra fees. That if we wanted to bank our week it would pay that years dues. Since 2012 I have tried to bank the week in exchange for the dues to no avail. I have paid the fees every year. Now I received a letter that they are foreclosing on me, and that I haven't been paying the fees. I have proof from my bank of every payment. The bills that have been coming the last few years have different account numbers, so it looks like the money has been going into different accounts. They are giving me the runaround. They want me to pay almost 4000 dollars in back fees now. I think they just plan on foreclosing and I will be out all of this money that I paid!! Can't we sue them for all this fraud I see them perpetrating on so many owners? There should be a class action suit against them!!

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