Credit Central, LLCthe employees harassing me and my family


I work rotating 12 hour shifts and get paid every 2 weeks. The rent and lights come out of one check and the other bills come out of the other one. Until recently they have worked with me. But not so much now. I had worked overtime and was suppose to have overtime on my check but i didnt get paid for it. My employer is putting it on my next check. Which the rent and lights came out of this check. Which left me with enough money to put gas in my car to get to work on. So i couldnt pay this months payment on time. I explained everything and told them i could pay 2 payments if i could pay it when i get paid again. They have called 3 and 4 times a day since i tlked to them 2 days ago. I keep telling them ill pay it when i get paid. But i cant always answer the phone because im at work. So they harrass my family to the point that they have asked them not to call them anymore. Now they say we need more refrences. I dont have anymore and to be honest i wouldnt if i did. Because they harrass the refrences just as bad or more than they do me. Please stop all the calling. Leave a message and give us a chance to call back before you go down the list of refrences. I have witnessed this first hand. I have been in the office on several occasions and seen them call someone only to not get a answer they leave a voice mail, hang up and strat calling the refrences trying to get ahold of them. The refrences tell them they are not there or they are at work. They say have them call the office. What do they not care if they make you loose your job because they are calling you at work. Well how they gonna get their money if they make you loose your job. Stop the harrassing phone calls all day long.

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