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Ur Feb 28, 2019

I went to dinner this past Sunday (02/24/19) with two of my friends. We ordered a total of 3 Texas sized frozen cocktails and our respective meals. As We were nearing the end of our meal and I was getting to the end of my cocktail I noticed something in my glass. Upon further inspection I discovered it was a broken piece of plate. Our server brought the check over and I asked if were possible to speak with a manager. After waiting 15-20 minutes the manager arrived at our table. My friend politely explained the situation and the manager asked me "What would I like for him to do? Did I want an ambulance called or my drinks comp?" I told him I would like my drinks comped. He asked to see our bill and then told me he would comp my drink. I told him "Sir in light of the situation I would like all the drinks comped. He then replied very rudely, I cannot do that and stormed off. I was very upset at being treated as such because I found something that could cause me bodily harm in my drink. Not to mention getting that kind of service at an eatery located in the heart of one of the major cities in the world.

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