Dave & Buster’squality of your food

J Aug 11, 2018

Me and my husband travel and we have been to several of your restuarants. They are fun and entertaining, but the one issue that we have had every time is the food. Its either dry, cold, or just not good. We keep trying but it doesn't get better. When we first started going to Dave & Busters the food was great. Portions, taste, and fun. Its was a sports bar theme and when u changed that so did ur food. On my most recent trip (8-8-18 around 7 pm in Abany N.Y.) the apps were more of a fancy restuarants than a sports bar it was cold. The entre was so bad we sent it back. The games are fun but the food isn't worth traveling for. I sure hope it gets better. I look forward to hearing from you.

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