Credit Central, LLCinvasion of privacy

S May 08, 2018

I want to file a complaint against your company. I have an account with our local office in Fort Payne, Al. I've had a good relationship with them for about 3 years now, until they got this new lady. I got behind on my payment. I was 12 days late. This person came to my house, and told my husband about my account. He is NOT on my loan, and other loan companies I deal with won't even talk to even a family member about my loan. This loan is private, and he didn't know I got one. I'm so mad right now, I'm wanting to consult with my uncle. (Attorney). Thanks, credit central, for blabbing my business to my husband. I had no issue with her coming out to my house. But she should have spoken to me. I'm the loan holder. Invasion of privacy!

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