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My friends and I were at Dave and Busters celebrating a birthday when this ###ed Manager (first name Alan) came up to us at the bar and told us to pay our tab and meet him up front. He was so scared to explain his action that he had to get another manager to explain to us that with 10 people we had 17 drinks within a 2 hour time frame and that was considered too much. We explained to him that we are frequent customers of the establishment that this manager has been harassing us every time we go there on Thursday nights. This other manager on duty did not want to hear what we were telling him and just walked away. After he paid for the bill and walked to the front to meet (Alan) he never showed up. We waited for about 15 minutes and then went back to find him at the Midway bar asking some other customer to take a survey and give him a good review or something. In exchange he will give that person a game card filled with credits. When we approached him and ask if he was ever going to meet us up front as he had requested he said "God Bless" and walked away like a baboon. Needless to say corporate should be expecting a call from me.


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    SAD-1 May 18, 2014

    On Saturday, May 17th, I went to Dave and Buster with family. My first time there. There was one waiter waiting on people on one side. When I took my wallet out to minutes my bill, I took my debit card out and paid the bill. I laid my wallet down on the counter and didn't realize that I didn't put it back in my bag...two and I realized I left it on the counter...2 minutes and it was gone. Strange, there was not one behind me when I was paying my bill...you had to look real hard to see the wallet because it was the same color as the menus...black...so how does a wallet disappear in two minutes???? Top it off, I gave the water a $6 tip but when I later looked at my receipt he had already added the tip in the cost of my food. I ask myself how does a wallet disappear in two minutes and there are no cameras around the bar? Now, I have the pain of cancelling all my cards, get new ID and I won't be going to Dave & Busters anymore in Bethesda, Maryland. They could have taken the $4 and change I had in the wallet but left my IDs and other cards for me. Just utterly ridiculous and I hope whoever took it fall to some bad happenings!!!

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