Diamond Resorts Internationalnot resolving my complaint

T Aug 17, 2018

To whom it may concern,
We recently attended a time share demonstration at diamond Resorts in Maui,
We unfortunatly purchased on the day now with great regret.
Since coming back to Australia we have had only but problems that we cannot resolve, we were promised that we would have all the help we needed when we got back that we would be contacted by someone to further explain how to use our points, how to search and book holidays, to go on line and show us how to do all this and for anything else that we needed to know.
Well we are still waiting for someone!! We were told we would get a member number that would help to do all this stuff in the mail but that still hasnt arrived.
Initially we didnt complain about no one getting in touch with us because we thought they would call eventually. What our intial complaint was about was our payments. We didnt want to pay on our credit card because of the high fees we wanted to transfer the money into your accounts, so l got in touch with Karen Sargent and emailed asking for info to do this, she sent me some forms from finance department that we couldnt understand, so l emailed back to let her that we couldnt understand what to do and she gave me number to contact them so we did that and they didnt know what we were talking about, so l emailed her back and told her they couldnt help me. So this was not resolved, so then l emailed a complaint to a William McCoy with our concerns and l got an email back that someone would be in touch.
l then received an email from an Eric Arango to try and resolve this, so he finally called me and we spoke on the phone and l voiced my concerns that we have not been treated very respectfully as we thought we would be, and we are not happy at all and we no longer want to continue with the purchase of this timeshare as we have felt that we have been mislead, so we didnt resolve anything over the phone.
We then received an email from Anthony Bayles on behalf of Karen Sargent and Eric Arango with information on how to pay my fees with an Australian contact which we asked about and was told there wasnt one!!
So l emailed Anthony back the same email l originally sent to William McCoy with our complaints and concerns and that it just wasnt just about the money anymore, and we have not heard back from him, l sent another email a few days later and as yet have had no response from Anthony Bayles.
Now l received another email from Karen Sargent that l would be getting call from your finance department, about our payments.
We got the call from your finance department and we told the lady on the phone that l have emailed my concerns and that we have had no response from anyone one and we wont be paying for anything.
So at this point we have had enough and no longer want to continue with this purchase.
Waiting for a reply, or will be taking this matter further.

Terry and Vicki Gioftsis
email; [protected]

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