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CR Englandfraud and scam

I drove for CR England as a lease operator for almost 2 yrs. I had a 2007 century. when i leased it only had 115, 000 on it. I turned it in with just 0ver 410, 000. i ran a dedicated route with my cousin whom i hired onto my truck. he was also a truck mechanic, so i knew of any problems with truck. Once we got off the dedicated route is when sh*t hit the fans. Sitting for 3-4 days because of dead areas. 300 mile runs as a team.

This truck was junk. I had to spend over $25, 000.00 in maintinance. I went months without a check because freightliner or detroit motors never seemed to fix the issue at hand. I will agree preventable maintinance i can handle, but never should i have had to pay so much money with out England getting involved. There leasing dept and lease advocate people are shameless. I am in the precess of losing everything I have. Home, Car, utilites beginning shutoff just because this company didnt want to help with a lemon truck. heck All I asked for was a different truck but it would have broken leasing laws. by that i mean england rules. I called Dept. of labor, transportation, ooida, and Utah better business burea and not one said they ever have heard such crap. I never had a late load, never refused loads.

i was very weary of quitting, but what else could i do. keep working for them for free while they made money off of me. Or quit and hope and pray that in these econimic times i got hired on fast with some else.

Thanks Buckeye Bill


  • Ga
    Gail Cargill Dec 02, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I went to their school in Fontana. They cram 20-30 in a class and if you don't immediately catch on to their training on how to drive the truck, they will drop you and send you home after evaluation. With that many people in school, you don't get much on the road time. They pile 4 students to a truck. For the ones who can adequately shift a gear, they'll give them more roadtime. But for those who need a little extra help, they will pretty much ignore you until your time to get evaluated. They pay for your room and school but you have to sign a 9 month contract to work it off with them. You do not get paid for your school time so bring money. LUCKILY, I failed my on the road test. I say that because the people that passed are now complaining about working for slave wages (11 hour runs, made $40). When they dropped me, I was no longer under contract with them, got a great education on truck driving and was free to pursue other companies. I searched around for other schools to get over the finish line and found Knight Transportation in AZ. They offer PAID SCHOOLING (got paid $400 a week for going to school, $500 a week for 4 weeks of OTR training), with no contracts and small classes (there was ONLY 5 in my class. Got my Class A there! There school is a fraction of the cost of CR and folks here are great! They do not treat their drivers like cattle . Great start-up company.

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  • Dreamlandx314 Jul 13, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is a ashamed that such company will take advantage of honest hard working lads, who are willing to lay their lives on the line to make a delivery. This ### company should be exposed and held accountable for its bad practices. Perhaps report them to the BBB? Either a class action should be taken or civil suit should be file. GOOD LUCK to everyone.

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  • No
    nonebetter07 Jul 11, 2012
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    Verified customer

    You folks are completly right about england. The last one who wrote the review is 1 of maybe 100 which have little or no problems so he has NO idea what it is like. Would you like to take the chance of 100 to 1 that you will succeed at england ? And has nothing to do with how well you do in training. I passed everything first time with a 98% grade average. Did a 98% on my dmv cdl test, 95% on inspection, 100% on backing, 98% on road. Have been @ burns harbor IN for 10 wks and have yet to get on a so called phase 2 trk. Have not been paid for 15 days now and they could care less if I eat out of a dumpster, but, they are sorry ! Am leaving to go to work for schneider in 6 days and pay starts first week.$480 A wk while I train for intermod, 41cents a mile after that.Training for that position last 3wks and then on my way.
    I have concluded that ALL the bad things about england are correct and would strongly recommend to find a different option other than england for anybody, nothing but heartache and sorry here !!!

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  • Tt
    TTruckin Oct 04, 2011

    I drove for England from 2005 to 2009. I never had a problem getting enough miles-usually netted
    about $1200 a week-that's after all expenses are paid. When I left the company (for family reasons-nothing
    to do with CR England) I had no problem getting all money they owed me. I eas nervous, because I had heard many of the nightmare stories like the ones here. As a previous driver wrote-follow their business model-Lease, Train, Drive and you'll be successful.
    I went to their driving school and upon arrival was very scared at the number of students complining and talking about being dropped from the school. Well, if you aren't able to safely operate the equipment or pass a basic written test, you should be dropped. Many of the people who hire on do not know how to manage their time, stay ahead of schedule while on a run, or spend their money widsely while on the road.
    I have a feeling that this is th emajority of people who are posting here.
    After 3 months on the road, I had been in 48 states. My 10 year old son spent 2 summers on the road with me and had the time of his life. He loved seeing the country and still talks about it all the time.

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  • Dr
    dropzone Apr 03, 2011
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    Verified customer

    If you dont follow England's bussiness model for success, you will fail 90% of the time. Lease, train, drive... If you have a problem doing any of these three things, you should just hang it up. Last year as a trainer, I brought home $62, 358. That after, paying for fuel, maintance, students, insurance, etc... I'm on course this year to net over $90, 000. In fact I'll own my truck- title in hand Sep. of this year and I haven't even celebrate my second year with the company. I'm married with three kids so home-time is very important. I go home for 4 days for every thirty I do out on the road. If you come here with your own master plan ie. some 1989 I used to be a O/O crap you'll fail. Or I'm going to run w/ my mother, cousin sister crap you will fail. It's a new game out here! Just got to be smarter than the average bear...

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  • Mr
    Mr. Fuji Mar 20, 2011

    I just returned from Europe recently and I was trying to convert my European CDL to a California CDL. CR England tried to tell me that I could not convert my European CDL to a US CDL without going through CDL driving school. In other words I had to start all over again. This was contradictary to what the DMV of California told me!!! All I needed was a written test and driving test. I enrolled anyways and CR England tried consistantly to talk me into the lease program. I said no several times until I adamately said NO just before my hands on training began. One insructor at the Fontana CA. yard even threatened to drop me from the course if I continued to F***up. I was then questioned about work references and about some information that I voluntarily disclosed. They wanted a statement about a minor accident that I had in Eurpoe while driving a car (all voluntarily disclosed). They then asked one more time, would you be interested in the lease program. I said NO!!! again. With in 2 hours, I was dropped from the course. I came to find out later that a vast majority of the instructors at the Fontana yard never drove for CR England and were hired on to be instuctors there. They did not know jack doodley-squat about England's company policies or the lease program. All that came from the Mira Loma campus.
    So, after 3 weeks of wasted time, I have been cleared from having to pay $2995.00, and signing a lease that would probably have ruined me a few months from. So thank you very much CR England and Mr. Canseco for saving me alot of hassle and grief. I have moved on with my career succesfully. One other thing, my heart and prayers go out to those who were scammed by these corporate [censor].

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  • Wi
    Willgate Jan 30, 2011

    Went to Dallas Texas from San Antonio on Greyhound CR England Payed for my ticket. Then they tried to get me to buy a Truck. When I said NO They went ahead and told me to train and I even got my Class A License after paying for lots of cost, like my License, Then all of a sudden I did not qualified and told me to find my way back to San Antonio, Put me out in the street, I believe CR did it because I will not sign a Contract to get a Truck and I was out in the cold with no job or money to get home. My Girlfriend Drove to pick me up. It has been over 5 months now. My class C license was cut up at the DMV so it will be no good anymore, my Class A Never came to my home Called many times. Post- office, DMV. Each time I am told that the DMV has sent it to me the Class A. Now I have no License not a class C or A. I have no idea what happen. No one will hire me with out a I.D.

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  • Bi
    bigpit Jan 12, 2011

    I say again if you have half of a brain do not drive for CR *hitland. I read through their leasing agreement pamphlet they hand out to everyone while there in school. You can plainly see that you wont make any money by the time you get through paying for fuel and all the other charges they assess you. At the end of the lease contract you do not get an option to buy the truck, but you pay for it weekly with all the maintenance coming out of your pocket. I asked alot of questions while there attending the school in cedar hill tx. They dont like to answer questions about money, they act as like you are disturbing them and shouldnt be asking questions.
    150-250 people flow through there weekly and its like if you have a pulse and can meet the minimum requirements youll get in.
    They are playing a numbers game and they know they will eventually get enough dummies to do what they want them to do and make them feel like they are doing them a favor. This type of treatment of the american worker is the reality alot of hard working people like us are facing. Its like these companies want you to work for less and less money.

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  • Li
    Lilbitrucker Dec 16, 2010

    I firmly sgree with the the [censor] me standing comments...And if u think ooida gives a [censor]..I had similar issues with a smaller company...But...I ran my [censor] off, the more i ran the less i made..When I first got into the truck everything was ok...But when I needed certain things like a tire, , , boy they act as though i wanted 10 new ones..The thing that pissed me off the most was ooida...First of all he didnt act like he gave a [censor] what i had to say at jumpstart...then all he could say was..What was n ur contract..What is ooida anyway???A government ran business thats there for what???It damn sure isnt for the owner operator...I should of told him that gettin to a customer by 7:00am, , then to next pikup by 2:00pm, then driving 650 more miles, , , sometimes 750 more miles to b there by 6:00am the next day isnt in my contract either but i do it to survive.And why is it that i pay maintenance account every week, and they dont do what their charging me for..I just paid out of my acct for a ujoint rplacement, , they replaced 1 ujoint cap..Did they not order the other 3???Believe me i've only been doin this 11 yrs now, and i dont see where its getting any better with any company...Why dont they tell u their only telllin u what they want u to hear then after u start...maybe 2 months later it changes..Explain that...I cant!!!

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  • Xr
    X-Rep Nov 03, 2010

    Drivers, I'm headed to Salt Lake City soon for training. And if one single recruiter, dispatcher, terminal manager, or scheduler attempts to do one thing illegal, against safety policy, FMCSA, or in any way constitutes a violation of their written agreement (including a violation of human rights and endangerment), or uses unethical coercion to force drivers into taking rolls in the company that are advertised as free decisions, you will know about it, because it will make the headlines. That should tell you a little about who we are and what we do. After this year, look for the same thing in FFE, Swift, and Central. These companies utilize Federal Subsidies. That means they have laws to follow. Stay tuned, and be patient.

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  • Pi
    pissedofftrucker Oct 24, 2010

    heres some messed up stuff i was contacted by c r engalnd for a job and at first i ddint think much of the 100 dollars "admission fee then i started to relize why do i have to pay 100 dolars and then pay 3, 000 dollars for a class that i had already takin and spend 4, 000 dollars on c r enaglnd must be out of there minds i graduated from a truck driving school in september and they said i still need to take the class no way this smells like a scam to me

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  • Ho
    hosw Oct 14, 2010

    i worked for them in 2008 as a lease operator...from 8/08 to 12/08 i was given 4 days off @ Christmas... supposedly...i was at home and get a call from my Driver manager telling me that he has a load going to Washington state that HAD to be there on Dec 25...i told him that i had plans and that he had to find some one days off were pre approved...he told me that if i did not take this load that my contract would be terminated...i did not take the load...and asked where he wanted my truck dropped off...he told me the phoenix drop yard. i said OK and dropped it off as requested...the end of Jan 2009 i get a bill saying that i owe around 5, 000 dollars because the truck needed repairs...needed nothing...and they reported that i abandoned my now hard for me to find a driving job...DO NOT DRIVE FOR THESE SCAMMERS

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  • Re
    Red9 Oct 05, 2010

    After "Training" they said it could be 8 to 12 weeks to wait for a company truck, ...the family was already destitute so they got him rolling in 2 days by leasing (Talk about holding a gun to your head) Since we've made NOTHING !!! And what's worse is that on the books it looks like he makes money so we aren't able to get any government help What can we do ???? They have now starved him into training for them, No choice we're homeless now, well I am he has the truck.Please help ANYONE who knows anywhere we can turn.

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  • Po
    POSSIBLECR DRIVER Aug 19, 2010

    Cant you get a NEW truck when you are a LEASE Operator with CR england? I mean if you are paying that much for a truck why would it not be NEW. Also BY LAW i dont think they can take 100% of your pay even if you owe them 10 Million Dollars. Thats just plain illegal, But check with your local lawyer about that.

    How do they pay? CASH, DEBIT CARD, ACH, PAPER CHECK?

    How do you fuel up a lease truck? Company Credit Card? Fuelman CarD?

    Hows the HOME time? 2 days a week, 2 days every 14 or 2 days a month?

    IS the 90 Days Training OTR a Straight 90 days without any home time or what?

    In the 90 days Training do i have to spend my nights with some jackwad that i dont even know who could be jeffery freggin dalmer?

    On a LEASE program dont you OWN the truck when you are done paying for it? (1 dollar BUYOUT)

    Are you more likely to pass if you go lease driver? Since they try to push you there.. IT sounds like they are a LEASING company rather than a trucking company...

    Some comments say "there were 125 of us and only 4 passed" was that due to the fact that all 4 were lease drivers and the other 121 were not?

    Do you get to inspect your loads? (open the door and look at the crap your hauling) or do you just go on blind faith that there are no problems with your load and if there is a PROBLEM with the load then what?

    What is the TEXAS site like? Is it a HOTEL or DORM ?
    What if you want to stay in a HOTEL do they pay for that?
    SUPER 8 ect?

    Do you get any days of BREAK during training? SUNDAY???

    What happens after 90 days of OTR training with the jackwad?
    do i get my own sparkling truck or do they send me home till
    a truck is available. Do they deliver the truck to me whats the deal

    I have not seen many CR ENGLAND trucks around lately what is this due to ? '

    I know i have a TON of questions but please, please someone answer them

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  • Am
    AMartelle Aug 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    CR England needs to change their practices.

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  • Am
    AMartelle Aug 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    CR England is a scam. My husband is leasing a truck and went a month without a paycheck. He did get 4 checks while training a studetn but now is in week 3 with no paycheck again and repair bill and low mile trips. We will loose everything if he doesn't start making a check soon.

    What can we do.

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  • Dr
    dragonslayer8 Mar 04, 2010

    I signed a leas 2 yrs ago with a 500, 000 miles warrenty and after 450, 000 miles they tell me that nothing is covered. my trk was in the shop for 6 weeks they terll me it was fixed. cool right? wrong!!! i went to pick up my truck and it had the same issues as when i dropped it off 6 weeks earlier. Just recently i had major surgery while under a load for england, had to have them pull my pre-load and find somebody to make my delivery as my appendix had burst while driving. there response to me was to put it on the quallcomm... well i had done that and told them they then found the message . i called them whil i was enroute to the hospital to tel them where the keys were to the truck once again "put it on the q-comm." they dont have a clue!!! I was being rushed to the er with a burst appendix. how stupid and unthoughtful can they be??? this is how... You know they never bothered to call the hospital not once to check on their driver!!! all they care about is their equipment and freight! after beign released from the hospital they made me sit at greyhound for 9 hours waiting for a 23 hr bus ride to get home then told me i was responsible for the the cost of the ticket. I have been with this ###ed up company for over 2 yrs and i am leaving real soon. RUN LIKE HELL!!! STAY AWAY!!! I also caught them trying to steal miles that i had run to pick up a load. the load had cancelled AFTER i had sent my arrival call and they are refusing to pay for those 300 miles. biggest rip off in the trucking industry. also before you even thinkl about going there and leasing a truck contact OOIDA they will tell you what's up with this sorry ### company.

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  • Sk
    ski08 Jan 29, 2010

    cr england just doesn't care my truck was backed into (hit and run) and i was told to get it fixed on my home time. My dm told me there was no loaner trucks so i dropped truck off in ohio came home to pittsburgh thinking ok the insurance co says there putting 125.00 a day in my account at cr and that will cover my truck payment. well it ended up taking 6 weeks for truck to be ready and the day before i'm to get my truck back my dm tells me not to touch my truck and i'm well fired. Her exscuse was that i was behind in my lease payment. I told her what about the 125 that the ins. co. was paying she didn't no what to say.she just yelled at me and told me not to touch my truck i told her i would bring it back to the yard and she said no now i have a abandenment on my record. I haven't been able to find another job in 7 months. they will screw you.

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  • Me
    Mekous Aug 21, 2009

    reading the complaints about england sure makes me feel better about not getting hired. the school in texass was a joke and the head of the school was the secound biggest lier i have ever talked to the first was the recruiter. anyone looking for a school take some advice don't go to englands find another. if you decide to go bring money and lots of it you will need it before you are donein school, then you go with a trainer and will need more.

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  • So
    socaldriver1987 Aug 15, 2009

    Yes, it's a tuff situation. Try to get out of debt as much as possible and quit. Hoping you guys can find local work with an HONEST employer. I can't believe the mgmt. at CR England can get up and look at themselves in the mirror each morning.

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  • Ja
    jac May 18, 2009

    same happend to me you sit for days they give you solo loads for when your training for england and if student breaks truck you are stuck with the bill .you get there two day early and the dm know it they still make you sit or drive on your dime to drop load 100 to 200 miles away and not pay for it england is really good at setting any body to fail i lost every thing but my house and i played by there rules they say i have to pay more money to them they toke my last check of four thousand dollars and they still say i have to pay but they make you pay for repairs that the last guy that had the truck pay for to they dont care about the drivers because you are just a number they have 20 other guys that will take your place because they make you sit in salt lake till you are starving then they got you right where they need you to be england is one of the worst co. ever to drive they only care about them salves.

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  • Hi
    hiker32 Apr 27, 2009

    yup agree

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