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Hello, I have a Craftsman 10" Table Saw model number 137.248830. This saw cost me about $180. I bought it to do some work on my old house, since then it has been in storage. I have always had trouble with this saw making square cuts and so I decided to try to align it so that I can use it for wood projects.

I have followed the alignment procedure in the manual and it turns out that this saw is sooo far out of alignment that the alignment screws won't turn far enough to align the saw blade and there seems to be no way to adjust it further. It seems to me that the dentition of a table saw is a device that cuts wood squarely. This unit is an utter failure since it is incapable of performing even the most basic job called upon a table saw.

I have tried to get help from Sears but they referred me to another number for repairs who told me I would have to pay them at least $90.00 for a technician, which is half the price of the saw. This repair line isn't even with Sears, but is an outsourced company. I asked them if they at least have a customer support/technician number so I can talk to someone on the phone regarding this. They said 'no' and referred me to a website that only has manuals and doesn't answer technical questions.

I think there should be a new definition for Craftsman: tools that are completely incapable of doing the job made by a company that just doesn't care.


I purchased a Craftsman Model#[protected] Serial# 754712521268C approx. 2 years ago. It worked for 1/2 the first winter. Mechanically it was fine. The outside of this snowblower is made of hard plastic and the scapper blade has broken twice which requires the entire housing that incases the motor to be replaced. Sears repair says they have had this problem on lots of these snowblowers but there has been no recall issued so they want to charge $232.00 each time it breaks. I have paid for this to be fixed twice so I could have bought a new snow blower already. This is not acceptable. This is a defective product and I want a new all steel unit or my$ 400.00 back. I will keep after Sears management untill they do something to make this right. I am in sales and this kind of thing is what I do om a daley basis. I am going to bring my defective snowblower back to Sears Oakbrook and tell everyone in the store not to buy thier defective crap. It will be on full display so everyone can see just what Sears is trying to get away with. I have purchased quite a few appliances from Sears over the years and now that all comes to an end because of the crappy service I have recieved.

Lifetime warranty scam

I broke a craftsman "professional" magnetic screw guide. It costs all of about 6 dollars brand new. I tried to return it under the Craftsman lifetime unlimited hand tool warranty. Sears hardware tried telling me it is not a hand tool??? Well it certainly is not a power tool! Left in disgust went to another Sears. Was told oh that is a high impact item so that has no warranty??? That was the whole reason I went to Craftsman in the first place and didnt spend more on a Dewalt was for the warranty! Drive to Sears number 3 and was told "Craftsman lifetime warranty is no longer honored like it was before. Since KMart has bought them out they have become really cheap." So basically from what I get is really Craftsamn is KMart now? Wow wasnt there a reason they went bankrupt??? Anybody want to buy a huge load of Craftsman tools? They have a lifetime warranty of convenience! So mad I ever bought ANY of their tools now. Im sure I will be back when I try to replace my broken craftsman shovel.

  • Wo
    woodrench Dec 30, 2010

    Had the exact same situation happen today. I just raised hell until they gave me a new one.

    Mine was a compact screw guide. Was told it was a power tool.

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  • Jk
    JKDE Jan 26, 2011

    Same type situation here. A manager tells me my Craftsman snow shovel is not a stick tool so it's not warranteed. Had to prove it with their own warranty site. When manager went on line and found it, he tried to hide it from me. It is disgusting that a place like Sears treats their customers like dirt.

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  • Sd
    Sdevlin Apr 06, 2011

    actually i believe craftsman has never applied their Lifetime Warranty to ANY drill bit, insert bit etc. Basically if it attaches to a power drill or the tool is expected to break (insert bits) or get dull (drill bit) then its not covered. imagine how much money they would loose if every insert bit they ever sold could be replaced once you have stripped it out...
    Rule of thumb is to look at the package, EVERY tool that is covered under their well known lifetime warranty has an emblem that says guaranteed forever on the front or a statement of the warranty on the back
    "craftsman Full Lifetime warranty: if this product ever fails during normal use return it to any craftsman outlet for a free REPAIR or REPLACEMENT"
    If you do not see this it is NOT COVERED.

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Paid and never completed our fence

We had a contract to complete our wood fence that they did not honor. Craftsman Fence and Deck Dallas took...

Craftsman Fence & Deck Co.

2 of them did not work and were hazards

On 10-13-09 my boyfriend and I went to the Westgate Mall in Amarillo, TX to Sears in order to purchase a brand new 18 in gas powered Craftsman chainsaw. I did just that, verify salescheck # [protected]. We traveled the 20 miles home only to find that the new saw leaked oil bar oil like a sieve and would not remain running. We made the 20 mile trip back to town to exchange the saw, a disappointing and frustrating incident for the time wasted and the gas used in making a 40 mile round trip. We went to exchange the saw BUT I also wanted a replacement for the $4.99 can of premix fuel we had put into the defective chainsaw...apparently there was a problem with that since the cashier said an opened item could not be exchanged or replaced...the ITEM was open because it was IN the product we had to bring back. The cashier attempted twice to get a manager to make an appearance in order to ok this procedure...the manager never showed up. The cashier did an exchange on the saw verify salescheck #[protected] and also a replacement for the premix gas verify salescheck #[protected]. As you might guess, I was not about to drive 20 miles to the boyfriends house only to find a problem with THIS saw so we went to your automotive garage where the gentlemen working there were EXTREMELY nice and helpful...apparently they understand customer service? Anyhow, once again the saw leaked oil everywhere and not only did it not remain running well but TWICE the chain actually came off the bar...if you have ANY clue as to how chainsaws work, you will realize this is a safety issue? Being totally disgusted with Craftsman at this point, we took the saw back and got a cancellation on my credit card for the purchase of the saw, verify salescheck # [protected]. I did not even ATTEMPT to retrieve the $4.99 for the can of premix fuel in the SECOND saw since it took an act of Congress to get the first one replaced. I filled out the feedback form, and not in a positive way which was on one of the receipts and got a call from someone saying he was a manager at the Amarillo store, although not the department (Home and Garden) where this incident occured. He called me on 10-17-09 and I told him what I am writing you. He apologized but that was about it. Being a "follow-up" kind of gal, I went back to Sears last week, 10-19 or 10-20 to see what, if anything had happened. There were two big signs on the doors to the bays of the automotive shop warning non-employees not to enter. Apparently the chat with the manager got those automotive employees in trouble for trying to assist me? We went to the gentleman who had sold us the original saw and my boyfriend asked him, "I suppose you heard about the problems with the chainsaw we bought here last week"? and the cashier looked perplexed and had not heard a word. I am assuming no investigation or follow up was done there either? Seeing as someone, myself or my boyfriend, could have been seriously injured, and for sure we were not thrilled with the product, I was just expecting a little more other than chastizing the few employees who attempted to help us.

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bad quailty control

I received a Stainless Tool Box brand new from Sears on July 3, 2017. I sent an email about this issue the same day and have not heard back fron Sears. On the Craftsman website it says that they will respond in 24 hours. It's been almost 1 month with no response.

There are many issues with the tool box I received.

Bad Quality Control.

1. There is a ding on top of the box.

2. The Craftsman logo was broken on the left side. It was hanging.

3. There is a noticeable spot weld showing on the right side towards the bottom.

4. There is a big dent above the handle on the right side top left.

5. The sticker on the front left is the wrong sticker. It should say " Ball Bearing" not Ball Bearing, Grip Latch". This is not the "Grip Latch" model.

This should have been sold as a "seconds" or "slighty damaged". I paid for a new tool box. This looks like a "C Conditon Model".

It took me about 26 days to receive this tool box. I do not want to return this box. It would be to much of a hassle to return the box. This item does show out of stock on the website. I do not want to wait another 26 days plus how ever long it will take to receive another tool box.

  • Do
    Don Snyder Mar 23, 2007

    Sears Store 2311 N State Rd 3
    Greensburg In. 47240

    This Sears Outlet on a regular Basis never has what there sales circular advertises. Just Today I went in to buy a toolbag and an air compressor that was on sale in there ad. The bag was $9.99 and the compressor was $299 for a 2.5 horsepower 33 gallon tank. The bag they had in store was half the size of the one in ad and it was green, where as the one in the ad was red. They didn’t have the air compressor in there ad, however they did have one similar it was a 2 horsepower 26 gallon tank. Its price was $279, I asked if they would deduct $30 on this compressor, since the one in there ad for $299 was being sold $30 off, the Manager said he wouldn’t touch the price, and I could drive to Columbus Indiana and buy the advertised Compressor There, Columbus is 40 Miles from Greensburg. These things happen on a consistent basis in this store. And one has to wonder why this outlet is in Greensburg If One must drive to Columbus to buy what they advertise. Im trying my best to find phone numbers of someone in Sears to call about this ongoing problem, so far no luck!

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  • Er
    erns Jul 23, 2009

    These are the attached pictures of the Stainless Roll Away Tool Box.

    I also sent these pictures to Sears / Craftsman.

    Bad QC!

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  • Ed
    Edward Hess Jan 20, 2010

    At 21st of November 2017 at approximately 5:00 p.m. I was of mowing my lawn. The grass was about 12 in. tall and was dry. Some of the grass got wedged between the muffler and a muffler shroud housing, the hot muffler gases ignited, and started a fire. I was in an open field and couldn't get to a water supply so the entire lawn mower went down in flames. And was totally destroyed. I burned my fingers a little bit trying to put the flames out. I do believe that it was a manufacturing defect, because the muffler went out the bottom instead of the side of the riding mower. The mower had six speeds and 14 horsepower and was six years old.

    I spoke to the manager of the Sears store in Palatka Florida and he said a customer of his had a similar event a few years ago. My lawn mower is 6 years old and I've been happy with it up to this point I do believe craftsman makes fine products and they always stand behind their product. I enclosed some photographs of the riding mower after the event I feel that if you sent me a voucher or coupons for 50% off of the price of a brand-new one this would be a fair adjustment

    Edward Hess [email protected]

    Poor customer I am looking for a lawyer I sent a letter to Government consumer products
    safety division

    [email protected]

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  • An
    Anthony L Gould Feb 15, 2010

    I purchased Online, a 10" Craftsman Table Saw from Sears on 09 Feb 2017, the sales #: 093001336118. As part of my puchase I also purchasted a (3 YR, ) In-Shop Master Protection Agreement For a price of $24.99. The total transaction costed me total of $227.33. The next day I went to pick up mechandise at the The KIOSK. THE Sync Printer went down so there there was no ticket/reciept; addtionally, no warrenty was issued either! I attempted to contact Sear on line 2-3 times ... no results or reply! All I want is my 3 year warrenty

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battery does not last over 15-20 minutes and will not hold a charge

Year befor last I purched their elect trimmer and the warranty. The trimmer would not hold a charge, so I took it back the next summer and was told they were having lots of problems with they exchanged it, but the warranty would be used to get a New One! This summer got it out(haven't used it but about a dozen times altogether), charged it up and it was dead in 15 minutes! So I thought it was in need of a longer over night and next day charge...wrong! Charge lasted maybe 15 minutes and it just gave up. I called the store 9 times before I got "The Store Manager" who assured me he'd call me back in 30 minutes. That was over 3 hours ago and no call! All they have to do is pull up my information and check it to see which one I have etc. NEEDLESS TO SAY, I WILL NOT BE BUYING ANOTHER FROM THEM~~! They have gone to a "fully" automated system and it's like pulling hen's teeth to talk to a person. I have never been so frustrated...Sears has really been a disappointment the past few years with purchasing their Craftsman items. And the Service is NO longer there. Customer Service is a thing in the past for these guys! ...STILL WAITING FOR A CALL~

new lawn mower in shop more than home

I bought a 22 inch Craftsman Pushmower with a Briggs & Stratton 5.5 horse motor. I have had it in the shop...

repair of lawn mower

I have had my lawnmower in the repair store for three weeks. I call after 1 week and the store replied that the tech was reviewing. The repair store then said it has a crack crank shaft, I told them a wanted to make sure they are goning to repair the wire that broke off, and that is why the mower was in there and I will pay for the other repairs. No tech call me back. I called the store another week and they said the mower was not in the store. I spook with karen in the port jeff store and she said the trucks come in on tues and thurs and said my mower was not in the store. I spoke with john 5 days later he said he had call, on thursday that my mower was done. I did not receive a call on thurs from john and I had been on the phone with karen on thurs and she informed me that my mower was not in the store, but if I wanted to go pick it up in melville, I can do that. I am a very unsatistfied customer, I will no longer ever shop in sears and I will also make sure I tell every one I know of the very bad treatment I received as a customer.

[Resolved] dangerously flawed customer service

A few weeks ago, my new father-in-law graciously gave me his Craftsman 6.75 Lawn mower to help manage my new lawn. The mower was shed-kept, and stored 2 seasons ago. While it looked to be in great condition, and he assured me it would fire up right away, it would not initially start for me so I took it into the Sears repair facility in Springfield. I was informed they were running a “special” on tune-ups ($40.00). I explained that it likely needed some cleaning and a spark plug etc., and asked if they would install a new blade as well.
I received a call a week later stating the estimate was $135.00 and it would be ready for pick-up on or before the 12th. A few days later I received a second message stating the estimate was now $385.00 – for a lawnmower that costs $369.00 right off the show-room floor!(?)
I declined the estimate, and being a life-long devotee to Craftsman equipment and tools, bought a new craftsman 6.75 mower from the local Sears. I picked up the ‘un-repairable’ mower and brought it home. I’m new to my neighborhood, but I noticed that my next-door neighbor seemed to be working on mowers or weed-eaters often. I called him over and explained that the mower was likely shot, but gave it to him to use for parts and went about cutting my grass with my new mower. 15 minutes later, my neighbor rolls my “un-repairable” mower back over and it’s running like a top. He explains that the fuel line was simply clogged and demonstrates how it starts on the first pull every time. He insisted I take the lawn mower back and would not accept compensation for the effort.
Now, all of my colleagues at work strongly suggested that I register a complaint with Sears regarding this matter. I balked at this suggestion and decided I would store the new mower and use the old one. LAST EVENING, WHILE CUTTING MY FRONT LAWN, THE NEW BLADE (THE ONLY PORTION OF MY ORIGINAL REQUEST FOR SERVICE PERFORMED BY SEARS) FLEW OFF THE MOWER AND WAS LEFT EXTENDING APPROXIMATELY 8 INCHES OUT OF THE BACK OF THE MOWER!
Having just purchased our first home, it’s unfortunate to think of how much patronage, business, equipment and tool purchases Sears and Craftsman will now forfeit as a result of this COMPLETELY FAILED CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE!

  • Updated by SearsCare · Jun 25, 2009

    Dear JimG

    My name is David and I work for the Sears Cares Team. I would like to apologize for the unsatisfactory service that you have received. We would like to speak to you regarding you experience with our service. You can contact us at [email protected] so we can further discuss your concerns. Please include your screen name (JimG) in your email so we can reference your case.

    Thank you,

    David V.
    Senior Case Manager

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

defective product

Chain saw was bought for christmas present and used one day and quit working, looked in manual then removed...

lawn mower discount

On Monday I went into the Sears store in Shelby NC 28150. In search of a lawn mower. The sales person Shannon...

Order cancellation

Below is a reply to my complaint I emailed to customer service. I was referred back to the source that was unable to help me originally. It made me wonder if the guy even read my email. What has happened to customer service??

Dear Mr. Simpkins:

Thank you for visiting, we appreciate hearing from you.

In order to obtain order information for parts, please contact Sears
PartsDirect at [protected]-PART [protected]) or order online at

Thank you for choosing Sears for your product needs.

Jonathan L.
Sears Holdings Corporation

Original Message Follows:
Comments: To Whom It May Concern,

I recently purchased replacement parts for my Craftsman Lawn Tractor
Order # here. I made the order over the phone and spoke with an
associate. The parts I ordered were replacement part I thought I had
lost or may have been removed during a warranty repair. At any rate
after making the order I was out cleaning my shed and found the missing
part. I immediately called back to cancel the order but no one could
help me. I can understand in this day of technology how easily they
could enter my info on a pc and order it but could not cancel it in the
same day. I've cancelled orders with less established businesses with no
problems whatsoever. I realize if I had received the order and wanted to
return it the cost of shipping etc. but I would think if I called back
the same day it would be possible to cancel it. So now I have $63.00
worth of brand new parts in the box that have been shipped to me with
the only option being returning one $20.00 item (only item returnable)
and pay the shipping say $10.00 and recoup $10.00 of my $62.00. Needless
to say I am not a satisfied customer.

Fraud and scam

I have a set of stack-able Quiet Glide Craftsman Toolboxes. I had them for about a year and really only put them through light use. They sit in my utility room and store all my tools. Well the other day I go to turn the key on the largest box and the lock assembly fell apart. The part the key inserts into came right off the box, and the rest fell inside the box. Now all my tools are locked inside the box with no way of opening it.

The store first said to bring the whole box in. Do you know how heavy that thing is full of tools? Then they say there is no warranty on the unit. Now I'm stuck trying to figure out how to get my tools out without completely destroying the box. Once I do that, I doubt I will be able to repair the lock.

Great stuff from a brand that is supposed to mean "quality" huh?

defective 4 ton floor jack

In august 2007 we purchased a craftsman 4 ton low profile service jack.In march 08 we returned the jack...

lemon craftsman lawnmower

On October 4, 2007 I purchased a Craftsman Lawnmower from Sears/Oxmoor Center. This was a returned and...

a true retail dinosaur, and rude to boot!

On April 13th, I dropped off my Craftsman model weedeater to have the trigger replaced. It took me almost 10 minutes before anyone even came over to help me, which should have been my first sign to run out the door. Once someone finally came to help me I told them what was wrong with the weedeater and the work I wanted done. They could not find my name in the system until they looked me up at an old address (from 3 years ago) and did not update my new information. I was told I would have to pay a $30 service charge because the unit was no longer under warranty but that the $30 would be applied to any services. I asked the associate if he knew how much it would cost to replace the trigger and he told me they had no way of knowing but that I could set a limit on how much the service would cost so they couldn't do work without my authorization. I told him I wanted a $30 limit since I had already paid $30. He again said they would call me to get authorization and I asked him to make sure they call my new number so he put a note in the system. He told me the weedeater would be ready on 4/28/08 and they would call me when it was ready to pick up.

4/28/08 came by and I heard nothing from Sears. I called the Customer service number to check on the status of the repair and an Indian woman who I could barely understand could not find my information in the system. I finally gave her my phone number from 3 years and she was able to pull it up but she said it was still not in and could give me no explanation why.

On 5/1/08 I had to go to the Mall for another reason so I stopped into the store and asked about the status of my repair. The associate told me that it was still being worked on and would not be ready until 5/4/08. I again verified that they had my correct phone number in the system and talked to the manager to see if they could update the info since the lady on the phone had been unable to find me in the system. She said there was no way they could do that while the work order was open but assured me that they would call me at my current number and explained the weedeater was out because they had had to order the trigger. She told me it looked like it would be back to the store on 5/4/08 and gave me the number of the store to call to speak to someone who could tell me the status of my weedeater.

I still had not heard from Sears by 5/6/08 so I called the store to see if it was back. They associate who answered the phone said it was there and had been there since Sunday. I asked her why I had not been called and she said she didn't know. I told her I would be in that evening to pick it up.

When I arrived at the store an associate came out and told me I had a balance to pay before I could get my weedeater. I asked him how much and he told me $60!!! I asked him how it could be so much, it was a broken trigger that should have cost, max, $40. I expressed my frustration that I had NEVER been called to authorize them to fix the weedeater at that price. He apologized and said he wasn't sure if they could do anything. My boyfriend and I told him we wanted to speak to the manager and he said he would get her. We waited for about 5 minutes and the associate came back and said the manager had told him that we had no choice, we could either pay the $60 and get our weedeater back or be out our $30 deposit and they would keep it. I again said I wanted to speak to the Manager as both choices were unacceptable and he said he would have her come over. When she came over we asked if she had remembered us from last time and she said she did. We explained how poor our customer service had been throughout the service period and the fact that noone had called us to authroize the repairs. All she would say is that we had the two above choices and there was nothing we could do about it. She kept telling us that either way we were out the $30, which we said we understood, but I kept trying to explain to her that I didn't think I should have to pay the $60 since it had not been authorized by me. She kept interrupting and saying either she couldn't do anything about it or that either way we were out the $30. I explained to her that I could get a brand new weedeater for $90, which is the same price as what I would be paying for my old one for the so-called service. I asked what had cost so much and she would not explain the charges, she would only say that the service was $60/hour. My boyfriend asked her if that was the standard rate and she said it was. I asked why I had not been told that when I had dropped it off, as I had asked the associate, and she said she didn't know why. I told her I was extremely unhappy and that I would never be a customer at sears again. She shrugged her shoulders at me! I asked for phone numbers of her manager so i could talk to them and she gave me a number so i could complain to the service but would not give me any numbers for Sears. My boyfriend suggested to her as a fellow retail employee that she should have her employees tell people the rates, especially when the know them, if they wanted to avoid these kinds of problems. She looked at him like he had a horn growing out of his head, said she there was nothing else she could do, and started to walk away. My boyfriend asked her if she would wait a minute so we could decide if we were going to pay the $60 or get a new one. She said she would and walked into the office.

After we walked over and looked at the weedeater's (and verifying that, in, fact, a new one does cost $90) I told him I had been insulted, by both the process and the manager, that I was not giving Sears one more cent of mine again. He agreed and we went over to let the manager know that we would not be taking the weedeater back but she would not come out of the office (we waited for another 5 minutes). We were so disgusted at that point that we left.

Tech lied

Model# [protected]
Serial# 04062N200858 Tag # 128757(SQ-01
Since Oct the tech has rebuilt this blower 3 Times Oct Feb and again in March. Feb it ran for 20 Minutes March we had it a whole 5 minutes. Tech says we put straight gas in it. My husband works for the county and uses mix gas every day he knows what kind of gas it uses. We have owned a blower for 20 years and I think we know by now what kind of gas to use. WE NEVER USED STRAIGHT GAS. He said this to save his own behind cause he could not fix it and broke it himself. We are very upset about this that he would lie over a 100.00 blower. Every time I pass Sears I will probably keep going to some one who cares

very poorly made piece of equipment, terrible service!

Here is the text of a letter that I sent : John C. Walden Executive vice president Chief customer...

poor product and service!

Corporate Headquarters
Sears, Roebuck and Co.
Attention: Alywin Lewis, CEO
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
United States

Re: Craftsman Gasoline Powered Blower/Vac Model No.


Mr. Alywin Lewis,

Today is February 3, 2007 and I just received the Craftsman Gasoline Powered Blower/Vac Instruction Manual that I was requested to buy so that the person who I called, but I do not have his name since I assumed that any person at that telephone number on the equipment and is also stated on the front cover of the Instruction Manual, said that he is going to transfer me to the Orders Department to order the Instruction Manual, with that he could assist me with my fixing the blower vacuum as happened just before my warranty expired.

I called perhaps a week before to reach this person. I called him at [protected] which is the telephone number on a label on the machine as I just said.

Before my warranty expired another guy who I will refer to as a technician, since nobody whom I have talked to today, and I talked to at least 10 people. Perhaps half of them said that this would be the last time I would be transferred because the who I was talking to said that he knows that that department can help me over the telephone, at my fixing my equipment.

This time, the first person who I talked to, when I told him that I need help fixing my blower vacuum, just like the last time somebody, step by step, told me how to fix the blow vacuum.

The guy of about a week ago asked me if I have checked the spark plug. So I said that I should explain my situation.

There is a pull cord naturally, to start the engine. It told him that when I pull it out, it comes out easier than normal. He stopped me to ask me, if I let the pull cord go, does it go back in by itself? I told him that it does so he asked me if I have an Instruction Manual.

Perhaps I did not have an Instruction Manual because I bought it somewhat discounted because the box
had been opened.

Whoever bought it previously and returned it, must not have put the Instruction Manual back in the box before returning it.

Just for reference, I paid by credit card, and I could go on-line to find out exactly how much I paid for it but I don’t think that is necessary. I was charged a bit under $10 to have it mailed to me.

The only other person who I talked to who I wrote down but I do not know if that helps any from my earlier information, is Olsen at [protected], who told me that he would transfer me to the department that has people who are able to talk me through the fix.

I asked Olsen for the name of the department and he said Craftsman Parts and Tools at [protected]. I said to Olsen that it does not sound right to me that a parts and tools department would have a person with the knowledge to instruct me, even with having my Instruction Manual on how to fix it. Olsen said that the name of a department does not necessarily indicate all that it does.

When Olsen transferred me, he actually transferred me to Scott who is in the Parts Department. So I said that I was supposed to be transferred to Parts and Tools. Scott said that since he is Parts, he knows that there is a Part Department and a Tool Department but they are not the same department but since he cannot help me, clearly Olsen does not know what he is talking about.

Olsen said that this conversation has been a waste of time.

It bothers me a lot that when I call a company, people who are getting paid to talk to me, and naturally I get nothing for my time talking with them. However people saying that happens all the time and a small fraction of those times, the person who I have been talking to hangs up the telephone but Olsen did not.

Olsen was good enough to ask me if he could help me in any other way. So I asked him if he could give me the corporate address, which he did. However, he did suggest that I call instead. However to me, to spend so much to perhaps get the run around again, I would not like at all.

Olsen did say that if I lived in a city that has over 100,000 people, would I know all the people that I could get in touch with? I told him that I live in a city that easily has over 100,000 people and I am not familiar with the actual jobs of any of my neighbors but I do have an idea of what they do.

Olsen said that that is like calling Sears. There are so many people that it is possible that somebody could help me fix my machine over the telephone but he has no idea how he could find out where or who that person is.

As the CEO of Sears, surely your Executive Assistance has the means to go down the hierarchy of your corporation to get me the name and preferably the full name, but perhaps Sears does not allow that. With so many employees, you must know that the name of any given person has a reasonable probability of there being another person at Sears who has the same name.

I worked for Intel Corporation for 8 years and the closest name that came to mine was a person with the same last name. However, I have no idea if any given person at Sears is going by their last name, middle name, or even a nickname.

Since I have twice, from the [protected] number reached a person who, the first time actually helped me fix it, but the second time I was told that after he asked me a specific question, that informed him that he could easily instruct me and get it running again. I essentially have said this previously but I am trying to make it absolutely clear that I know a person can be reached.

However, looking at the Instruction Manual, only on page 24, which is in Spanish but I speak very little Spanish, do I see a picture of a man who has pulled on the cord. So I do not know how much help the Instruction Manual would be even with somebody talking me through it.

From having talked personally with one person who has told me that he could easily talk me through the task and perhaps a year ago, another person who did talk me through that fix, I am extremely confident that somehow, you can get me to a person who can help me over the telephone and if I do not have the correct Instruction Manual as it is not like a car, as they have shop manuals, perhaps the Orders person sent me the wrong manual.

As the conversations alone took me almost an hour, your Executive Assistant, as has happened many times when I write to the office of Ken Lewis, CEO of Bank of America, which is my bank, I have always received a telephone call from a person who has been able to help me.

If Bank of American can help me every time, I am extremely confident that soon after this letter has been read, I will get the help that I need and not be told that I have to either go to a service center or have a service person come to my home as both have been suggested to me. However, the second suggestion makes no sense to me since my machine is easily portable.

I know that Sears does not make Craftsman, so it might be necessary for somebody of your staff to get me in touch with a person at the company that makes this particular product.

Once, somebody who I called told me that Craftsman is made by two companies and due to the machine that I am talking about, he told me which company manufactures it.

However, Olsen said that so many different companies make the various Craftsman power tools that he would have no idea which company makes my blow vacuum.

  • Valerie Feb 06, 2007

    Let's see, $100 for a 'trip charge' plus $75/hr labor for 1hr 20min (rounded to 1.5hr) is $112.50 plus $13 for a 20 amp breaker plus $5 for an outlet (over 2x Lowe's price) that makes $230.50. Yep, I'd say you got ripped off. Next time call an electrician, not a lawyer! Did you even ask their rate before you allowed them to start?

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  • Ro
    Roger Gerard Nov 02, 2007

    I bought a Craftsman Blower/Vac model 358.797170 which stopped working. I intended to change the spark plug but when I referred to the manual I discovered that critical pages 7,8,9 and 10 were missing from the instruction manual. I telephoned Sears and asked if they could send me those four pages of this thin manual. I was told that I would be charged $4.35 for the 32 page manual of which 16 pages are in the Spanish language. I think that Sears should have replaced these pages or the manual for no charge. They could at least post their manuals on the Internet. They could have also scanned those four pages and emailed them to me. I am not impressed by their lack of customer service.

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