Designer Shoe Warehouse [DSW]unfair /unethical treatment

S Sep 05, 2018

Tuesday, 9/4 around 1:30 PM EST I had a wardrobe malfunction during the work day with one of my shoes where the stitching let go and the sole separated from the upper. As a frequent shopper of DSW, I went in to buy a new pair to replace the ones I was wearing. An hour and a half later I made my selection and went to check out. Noticing the man ahead of me in the line had his new shoes on and old ones in the box, I thought that was a great idea, I stepped out of the line and put mine on as well reliving myself of my embarrassing shoes. Back in the line, I watched the man with his shoes on check out and leave.. My turn came, the woman opened my box saw my old shoes, asked where are the new ones. I said on my feet. She said she would need to inspect them. I responded, they are fine, she then insisted I remove them so she could confirm the size. I again said they are, then I asked about the gentleman before me, now holding up the line, she insisted I remove them for inspection.. I ended up taking them off and leaving them on the counter having to put on my damaged shoes and left time wasted! I was very upset and felt I was treated unfairly. There was a picture of the shoes on the box if she was worried about theft, NOT that she should have been. But I think that was just rude.. To embarrass me that way... I won't shop at that location again!

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