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Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] review: incorrect registration fee billing since 2017

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Good day

My name is Tamryn van Harte I have been liaising with Damelin since 2017 with regard to an R500 that is reflected on a statement for registration that they claim has not been paid. I have sent mails to various accounts staff after receiving calls to get this resolved but as soon as my mails have been sent then no-one responds until a few months later. This as continued to 2018 and is now almost a year after this initial nonsense. I eventually requested information for a senior individual because the accounts section at Damelin were now threatened to blacklist the student (who did not pay for this course because I sponsored her) and I was given the details for Dale Faulmann. I then mailed Dale and a Regional manager named Debora Mobilyn. I received on reply from Deborah on 05 September 2018 claiming that she will discuss this matter with Dale and get back to me - I have not heard from her since, despite numerous mails to Dale. I received on reply from Dale on 07 September claiming that he was discussing this with head office and he will come back to me as soon as possible. Again I have not heard from Dale since. I have copied the mails I have sent to Dale since 05 September. Aside from the below mails sent to Dale, I sent him a further 10 or so mails on 05 September as evidence of me trying to fix this situation with the accounts department and how I had enquired about this R500 prior to the student even starting the course and because it was reflected on my original invoice even though I had paid this registration fee of R500 on the website "ahead" of getting an invoice from Damelin. I went on the Damelin website a little while ago and the system is exactly the same and automatically requests a R500 payment which is then deducted from my credit card. I did not receive a proof of payment other than the fee reflected on my bank statement which I have also sent to Dale and numerous people at Damelin - YET somehow - no-one can see how this is an error on there side. In my mail to the Damelin consultant upon processing full payment for the course, the consultant informs me that I should ignore the R500 on the invoice because I have already paid the R500 registration. months later I find out that Damelin cannot find the R500 and since then in 2017 I have been trying to get someone to fix this and no-one does a thing and then in turn they have the audacity to threaten to start blacklisting procedures. What surprised me the most was that both Dale and Deborah were "discussing this between 05 and 07 September as per correspondence" yet when the accounts person from Damelin called the student once more on 11 October for this fee, this person told the student that there is nothing on the system indicating that there is an investigation in place. This person then requested that the student send her all the mails that I had sent to Dale and who knows what happened with that.
I hope someone is able to assist me to get this resolved so that I can forget this horrible experience with Damelin.

Below you will find all details and student numbers etc
Email on [protected]
Name Tamryn Van Harte

Email sent to Dale Faulmann on 05 September 2018
Good day Dale

I am contacting with regard to an incorrect balance that is featured on my account statement of R500.00 since 2017.

Somehow, it is not possible for your accounts department to resolve the issue. The account number is [protected] (Student: Megan Appel)

I registered Megan for the Events short course in 2017. I was prompted on the Damelin website to register online and then provide card details for the immediate R500.00 deduction. This was then processed and no proof of payment was received. What I have received, is what I have already sent through to numerous people at Damelin and everyone I speak to say that they can see it and understand but a few months later I have to deal with the same issue with a new person.

I have explained the above to the consultant and according to me it was handled. This was until I received a call from Odile in your accounts department in December 2017. I then explained it all and she didnt even bother to reply once she had received all the information via email. I then received a further call via the student and again I had to correspond with Odile in February 2016, to which she still has not bothered to reply.

I would like to understand why I would be insisting on providing Damelin with information about the R500.00 deduction and then process the full balance of the payment when the course was confirmed and invoiced, but I have not according to Damelin paid a R500.00 and thought countless people are involved - NOT ONE person can resolve this.

I have now been informed that a full year later the student is still being called and was advised that she will now be blacklisted.

Who do I need to speak to at Damelin to get this resolved?

I will forward you a series of mails so that you are able to see the email exchange with the various people in Damelin FOR A R500.00!

I have reattached the proof of payments. You will see the one is a screenshot of my bank statement and on the 19 August 2017 was a deduction "SagePay Parklands - R500.00" and the other is the EFT processed after being invoiced for the balance.

Email sent to Dale Faulmann on 18 September 2018
Hi Dale

Further to the below correspondence, as predicted Megan Appel has now received a call from a Damelin representative by the name of Shireen Sass requesting the payment of the R500.00. Again Megan has explained that I am liaising with the Finance manager and general Manager but the representative is only interested in querying the R500.00. Which again goes to the root of my problem, no-one has tried to understand a basic system deduction though repeatedly explained but all calls refer to only collection of the R500.00.

Please can you tell me what the further steps are that I can take to get this resolved to avoid anyone being penalized incorrectly.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Email sent to Dale Faulmann on 22 October 2018
Good morning Dale

I have last sent you a mail on the 18 September (copying in Debora and everyone relevant to my issue) and have received no reply one month later, only an out of office message stating that you are out of the office until 12 October.

Today is the 22 October and I will be due to receive another statement soon so I would like to know if this amount has been removed so that this ridiculous saga can reach an end.

I have to date furnished you with every piece of information and correspondence that you could possibly need to rectify this situation but sadly it seems that since your last email on 07 September, you have been unable to do so.

Please update me on this status ASAP!

If you are unable to solve this problem please can you direct me to the person that will be in a position to correct this.



The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

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