Dave & Busterscoupon/consumer fraud

We went to D&B with the kids because we received Free $20 with $20 purchase coupons. The kids also had gift cards they wanted to cash in so we decided on a family evening. We arrived and they accepted my son's coupon but when my daughter presented hers we were told "only 1 coupon per customer". Duh, I told the cashier that each one of us is a customer. She then proceeded to tell me that the coupon was not valid because my son used it. I showed her the text of the coupon and it did not specify any restrictions. I also mentioned that this is considered consumer fraud. A policeman was there and stood behind us, sensing we were going to make a scene. We never were treated this way at D&B before. A phone call to the company's headquarters was not returned. A complaint and possible lawsuit will be filed against the company.


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