Diamond Resorts Internationalpressured into buying; fake promises & no contact.

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I went to the stratosphere the ending of June 2017 with my family where these people approached us and pressured us into signing up for this "tour" of a resort. They refused to let us walk away until we signed their paper and handed over a credit card. The original lady even followed us to make sure that we signed the paper with her coworkers. The next day we went on the "tour" that was supposed to only be an hour long and they promised us all these free travel packages and tickets to see a live show when we were done. They had 4-5 different people talking to us about all these things and how good it was and refused to let us leave; not to mention they drove us there so we had no idea how to even get back to our hotel which was miles away. We signed what we had to in order to leave and they finally let us go. We called them the next day saying that we couldn't use our tickets because they let us out too late and that we were over it because we were already going back home to Hawaii. They said to hold on a few days and that they would send us our welcome packet & information on a credit card that they signed us up for. We waited, sent several emails and left multiple voice mails on different phone numbers. No one ever got back to us. Finally at the ending of August a lady talked to me (instead of a recording or automated menu to press this number and that number) who transferred me to 2 different departments so that I could file a complaint about not receiving any information about their services or the credit card. A few days later a different lady emailed me saying that there was no way that they could cancel our contract or refund any of our money because we signed the contract and didn't cancel within the 5 "cooling off" day period. I told her that we were forced to sign the contract in order to leave and that I've been trying to contact them for the past 2 months and no one calls or emails me back. Everytime I went on their website there was an error. I told her the company is fraudulent and we got scammed and ripped off. The only thing diamond resorts international is capable of doing is forcing you into these "contracts" and then leaving you stranded with bogus phone numbers, email addresses and websites so that you can't get out of it. It's been over 2 months and I still haven't received the "welcome packet" with our "member number" and we don't even know what company this credit card is with. I'm sure I'm even late on a payment to that fake credit card company too. This company definitely ruined my first trip to Las Vegas. They wasted an hour of my night pressuring me into signing up for their "tour" when I was just trying to look at the stratosphere for the first time with my family. Then they wasted 4 hours of my last full day of my vacation for the "tour" that was only supposed to be an hour in which I was forced to sign their contract just to be able to leave the room.


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    sujana D Dec 02, 2019

    I had the same worst experience . when I checked into the green point hotel in Orlando Florida, the person who is sitting near the front desk wasted my time and told will offer some free cruise tickets if I attend this one hour meeting the next day. When I attended the meeting they literally forced me to sign the contract, even with out reading it properly and they told that with the sampler agreement I can book international flight tickets. And When I called them to book the tickets, they said sampler agreement is only to book hotels and cannot be used for airfare. They totally fooled me. I clearly remember them saying for travel fare .I called the customer service, they addressed this issue to the sales lead . The sales lead who spoke to me was very rude over phone and said that I can proceed legally if I have to cancel the contract. This is a very annoying situation. They need to take action against this nonsense and it even ruins the reputation of the hotels which have this concierge teams.

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