Complaints & Reviews

Dental Cleaning

As a recent member of the AARP United Health Medicare Advantage plan, I wanted to take advantage of that plan's dental coverage. In particular, I wanted to have my teeth cleaned. I had just recently visited my "regular" dentist for a checkup, which included a full set of X-Rays as well as an examination (for which I paid cash). I called their office and made an appointment for February 6 for a cleaning. After arriving, I completed their check-in documentation and was then directed to one of their examination rooms. The hygienist then informed me that she was about to take X-Rays of my teeth. I informed her that I had just had a full set of X-Rays within the past month and I didn't wish to be irradiated again. She told me that she couldn't clean my teeth unless I agreed to have X-Rays and to have the dentist give me an examination. I then left the office. Is this office trying to rip-off United Health by performing unnecessary procedures? Why should United Health pay for something that the patient doesn't ask for and doesn't need? I don't think that you should have to have a complete set of X-Rays to have your teeth cleaned. When I questioned the dentist, Dr. Martinez, he told me that they could be sued for malpractice if I didn't have a complete exam and set of X-Rays before the cleaning. This doesn't sound right to me and it is upsetting to me to think that they may be trying to amp-up their services in an effort to bill United Health for more money. Thank you.