Diamond Resortsleadership

C Jan 02, 2020

This is to inform you of the disappointment that comes from your Orlando Call Center. It's disheartening at what goes on, what you allow for certain people and not others. Kiara Beal should be investigated for attendance and production. She's constantly late, she calls out and her supervisor puts in time she doesn't have or changes her time clock to show she's on time. Kiara brags on the floor about it. She calls out the day before or after a holiday and is still paid, gets time off she doesn't have, lies about death in her family just to get paid and get the time off all with her supervisor knowing. How do you call yourself a reputable company and allow such favoritism. She has been there over a year and has only hit commission once back in March 2018 and you still allow her to keep her job, but others are termed. Due to this favoritism, I have left this company but feel for the ones who are still being let go who actually produce but yet you keep Kiara because she's cool with Chris Owens. Get it together and treat everyone the same

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