Diamond Resorts Internationalsampler package

N Sep 02, 2019

On the first day that my husband and I had been on a vacation in over 10yrs, we were asked to go to a timeshare seminar and for our 2 hrs worth of time we could choose an option of complimentary tickets, but we had to put a deposit down. Right there, we should have walked out. We were finally brought into a room where there were several tables and "agents" meeting with couples. The music was so loud that I could barely hear what the "agent" was saying. They wanted to put me into debt for the rest of my life and children's. They then bring out the sampler. It has now been 4 hours of our vacation that they have taken away from us and holding us hostage because we just wanted the $50 deposit back. We just wanted to leave and felt if we agreed to the sampler we could get on with our vacation. I finally had a chance to look at the locations and noticed SO MANY extra fees and no close resorts that it really is a scam when I was told there are hundreds of resorts around the country. I had to search for the number to cancel and of course they don't make it easy. I unfortunately contacted them 1 day too late to cancel.

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